The Cars - Magic

Kia continues to pour big money into ads with this clever spot.

In Magic City, the stylish cars are more than decoration. They're characters onto themselves. From Stevie's convertible to Ike's land shark, see who drives what in 1959 Miami Beach.

My first PMV! I hope you enjoy it.

"Magic" was actually the first song that came to mind when I first started watching MLP. I was listening to it recently and knew I had to make it into a PMV.

In-studio on

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Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (

Kitten & The Hip stand for attractive Electro Swing. Today one of their best tracks called „By My Side" for you.
Kitchens are hip in the vintage film material, that I used for my retro music clip, but mainly classic cars from GM's Motorama in the 60s.
Love, music, dance and cars: What do you want more?
VJ Retrolectro
More on the music and the artists here:
Approval by Ashley S., October 2012. Many thanks!
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The Cars English. Lightning McQueen was enchanted by Professor Zundapp's Magic. Playing Disney Cars.

Professor Zundapp, the character from the cartoon The Cars by Disney, has moved to an ancient castle and started practicing the magic there. Lightning McQueen was very sceptical regarding Professor Zundapp's abilities to make magic. So Lightning McQueen went straight to the castle to confront Professor Zundapp. Being irritated by McQueen's disbelief


Song Lyrics:

Summer turns me upside down
Summer summer summer
It's like a merry-go-round
I see you under the midnight
All shackles and bows

High shoes with the cleats a-clickin'
a temperamental glow

How far will you take it
Well no one knows
Don't let me go
I got a hold on you tonight

Oh oh it's magic
When I'm with you
Oh oh it's magic
You know it's true
Got a hold on you

Twisted under sideways down
I know you're getting twisted
And you can't calm down
I see you under the midnight
Love darts in your eyes
How far can you take it
Till you realize
There's magic in your eyes





это для моей мамы

Альбом Heartbeat City
1984 год

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Directed by Jordan Kinley Additional Camera by Tyler Kohlhoff

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One of the coolest things you can see during a hillclimb race is for sure the line-up of old Formula 3000 cars. Powered by V6 or V8 engines by Zytek, Judd, Cosworth or Renault they're for sure one of the best sounding cars the mountains have ever heard.

List of the cars in the video:

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моют машину....
но как они это делают....)))

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Em Israel, até mesmo um acidente de carro pode criar algo mágico!!!

De: Yankalle Filtser e Ilyan Marshak
Song: The Album Leaf - TwentyTwoFourteen

Need a Camaro? A Duesenberg? Maybe a Batmobile? WIRED transportation writer Jack Stewart checks out the Blackbird, the shape-shifting electric vehicle directors use for motoring movie magic.

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24k magic-Bruno Mars
Singing/messing around.

Предоставленно группой
Музыка: XXX Car Ride – Cutting Through (The Magic Puppet Remix)
Аниме: Темнее чёрного

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The man wasnt afraid to keep playing his system even after it was puffing smoke out! And hands down the loudest demo I have ever gotten from a woman ever! So awesome!
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Welcome to the most wonderful car nerd gathering of the world. Ford GT & GT40 and some surreal Porsche prototypes in a parking lot. Presented by Nino Karotta, filmed by György Szeljak of OMG Visuals for Sorry for the tripod and the backpack, there was just the two of us and a lot of kit.

Zrobiłem sobie wycieczkę na fajną górką gdzie jak widać na filmiku auto po lekkkim pchnięciu samo się toczy pod górkę. Nie wiem czy to złudzenie czy magia :)) ale faza jest naprawdę fajna. Warto zobaczyć.
Jest to za Wałczem w kierunku Gorzowa Wlkp.

From the 1984-1985 Tour, recorded at The Summit in Houston, TX.