Tears of the Ocean by Keiko Matsui

Кейко Матсуи (Keiko Matsui, урожденная Keiko Doi) - Японская пианистка. Стиль, в котором играет пианистка Keiko Matsui, обычно называют «современным джазом» или даже «современной музыкой для взрослых». Это отличный расслабляющий фон для любого времени суток и любой компании.

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From the album Whisper from the Mirror by Keiko Matsui, is this in my opinion the most emotional piece of music.

Keiko Matsui , born in Tokyo, Japan as Keiko Doi, is a Japanese smooth jazz/jazz fusion/new age/ keyboardist and composer whose career spans three decades, during which time she has released twenty CDs (in addition to various compilations) and has received international acclaim. She resides in Los Angeles, California.
Keiko is an icon of contemporary jazz. With nearly 1.2 million units sold in the U.S. alone and packed concert halls, she is one of the most recognized artists in the