The American Dollar - Circuits

Taking HDR timelapses every weekend for testing and learning purposes. This was the result for September 2013.
TriggerTrap: Set to take a photo every approx 5 seconds.
Bracketing: Pseudo HDR (Raw photos).
SNS-HDR pro used to compile all the HDR images.
LRTimelapse to de-flicker.
LightRoom for finishing touches.
Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Irfanview to crop images to 16:9 aspect ratio.
Adobe Premiere CS6 used to playback video.
Each photo is played back at 1 frame per 29.97fps.
Music: 'Circuits' by 'The American

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Video by Blue Eden<br/><br/>

"Mid-Atlantic In Motion" from Mike Zorger. This film explores the Mid-Atlantic going in a full 24 hour loop starting with sunrise. For the past 8 months I traveled to all of the Mid-Atlantic states to shoot timelapses of some of the most epic spots I could find.

New York. The city that gives you inspiration!