The American Dollar - Anything You Synthesize

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Onesize video production for 'Anything You Synthesize' by The American Dollar, from their third full length album 'A Memory Stream'

This is a video for The American Dollar track Anything You Synthesize by Dutch Video Outfit Onesize |

День становится ночью, проходят времена года...

Голландская студия визуальных эффектов OneSize сделала офигенный видеоряд для не менее впечатляющей композиции American Dollar - Anything You Synthesize.

Увидела впервые это видео сегодня.

Очень прекрасное.


А Музыка.

думала загрузиться в более лучшем качестве =(

Кліп просто.......Я без слів........

The American Dollar — Anything You Synthesize

The American Dollar - Anything You Synthesize

Легендарная post-rock \ ambient группа The American Dollar (USA) 6 и 7 мая в России с живыми аудио-визуальными концертами. Подробности:

Москва 6 Мая - Plan B, Встреча:
Питер 7 Мая - The Place, Встреча:

The American Dollar, a Queens, NY duo, construct experimental ambient sonic explorations with a healthy rock influence. This video, created by the Onesize design studio, turns a cinematic song into an enveloping sensory experience.

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Original song here :
The American Dollar :

Matériel utilisé :
- Guitare Folk Elypse
- Yamaha GL1
- Korg MS20 mini
- Fender Telecaster Mexican Standard 2012
- Orange Tiny Terror Combo
- T-Rex ToneBug Reverb
- Boss DD-3
- Antonelli Electric Organ 2376
- Kawai K 500
- PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL
- Shure SM57

(Celui ou celle qui trouve

Client: The American Dollar
Date: November 2008
Role: Concept, Design
Audio: The American Dollar
Format: 360p
Length: 278 Sec

Info: After hearing work from 'The American Dollar' we really felt the urge to create a music video for one of their new songs. Inspired by the music we had the idea of making a decaying world. One single cameramovement from left to right, showing a landscape, looping 9 times. Day becomes night and even the seasons go by. After we finished the production,

бредятинка, снятая 06.11.11, так не желающая грузиться сюда. Было прохладно но здорово ^^

Гейнеры, выход из под турника, medio yoyo, yoyo e, попытки: magnun, смертник, поставить-снять вперед, еще какой то бред :3

An arrangement I did for the song "Anything You Synthesize" by The American Dollar from the album "A Memory Stream"

This video is of the song by The American Dollar that I arranged for all percussion instruments. I used marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, concert bass drum (not seen in the video because I forgot to record), and drum set. I spent about 7 hours arranging, 5 hours recording, 6 hours mixing/mastering/video editing.

I haven't made a video in a while and not very