The Agonist - Thank You Pain

Обожаю эту ципу!!! Душевно поёт=D

The Agonist - Thank You Pain

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Старенькое видео от канадской группы выдержаное в ключе мелодичного модерн дэт метала.

This one is the most requested video! So I did it :) I KNOW I did mistakes and !! my clear voice is not perfect at all !! , so sorry.. I hope you'll enjoy it! Thanks for watching!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you soon !

Voilà la vidéo la plus demandée! Je sais que je fais des erreures et que ma voie claire n'est pas au top, mais j'éspère que vous apprécierez quand même :)

A bientôt et BONNE ANNÉE!!

THE AGONIST - Thank You Pain, альбом " Lullabies for the Dormant Mind" (2009)
(Metalcore, melodic death metal) Канада

Любишь Рок и Метал? Вступай!
Самая классная группа по тяжелой музыке!
Подписывайся на новости! \m/ ◄╝ТОЛЬКО РОК !!!

а всетаки у женщин скрим вокал получаетса лучше всего, жаль конечно што это всего лишь шведскый дэтх, но зараза поет хорошо!!!!!!!......... я так дуумаю...........!!!!!!!!!!

Алиса бесподобна, неправда ли? =) смотреть в 720p

женский вокал, советую послушать

Album: Lullabies For The Dormant Mind (2009)
Genres: Female Vocal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Label: Century Media Records
Country: Canada (Montreal, Quebec)

в общем прикольно....но пи..ц конечно полный)))

The Agonist — музыкальная группа, образованная в 2004 году в Канаде. Примечательностью группы является вокалистка Alissa White-Gluz, чей голос варьируется от брутальной Ангелы Госсов из Arch Enemy до Эми Ли из Evanescence. Зачастую группы, играющие грув-метал, металкор или дэткор, имеют звучание довольно близкое к мелодик-дету. Иногда их относят к так называемой «американской школе» мелодик-дета. Некоторые из них на своих последних альбомах практически отошли от металкора в сторону последнего. «The Agonist»

Девушка с адским,но прекрасным вокалом.=)

Cool video again n again ))

So, lowly criminal, please tell me, how do you plead?
Now, honorable judges, ladies, gentlemen of the jury, please allow me to present my case...
What case can you possibly present to rip a man from his family, faith and friends?
Listen before you convict, you see, I never did intend to ruin anything!
Intent is a guilty conscience's white flag against pride, so I find you guilty of the crimes.
I know, although, I don't believe, it's not only my afterlife I bereave.
Appeals will be denied!
The line of duty calls for an enforcement of laws, so you're our property now.
Intelligence has failed you somehow.
Oh, what a shame you play this game!
Through senses, what can we explain?
Not joy, not guilt, not pain.
Is love the same?
This senseless argument in vain erodes my sense of shame.
Who's to blame?
Thank you, Pain (for crippling my body)!
God bless suffering!
Thank you, Pain (for freeing my brain)!
For preventing me from returning to the source again.
So shall it be!
Now do you see the error of your ways?
Of rats and men you speak, standing up tall but you are weak.
A smiling thief.
We are all murderers, you see, but you let taboo human chemistry bling your needs.
Love is greed!
Logic won't concede.
Think about the statistics you feed.
Think before you plead.
Through senses, what can we explain?
Not joy, not guilt, not pain.
Is love the same?
This senseless argument in vain erodes my sense of shame.
Who's to blame? - CORE - Metalcore, Deathcore, Emocore, Hardcore - самый большой архив CORE музыки в контакте и интересные турниры между группами! Вступаем!

Брутальные девочки


Alissa White-Gluz - Vocals
Danny Marino - Guitar
Chris Kells - Bass
Simon McKay - Drums
Chris Adolph - Guitar (live)
Молодая канадская группа, исполняющая metalcore/melodic death.
The Agonist уже получили ряд престижных номинаций, а известный американский журнал The Revolver наградил Алиссу званием "одной из самых горячих цыпочек в металле" в июле 2007 года.

наишикарнейшая вокалистка

THE AGONIST - Thank You Pain (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind", Century Media Records 2009.

