Tate Langdon|American Horror Story

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> music: Pusher – clear ft. mothica (shawn wasabi remix)
> fandom: american horror story

I prepare for the noble war

I kill people I like it

I don't feel sad

• Inspired By || Sparralex's video || The Sixth Year •
New tribute video to the best character of American Horror Story, Tate Langdon. I'm telling you, if you have not watched this show yet, hurry up already and do so. Amazing show.

Music Video

TV Show
American Horror Story

Deja Vu By Brand X Music

Tate Langdon

Please watch the video in 1080 [HD].


Honestly, I expected a better result from my video, but decided to put it in spite of the drawbacks.
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▶ Fandom: American horror story
▶ Character: Tate Langdon
▶ Program: sony vegas pro 11
▶ Song: Korn - Kiss


Omg I am soooo in love with this show and the character Tate Langdon :)

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I hope you like it :) This took a few hours and I'm very proud of it :) I heard this song in AHS and I heard it while I was watching Kill Bill and I was like, "Hmm, this could work." And it did. It went perfect with Tate :)

What they said:
"I prepared for the noble war."
"Maybe he wasn't a good person."
"I don't feel sad, I don't feel anything."
"I kill people I like."
"The devil is real."
"He can be beautiful."
"'Cause he's a fallen angel."

hey i am tate i am dead wanna hook up ?
i love that line anyways this my video i put a lot of work in it hope you like it :)
720p believe me it is much better :) inpired by Vera241241

So my friend asked me to do this......I don't know why.
I Own Nothing........sadly

► Fandom | American Horror Story | Tate Langdon

► Music | Finger Eleven | Stay in Shadow

► Coloring | SkyxLines

► Backup | http://www.youtube.com/user/RebekahBa...

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a little fan video for my favorite TV show American Horror Story :)

The first part of Tate's therapy session with Ben Harmon from season 1, episode 1.

*I do not own any of this video or music shown in this clip.

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Salut salut! Aujourd'hui je vous retrouve pour un Get The Look de Tate Langdon (American Horror Story) spécialement pour Halloween! J'ai essayé d'être un maximum fidèle au personnage et je suis plutôt fière du résultat! En espérant qu'il vous plaise aussi!

Lien de la vidéo de fin (Movie Tag) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiB-qYMZyt4
Get The Look Sandy (Grease) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noOhXo6OQdA (vidéo non disponible sur portable)


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This is a scene of the FX tv series American Horror Story.
I don't own anything.

A video exploring the dark character Tate from American Horror Story.

The video contrasts his twisted side versus his vulnerable side and shows his story up to Episode 6 so far.

The song is Understanding by Evanescence. I chose this song because I think the lyrics really suit Tate's character and his story-arc so far.
INTRO :"You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
Consciously, you've forgotten it.
That's the way the human mind works.
Whenever something

All video rights go to Fox all music rights go to Foster the People

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Американская История Ужасов

That's my boy
American son
Hope I'm not around when he gets the idea to buy a gun

There's our boy
America's gone
Hope we're not to blame when he gets the idea to kill someone

Have you ever really loved someone?

The flag's been broken
By an enemy
Raised on mtv, raised on you and me

Yeah it's gone
The land I have known in my youth
Yeah it's gone and it's never coming back

Where's our saviour
Not looking for a sign
Just want something to clean
The blood from my numb and weary mind

-HD please- http://vk.com/the_best_peters
I'm sorry, but I was not correctly write the name of a character in the video! Yes, I'm a loser :D
SONG: Marilyn Manson -- Sweet Dreams<br/><br/>

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Cosplayer: Ovsyan https://vk.com/pollypwnz
Make-up: Nero https://vk.com/eto_nero
Video: https://vk.com/shirogane_sama
Post-production: https://vk.com/pollypwnz
Location: https://vk.com/dalifotostudio

► Music | Hannah Cartwright | All you leave behind


Thanks so much to FragmentsofLeni, MachineryoftheNight, and GreysALIASAnatomy for letting me know this was blocked and for actually wanting it back on youtube.
So if you subscribe to me be prepared to get spammed with Tate and Violate and Violet videos. My muse is in overdrive, I literally have four or five videos in my head right now. This show makes it hard for me to sleep at night.
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Hey everyone and a MASSIVE welcome back to my channel! I am aware that i have been missing for quite a while, due to being on vacation and moving houses! But i am back with a new series, because i have recently become obsessed with AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

I feel that this show has soo many amazing characters and makeup opportunities for my channel, so I'm very excited to announce that i will be recreating my favourite looks from all of the 4 series!

Instagram; @booooooooniee
or tag me in your recreations

So it´s Halloween soon therefore i decided to recreate Tate Langdons skull look from season one in American horror story. The outcome is really cool and suits if you want to dress up as a skeleton or Tate of course for Halloween.

if you liked this video please like, subscribe and talk to me in the comment section, i would love to hear from you ❤ EDIT: Thank You so much for all the super sweet feedback, it means the world to me, i love you guys❤

This took me two hours to paint but i think you can create th