Technicolor Cinestyle Test

Comparison Profile / S-Curve Test. Canon 60D. NIKON 28MM / 35MM 3.5 VARI APERTURE / ISO Cam settings: Sharpness: 0 Contrast: -4 Sat: -2 Color Tone: 0 Footage ungraded. Song: Ali Love Smoke Mirrors (Villa Remix) You can download the Technicolor picture profile here:

Comparing 3 profile pictures loaded into a Canon 60D. Raw footage and then graded (in Color).

camera : Canon 550D / T2i + Technicolor CineStyle + Magic Lantern( 2011 Jul 08 )
settings : ISO100 , shutter from 50 to 1200 , f from 3.5 to 5.6
lens : Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5 - 5.6/
post : Sony Vegas Pro 10 , CC - Magic Bullet Mojo
Music - Keith Kenniff (aka Helios , Goldmund ) - Havelock

Shoot in Skalka near Kremnica ( Slovakia )

PS : youtube quality sucks so watch it in FullHD even if you have only HD monitor ;)

This is a test of the various Canon picture styles and their effect on the shadow detail and highlight detail of the resulting video. Prior to the release of the Technicolor Cinestyle most people were using either the Canon Neutral or the Superflat profile in an effort to get the most information squeezed into the limited 8 bit 4-2-0 color space of the Canon DSLR video file. In some cases people have continued to use the standard profile which pretty much bakes in a very contrasty look to the video. It l

I recently installed the Technicolor Cinestyle on my canon T2i. Heard that it uses the full dynamic range of the Cmos sensor. I thought well, why not try it on a video of me in the lab. I used a S-Curve and slight color grading nothing extreme. I love the picture this camera produces....


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Canon 7D // 135mm lens
Quick color correction<br/><br/>

I did a quick picture style comparison with the new Technicolor CineStyle v1.0 and Marvels Cine and the default Canon Neutral setting.

Shot on a Canon 550d/T2i and a Pentax 50mm f2.0

Just a short test Technicolor's CineStyle Graded with Magic Bullet Look.

Canon 550D
16-35mm f2.8 L
Glidecam Pro 2000

Оригинальное видео, снятого на Canon 7D с новой Technicolor стиль картины Cinestyle для Canon DSLR автора (1280x720 50p - Canon 50mm 1.4)
Этап 1: Кадры замедлится до 50%, а затем 10% с помощью Twixtor плагин для CS5 После Эффектов.
Этап 2: Маске глаза в AE CS5 и скорректированные уровни и увеличили сочность цвета.
Этап 3: Прикладная CineStyle Technicolor LUT к оригинальному RAW кадры Technicolor.
Этап 4: Rotoscoped объект от фона в AE CS5 и затем доводят уровней дать посмотреть HDR, также применяется Кра

Test Technicolor CineStyle (canon 650d)

Technicolor CineStyle test + Magic Bullet Film on the DSLR camera

Check out my other test video here: There is an update for the S-Curve LUT that fixes the LUT Buddy/FCP/Prores Problem - This is a quick test with the CineStyle Picture Style - with and without the S-Curve for CineStyle LUT - + tests using the Standard and superflat picture styles. LUT applied in Final Cut Pro 7.03 using the LUT Buddy plugin.

Technicolor Cinestyle (Profile) with Canon T2i.

Shot with ASA160 at 60fps Graded in Apple Color.

Downloaded the new Technicolor Cinestyle preset for the 5D Mark II today and tested it out on the field. I compared it to the Neutral Preset and the Super Flat (0, -4, -2, 0) Preset. I love the preset. I get details in shadow areas that not even the Super Flat setting can achieve. Safe to say, it will be the new preset I will be shooting all my projects from now on. I've made the video downloadable in full 1080p for those of you who want to see it in full res.

Original footage shot on a Canon 7D with the new Technicolor Cinestyle picture style for Canon dslr's (1280x720 50p - Canon 50mm 1.4)

Stage 1: Footage slow down to 50% and then 10% by using Twixtor plug-in for After Effects CS5.
Stage 2: Masked the eyes in AE CS5 and adjusted levels and boosted color vibrance.
Stage 3: Applied Technicolor CineStyle LUT to original RAW Technicolor footage.
Stage 4: Rotoscoped the subject from the background in AE CS5 and then adjusted levels to give a HDR look, also applied Red Giant's DeNoise plug-in.
Stage 5: Made final color correction in Apple Color.

Final movie edited in Apple Final Cut Pro.

Music By: Blackbird Blackbird

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