The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows

じゃむぱん です。
ビートルズの Tomorrow Never Knowsをボカロでカバーしました。

''Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream...''

Завтра не знает Никто

Выключи мозг, плыви вниз по теченью,
Это не гибель, это не гибель.
Отбрось все мысли, прыгни в пустоту,
В мир сияний, в мир сияний.
И ты узнаешь смысл бытия,
Что есть жизнь, что есть жизнь.

Любовь везде и любовь – есть все мы,
Это знаем, это знаем.
Пусть же тупость и злость найдут смерть,
В это верим, в это верим.
Прислушайся к цвету своих снов,
Не проходящих, не проходящих.
Или играй игру в «Жизнь» до конца,
Конца начала, конца начала…

are you thanked, M.E. ? ;)
The merging of these two tracks, one from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the other from Revolver, was created for The Beatles Love show by Cirque du Soleil, which opened in June 2006 in Las Vegas. This video was created to promote the Love album.

The BeatleS
♦Ежедневный журнал с самыми интересными фактами о Битлз, Join us!)

Si Amas la Musica tanto como tu vida, eres uno de los mios !!!

un video hecho por mi de los beatles sicodelicos

The Beatles go psychedelic in 1966 with this awesome soundscape. Float downstream with this slightly trippy slide show.

(All rights reserved by the copyright owners. This nonprofit fan-made video is solely to promote awareness and interest in the artists and the music.)

Расслабь мозги и по теченью вниз,
Это не тленье, это не тленье,

Безвольно в тьму пустую окунись,
В просветленье, в просветленье.

Увидеть сможешь ты в себе самом
Пониманье, пониманье,

Что есть во всём любовь и есть в любом,
Вот в чём знанье, вот в чём знанье.

В слепой что злобе ждёт мрак смертных бед,
Верить возьмись лишь, верить возьмись лишь,

Но лишь во сне услышать сможешь цвет -
Только не в жизни, только не в жизни.

Сыграй в "Существованье" до конца
И от начала, и от начала...
И от начала, и от начала...
И от начала, и от начала...
И от начала, и от начала...

«The Beatles», написанная Джоном Ленноном; заключительная композиция в трек-листе студийного альбома 1966 года — «Revolver». «Tomorrow Never Knows» заложило основы нового стиля — психоделии: медитационной, сюрреалистической музыки, непривычной на слух, записанной на основе нетрадиционных звучаний

The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" album "Revolver" 1966 / Box The Beatles In Mono 2009

My first video ever made.

Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles on their 1966 album Revolver.

"Tomorrow Never Knows" is the final track of The Beatles' 1966 studio album Revolver. It is credited as a Lennon/McCartney song, but was written primarily by John Lennon. Although it was the first song that was recorded, it was the last track on the album.

14th & final track of Revolver.

A video for the song Tomorrow Never Knows from the album Revolver with pictures of the Beatles.

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The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Kno...

John Lennon's genius knows no bounds on this final track from the Revolver LP, "Tomorrow Never Knows," released in August 1966. Similar to George Harrison's Eastern-inspired sitar rock, also featured on the album, Lennon fuses the same Indian musical influence together with psychedelic rock, creating one of the most unique songs ever written in the history of The Beatles. "Tomorrow Never Knows" ... from what may well be the most perfect and best Beatles album ever created.

Питер Хэммилл рассказывает о трёх повлиявших на него песнях для сайта
Третья из них - битловская Tomorrow Never Knows.<br/><br/>
Free Your Mind
Tomorrow never Knows/Within You Without You

From '' Alien Sleestacks From Brazil (Unfinished Music Volume 3) ''
Label: Giant Records – GRI6010-1, Gasatanka Records – GRI6010-1

My own music video of this brilliant masterpiece.
Please visit my DeviantART page here


Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
It is not dying, it is not dying

Tomorrow Never Knows ~ Drums/Vocals (Lennon/McCartney) recorded April 6th 1966.
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Artista: The Beatles
Canción: Tomorrow never knows
Álbum: Revolver

"Tomorrow Never Knows" is the final track of The Beatles' 1966 studio album Revolver but the first to be recorded. Credited as a Lennon--McCartney song, it was written primarily by John Lennon.
The song has a vocal put through a Leslie speaker cabinet (which was normally used as a loudspeaker for a Hammond organ) and uses automatic double tracking (ADT) to double the vocal image. Tape loops prepared by the Beatles were mixed in and out of the Indian-inspired modal backing underpinned by Ringo Starr's con

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made in 2007, but who is an author?

