Another video about Violet & Tate from one of my favorite TV-shows... this time I focused on Violet's struggle with self harm/cutting and how Tate wants to help her. I tried to make the scenes fit with the lyrics of the song, it turned out to be pretty long, but I am satisfied with the way it turned out.
Just to make it clear, I do not promote self harm or anything. I just made this video because it's something that bothers me too and it's always on my mind, so by making a video about it... I don't know, I

Made by Anastatya (Anastasya Kuzmina)
Song: Jetta – I'd Love to Change the World


▶Fandom: American Horror Story (AHS)
▶Song: Kid Cudi – I Hear Them Calling Me
▶Program: sony vegas 11

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Tate Langdon. 1977–1994.
Violet Harmon. 1995–2011.

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Thanx everyone who watched and comment on my new video
I hope my video will make you an impression on)

Film : American Horror Story
Programma : Sony Vegas 10
Music : pm
Color : mine<br/><br/>

No doubt, AHS is awesome. One of the best shows I've ever known. Oh, what am I gonna be crazy about when it ends...
As for this video it's about the deliciously strange wonderful couple and the lost souls in and out of the murder house
Band: The Birthday Massacre
Song: Lovers End

Hope you'll like it :)

VIolate VIdeo!
Violet and Tate Forever!
I'm still pretty pissed of at the idea of a new horror story with a different cast :(
Thumbs up If you liked it please!
and Tell Me What You think!

I don't own anything.

I love AHS.
And I Love them both, together.. damn, so cute!
This is my first video of this type.. enjoy :)

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• Dedicated To || Grable424 •
(For convincing me to watch this show)
You must see this show if you haven't, it is unlike any other TV Show I've seen, although my video doesn't generally show that. Its dark, and twisted but in a good way. The show is just incredible.

Music Video

I Don't Care By Apocalyptica

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Трек:AwolNation – Sail

Original Video ''American Horror Story"
Music by Katy Perry - E.T.
Video-clip made by terriannah

hey i am tate i am dead wanna hook up ?
i love that line anyways this my video i put a lot of work in it hope you like it :)
720p believe me it is much better :) inpired by Vera241241

► song: paradise circus
► artist: massive attack, zeds dead remix
► inspired by : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J5FntNVEt8
► 0:31-0:33 videoclip is from lookingforastar ( effydamon; [love is like a sin} )

Clips: American Horror Story
Song: Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation
Program: AVS Video Editor 6.1
Made by: Me (jaja)

I love this couple! (:

I do not own the song and the clips.

TV Show: American Horror Story
Ship: Tate and Violet
Song: Love The Way You Lie Part 2 by: Rihanna ft. Eminem

This took me a long time to edit, and I love these two. They both so complex and their relationship fits this song perfectly.
I did mainly simple editing this video because that's mainly what I know how to do and I was working mainly with the film burns for transitions and beats. Plus I really wanted to tell the story of Tate's insanity so that's why his clips are much longer than Vi


Tate, sorry about the character and continuity murder you've suffered at the hands of ryan murphy.

Beyond that, this is sort of a more real video for them than my last one. I quite like this song for the two of them, I think it really captures how contradictory their relationship is.

Hope you like!

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I'm still Grieving....
Oh The Pain!!!
What's meant to be has to Be.
Tate and Violet 4~ever, I CAN"T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 when tate comes back :)

Make Me Wanna Die

Take me I'm alive
Never was a girl with a wicked mind
But everything looks better when the sun goes down

I had everything
Opportunities for eternity
And I could belong to the night
Your eyes, your eyes
I can see in your eyes
Your eyes
You make me wanna die
I'll never be good enough
You make me wanna die
And everything you love will burn up in the light
Every time I look inside your eyes
You Make me wanna die

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•New video based on TV series : American Horror Story. I think It's awesome :)
So if You don't watch it, You should try^^

•In video I try to show amazing couple from this show - Tate and Violet.
I LOVE them so much . . . Those actors are just perfect together:)

✖Hope You like it:)

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Fandom: American Horror Story (Tate & Violet) (season 1)
Song: My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10


Okay, this video has no sense, but I really wanted to make a video with "Britin" and "Violate" pairings.
This two are certaintly my favourite couples; Brian and Justin are my life, Violet and Tate are my first straight couple since I-don't-know-when. I'm deeply and totally in love with Tate. God, I love them all.
Anyway, I hope you like it! :D
No copyright infringement intended.


Thanks for watching!
(The clips are from the series American Horror Story, I only did the editing)

I got a bit carried away, so it's kind of a long video, hope you like it ;)

First Tate and Violet Video!
Worked On this all day!
would you like to tell Me what yew think? Please? :3?
My First American horror story Video! and I'm In love with this song! makes me wanna Dance (if i could, hahaha) theres also no video with this song out yet so I decided to do it on this song, i feel like it fits them Perfectly, Don't you agree?


Один из любимых моментов.

История двух персонажей первого сезона сериала Американская история ужасов. Те ...

Please watch in 720p, if you want to watch it in good quality.

Can't believe that American Horror Story is at it's end. I watched the last episode today, and it almost made me cry. I think it's terrible how Violet & Tate's story ended, and I wanted to make a video of the couple since the beginning of the show, and here it is. It took me about 4 hours, you decide what has become of it. Hope you enjoy. :)

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" f

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Кліп під серіал, спроба номер 2 ))

Tate Langdon: Close your eyes and remember everything is gonna be okay. I love you.
Tate Langdon: [leads Violet closer to her body] Open your eyes.
Violet Harmon: [cries as she sees her body] I died when I took all those pills.
Tate Langdon: [nods] I tried to save you... I did [cries] You took so many, Violet.

"The world is a horror show" full of pain and man-made misery. Dark, twisted adult drama is designed to shock and disturb... It's like a horror movie, a Nine Inch Nails video


1) i just discovered this show, and im completely addicted !!! :D
2) Evan Peters is such a great actor ! he's amazing here :O
3) i hesitated a long time before doing this, i didn't know if i should do a slow video or a fast one.
4) not really satisfated about it :/ that's why HD is better ;)
5) Do you know the show? do you like it ?
please comment :)

coloring by TwinklingTutorials
song: Hand Covers Bruise

All rights go to American Horror Story.

A very very late birthday present for RikkiSixx. Or really early for 2014's bday! Happy birthday Rikki! I realized after I made this the vid is pretty dark but I hope you still like it.


Самое информативное сообщество о прекрасном сериале -"Американская история ужасов" Самая свежая информация и море арта только у нас.Подписывайся

Taint and Violet Take Me To Church (American Horror Story)
by lillalalla