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Yellow Claw – Shootgun
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Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (Mr FijiWiji Remix)

Flume feat. Kai – Never Be Like You

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The Fray – You Found Me

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" I'm not good enough for you anymore "

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Vine by p a u l s x n e d i t s

new video :D *again*
i'm uploading way too much lately but i'm so inspired for all of those Tate and AHS videos :)
this is a real simple one and i know that there are millions of other Tate videos with this song!but i wanted to use it so bad :)
this is already my second Tate video and my third AHS video :D

Fandom: American Horror Story
Song: Pumped uo Kicks by Foster the People

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I'm back!
my new video...I hope you enjoy

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Um okay...Most of people make Christmas videos now..huh..but I decide to make a video with badass boys like Damon and Tate. ;D Enjoy it. Credit for coloring xXWhisperOfDreamsXx :] Watch in 720p HD,please. :}

WATCH IN 1080p ! finally finished it! sorry it's so simple and short. Currently having a post-american horror story depression.

dedicated to my one of my youtube homies
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she's super nice and awesome

Fandom: American Horror Story
Character: Tate Langdon
Song: 99 Problems - Hugo
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11

I prepare for the noble war. I'm calm, I know the secret. I know what's coming and I know no one can stop me, including myself. I kill people I like.

Music: Skillet -- Monster

This show knows no limit's..
I love it.
Gahh, I was going to make the rap part longer, but I got impatient with it haha.
Now time too finish my collab parts.

okay. as you can see i am vidding slow videos. and i will continue. cause this will be my new style. don't like it? well, then don't watch it ;)
dedicated to the awesome alisa ♥ i love this girl so much! she means just so much to me & i never wanna lose her. we had our up&downs, but we made it & this is a real friendship :** i love you hunny! i'll never let you go!
coloring: thegangstatutorials

HD is the best of your dreams ;)

Hello! :D Here is my new video again :P I know.. this is unusual from me, but i am obsessed with the crossovers. This is my favorite editing topic. It's hard, you have to be creative, but it's very fun :D Tate and Katherine are amazing, i think :P I love Tate very much ♥ And Katherine.. she is one of my favorite bitch ;) So these two are so badass and i love to edit them. Actually this is my second video about them. That was my first crossover too xD Anyway.. I want to make

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Watch in HD, please! Looks trashy in 360p!
Warnings: SPOILERS, VIOLENCE and more.
Song: White Stripes -- Seven Nation Army
Fandom: American Horror Story
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 10

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Музыка: ЕА7 – Leave the Lights On (Leftfield Corn remix)
Сериал: Американская история ужасов

That's my boy
American son
Hope I'm not around when he gets the idea to buy a gun

There's our boy
America's gone
Hope we're not to blame when he gets the idea to kill someone

Have you ever really loved someone?

The flag's been broken
By an enemy
Raised on mtv, raised on you and me

Yeah it's gone
The land I have known in my youth
Yeah it's gone and it's never coming back

Where's our saviour
Not looking for a sign
Just want something to clean
The blood from my numb and weary mind


Here is an alternative American Horror Story universe between James Patrick March and Tate Langdon portrayed by Evan Peters.

Use headphones for a better sound. I hope you enjoy. (Please don't use any parts of this video for yours!)

Hey everyone and a MASSIVE welcome back to my channel! I am aware that i have been missing for quite a while, due to being on vacation and moving houses! But i am back with a new series, because i have recently become obsessed with AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

I feel that this show has soo many amazing characters and makeup opportunities for my channel, so I'm very excited to announce that i will be recreating my favourite looks from all of the 4 series!

Instagram; @booooooooniee
or tag me in your recreations

American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 6

[collab with Markvadass]
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Song: Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever (Active Child Remix)

American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 6

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i do not own any of this material. i am just using it for creative purposes.

song: breezeblocks
artist: alt-j
fandom: american horror story
about: tate langdon

Самое информатинвое сообщество о прекрасном сериале -"Американская история ужасов" Самая свежая информация и море арта только у нас.Подписывайся ;3 -------https://vk.com/ahs_fanru


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Музыка - Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire.

Видео группы http://vk.com/americann_horror_story

Клип создан по мотивам ролевой игры, но вполне годен и к канону.
Эван Питерс. 18 лет. Его называют Следователем Дьявола. Никто не знает, как он раскрывает дела, но ему это удается просто невероятно. Когда никто не знает суть разгадки - у него уже есть ключ. Он словно видит сквозь людей.
Эван рос необычным мальчиком. Он рос в детском доме. И был очень странным. Мог и нагрубить, и запугать, а в другое время заступиться и сказать правду. Ему всегда нужна плата. Его кумир - это Румпельштильскин из сказки. Так что с ним лучше не связываться. Когда он работает под прикрытием, то рисует себе маску Дьявола мифологических символов на все лицо. Выглядит действительно зловеще. Еще Эван постоянно носит с собой крысу. У нее нет имени, а он называет его Мыш. Или мой Мыш.
Эван начал работать с 13 лет. Он практически и не бывал в детском доме, только изредка. Он работает на ФБР, но ему они совершенно безразличны. У него свои никому не ведомые желания и стремления. Он не выполняет все прихоти министерства, только те, ко

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I'm sorry, but I was not correctly write the name of a character in the video! Yes, I'm a loser :D
SONG: Marilyn Manson -- Sweet Dreams<br/><br/>

a new Tate video! one that I hadn't planned, but okay!

I know a lot of people have asked me where my first two AHS videos have gone, and I deleted them in a fit of fear because I had heard that FX was out hunting and I didn't want to put my channel in jeopardy. I may have overreacted a little, lol.

But because I already have two strikes and a third one could always come, you should definitely subscribe to my backup!!!

So, I wanted to highli

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American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 6