This is my new fan-made audio, where I mixed the two versions of the song Thank You Pain by The Agonist. The studio's version of the former vocalist Alissa White-Gluz and the cover made by new singer Vicky Psarakis. Hope you liked it! THE AGONIST rocks \m/

THE AGONIST - Thank You Pain (OFFICIAL VIDEO + LYRICS). Taken from the album "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind", Century Media Records 2009.

The Agonist - Thank you Pain subtitulado una de sus mejores canciones sin duda

Great concert from "The Agonist", amazing \m/ \m/

AlissaがARCH ENEMYに加入したらしいので予習のために弾いてみた。耳コピ頑張ったよ!

For those Agonist fans who didn't get a chance to check out their new singer's original cover of "Thank You, Pain" - you deserve to know.


Моя дорогая Алиссочка)))

Сахаров Алекс Юрьевич, 23 года, г.Санкт-Петербург, The Agonist - Thank You, Pain (drumcover)Конкурс Drummers United 2016!
Учреждены три номинации:
- барабанщицы
- барабанщики в возрасте до 16-ти лет
- барабанщики от 16-ти лет и выше.
Победителей ожидают достойные призы: комплекты тарелок, малые барабаны, педали – все инструменты только профессионального уровня! Ваши видео увидят тысячи людей (видеоролики будут размещаться во встрече и на ресурсах партнёров) и самое главное – победители, занявшие 1-е места, получат возможность выступить на Главной сцене выставки NAMM Musicmesse в прайм-тайм (17-го сентября, суббота) в рамках выступлений легенд отечественного драмминга!
Организатор: Blastbeat Drum Shop

Tuning: CGCF (Drop C)
Bass guitar: Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4
One of my favourite bands, The Agonist. I do not have tabs but I hope this video helps :)

Thanks for watching!

Melodic death metal from Montreal with an amazing song from Lullabies For The Dormant Mind album.Live at Foufounes Electriques

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Please note that I don't own the band,their label or anything

The Agonist (The Tempest) Live Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (11/20/2010) 720p HD

The Agonist " Thank You Pain" (Live in São Paulo 21/07/2012)

Drum Cover by Philipp D..
Another try from me to Cover "Thank you pain" from THE AGONIST.
Great Band, Great Song. -Enjoy!

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No copyright infringement intended. This is just for entertainment, & music promotion; we get no profit from making nor publishing this video.

Live at The Lost Horizon
Syracuse, NY.

Welcome to my channel !!
I want you to write my useless place and fault and point that should be improved if good.

This is my cover of " Thank You , Pain " by The Agonist .

I was not able to up-load it because I was busy though I was able to play this tune one month or more ago .

My attempt at The Agonist Thank You Pain. I don't own any rights to this song, all rights belong to The Agonist and whoever helps with their music.

Show from The Agonist - Live at The Rave 2010. @All rights reserved for The Rave.

Видео было немного отредактировано мною.

The Agonist performing at Austins Fuel Room on 5/11/12. (Best viewed 720p HD.) Don't wait to see your favorite bands or assume they will be back next time. I was fortunate to see The Agonist three times in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Alissa, all the best and flourish with Arch Enemy! You are Earth's METAL Goddess / Animal Protector! Danny, Chris, Simon, Paco you guys are amazing musicians and hope to see you live again when you continue with singer, Vicky, and The Agonist. Much love.

Foufounes Électriques, November 7th 2014,

Палисандр. Зимний отчетный концерт. 11.12.2016.

This is The Agonist performing 'Thank You Pain' and 'Gates of Horn & Ivory' at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on Nov 6, 2016.

Видео - Владимир Зиновьев
Аудио - Семен Назарук (
Запись - Drumstarz Studio

Live song performed by The Agonist ( at Foufounes Électriques in Montreal. Filmed and edited by Dr. Light Productions ( for Ondes Chocs ( Show produced by Dungeon Works Productions (

The Agonist beginning their set with You're Coming With Me, Thank You Pain and Panophobia in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Spread The Metal festival on August 25 2013.

The Agonist live @The Mavericks in Ottawa -september 1ST 2011

Club Soda, September 2nd 2011, Photos;

Video captado el pasado 4 de Junio en la visita de The Agonist a México Distrito Federal.

Para las damas y caballeros que gusten de admirar de la belleza de Alissa White un video tomado y dirigido especialmente a ella.

The Agonist playing "Thank You, Pain" live as the opener for The Autumn Offering and Threat Signals at the Volume 11 Tavern on 8/12/09