The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows (Acid-tate)

Tomorrow Never Knows

00:00 Revolution
03:25 Paperback Writer
05:43 And Your Bird Can Sing
07:43 Helter Skelter
12:15 Savoy Truffle
15:09 I'm Down
17:41 I've Got a Feeling (Let It Be... Naked)
21:14 Back in the U.S.S.R.
23:54 You Can't Do That
26:30 It's All Too Much
32:55 She Said She Said
35:31 Hey Bulldog
38:43 Tomorrow Never Knows
41:40 The End (Anthology)


Extended Re-edit of The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows featuring footage from a rare 1967 cartoon version of the song.

On December 31st 2011, Rhys Joe from The Horrors and Huw from S.C.U.M joined forces for a one off live project entitled Heavy Bunny.

"Tomorrow Never Knows" (Lennon/[McCartney]) *Track 14*
- Take 1 (Backing Loop) [00:00]
- SI Onto Take 1 (Drums Vocals) [01:14]
- Take 3 (Bass, Drums Rhythm Guitar) [04:30]
- SI Onto Take 3 (Tamboura Lead Vocal) [07:19]
- SI Onto Take 3 (Vocals, Organ, Tambourine Piano) [10:16]
- SI Onto Take 3 (Guitar Solo) [13:16]

© 1966-2011 EMI Music s.r.l.

Just a trippy little video that consists of the "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence of "Dumbo"

00:01 Love You To
03:03 Lucky In The Sky With Diamonds
06:32 It´s All Too Much
13:01 Blue Jay Way
16:53 Within You Without You
22:03 I Am The Walrus
26:41 Revolution 9
35:01 The Inner Light
37:40 Tomorrow Never Knows

The jazz singer and performer Boris Savoldelli plays "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Lennon-McCartney) in solo live concert.
Recorded at Parco della Gola del Tinazzo, Castro (Bg-Italy) on May 29, 2013

The Tape Loops which are in the background of Tomorrow Never Knows

From '' The Jaywalkers Mini LP ''
Label: Virgin -- VG 2085 Z
Format: Vinyl, 12", Mini-Album
Country: Greece
Released: 1987

A1 Happy All The Time
A2 Good Day Sunshine
B1 I Had A Dream
B2 Tomorrow Never Knows

Фантазия. Как бы Tomorrow Never Knows смотрелась в Каверне 22 августа 1962 года

Трибьют "The Beatles", бар "ТАСС", 2012 год


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A Middlemist Red a legutóbbi A38-as nagykoncertjét egy The Beatles feldolgozással nyitotta.

Tomorrow Never Knows, plus traditional dance.

Turn off your mind and float downstream... 50 years of knowing, being, believing... Happy birthday to one of the greatest albums of all time.

«Безумцы». В конце 8 серии 5 сезона звучит песня The Beatles «Tomorrow Never Knows». За её использование создатели выплатили 250 тысяч долларов. Это первый и единственный на сегодняшний день случай, когда студийная запись этой британской группы была использована в телесериале.

Перевод: Кубик в Кубе
Программы: VirtualDub

Tripped out video for The Beatles song "Tomorrow never knows". Video-work/editing by me. Music by The Beatles.

Background Track : Programmed by Masato
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows -
ビートルズ - トゥモロー・ネヴァー・ノウズ(Cover)

Phil Collins did a cover version of The Beatles' song on his 1981 album Face Value. The song included instruments and vocals playing in reverse whi...

2014-10-18 下北沢ブレス 甲虫楽団ワンマンライブ
Performed by "Kouchu-Gakudan", Japanese Beatles tribute band.
Live at "BREATH", Tokyo, JAPAN on October 18, 2014.


The Beatles падают в колодец и, оказываются во внутреннем мире туземцев.
Ринго теряет голос.
Sing Along: She Said She Said/Long Tall Sally

This is the rare mono remix 11 of Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles. This was on the 1st pressing of Revolver (1966) and was a mistake. Remix 11 differences are the vocal is louder and clearer over the effects, the fade is slightly longer and has more piano, and the effects are faded up quite differently than the normal mix (remix 8). The matrix number on side 2 of the vinyl record is XEX 606-1


Album : Revolver (Remastered 2009)