The Choppers

Инженерам из мотоателье Amen Design and Engineering удалось создать мотоцикл на колесах без спиц и дисков.

CH-53 helicopter enter into resonance while the chopper was performing a military mission

На съемочной площадке фильма Пираты Карибского моря 5

by Ilya Kudrin

by Орхан Хороший

“I love my friends doing what they love to do / @sidthe3rd / DJStarscream / Slipknot - keeping the shop alive today / #ftwco #chvrch”

“Out the window wit my chopper paranoid feeling just like Malcome And the government don't won't to see you or me liberate like Huey P Went to sleep had a…”▼
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Watch the "Attacking the Chopper" Clip from WORLD WAR Z starring Brad Pitt.
Группа The Walking dead:

Song: Hey Ho by The Lumineers

Линейка: Need For Speed 13 Most Wanted 2 (2012 год)
Машина: Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0
Обвес: шины - серийные, нитро - стандарт, шасси - серийное, кузов - серийный, трансмиссия - длинная КПП
Трасса: Get To The Chopper

Машина очень лёгкая в управлении, что хорошо на поворотах с глубокими заносами. Но очень трудно держать её ровно на узкой трассе с движением. Одно неловкое движение и тачка уже в чьём-то багажнике...

Chopper at Neville Bartos comming to claim some money...

Tribute to Dan Lydiate, one of the world's best blindside flankers.

Leave suggestion for other tributes below.

Enemy jets were devastating my team and I was hunting a certain pilot. Decided to get creative in my methods of taking Long Dong and other jets out.

Associated acts:
Tech N9ne (Strange Music), Krizz Kaliko (Strange Music), Dalima

The Ghost Rider in Myrtle beach on Chopper (Halloween)

"Sorry, bro, I know it's your vehicle, the whole human-car bonding crap, but I am the protagonist of these series since back when I can't seem to remember... Accele...racers ...or something..."

VIDEO: Helicopter Crashes In Germany | Germany Helicopter Crash | German Helicopter Crash Video
Helicopter Crash Germany | Helicopter Smashes To The Ground | German Chopper Crash
Helicopter Crash Germany | Helicopter Smashes To The Ground | German Chopper Crash

a song from choppers 'hip-hop' album "Interview with a Madman" featuring Australian MC's Justice and Anecdote.

lol choppers so called rapping is really bad

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Plz do not reupload.
Plz credit Chopper!

Российские вертолеты вылетают на задание против ИГИЛ возле нефтяного месторождения Шаер поблизости от Пальмиры.
Russian Choppers take off on a mission to destroy the terrorists near ISIS oilfield Shaer nearby Palmyra.
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This video not intended to offend anyone. Th

6-cylinder radial ("star") engine
2-speed gearbox with jockey shift
and pogo-mount seat

produced and directed by T.Hily and CatDaddy
for music videos contact T. Hilly 504.235.5027

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23 марта 2016 года - В эфире на телеканале Disney.XD.


(高画質バージョン)ヒデモ動画史上、最高にハッピーでクールでファッキン・オーサムなH-Dショベルチョッパームービー、「THE REAL CHOPPER NARROW STRIKER」です。
ライダーは実オーナーぐっち君。納車ほやほやの1979 FXSを乗り回してるのが楽しくてしょうがない様子、ハッピードキュメンタリーで終止笑顔が&

(通常画質バージョン)ヒデモ動画史上、最高にハッピーでクールでファッキン・オーサムなH-Dショベルチョッパームービー、「THE REAL CHOPPER NARROW STRIKER」です。
ライダーは実オーナーぐっち君。納車ほやほやの1979 FXSを乗り回してるのが楽しくてしょうがない様子、ハッピードキュメンタリーで終止笑顔が溢れています。
人生も、チョッパーも、楽しいのが一番!そんなモーターサイクルライフは最高ですね。(ライダー)ぐっち(音楽)DRUNKFUX(撮影&制作)HDM CREW
(NQ Ver) This is the greatest chopper video for our web-site. It's Cool, Happy, Fuckin Awsome! 'THE REAL CHOPPER NARROW STRIKER' with our customized Harley-Davidson 1979 FXS Shovel.
He own it Shovel-chopper and He has many happy smiles in this video. The gr

Terminator 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Available in 1080p HD

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Music : F.O.O.L - Krieg

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23 марта 2016 года - В эфире на телеканале Disney.XD.


Karyn from Tease Dance and Fitness in Naperville, IL teaches the "chopper";

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Go to 11:13 if you wanna watch me play as the Spinosaurus for the first time! :P

This is me playing the new game mode, "Get to the Chopper" for Primal Carnage that was just recently released this week in its beta stage. There's only 2 maps so far and a new dinosaur available, which will later become an alternate skin for T-Rex in Team Deathmatch through DLC.

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The following video, filmed by a car dash camera, shows a Ukrainian Mi-17 Hip helicopter buzzing the cars on a highway somewhere near Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine’s fourth largest town, in the central-eastern part of the country.

Ukrainian helicopters, especially Mi-24 Hind gunships supporting the war against pro-Russia separatists, mainly operate a

Trafalgar Law and Chopper: The Chopper-Hat In OP 594 It's Super cute.<br/><br/>

the osaka daggers and chopper skateboarding

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Map: ze_get_to_the_chopper_fix17

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SPIRIT LEATHER is specialized designing and manufacturing of individual leather goods from highest quality raw materials.

With respect to the agility of the leather and the spirit of immemorial handicraft, real work of art is created. From the first initial design up to the perfection by the signature of the artist, there is no moment without care.

Powerful leather carving up to the last detail, forged steel through fire and hammer combined with the passion of the art is the world o

япошки жгууууут!!!!!!

A quick demo of my new pedal chain: ZVex Mastotron - EHX Slammi - DOD Fx17 - Zoom Tri-Metal - Digitech iStomp - Gig-Fx Chopper - Boss DD-5. Not quite a boutique chain for your typical audio purist, but it's a hell of a fun to destroy simple riffs with it.

To all my fellow toolheads who generously keep subscribing to this channel: I thank you for your interest, but I'm afraid the chances of another dvd-ish Tool video are rather slim. Let's just hope that after the upcoming album they have plans

Группа MotoMech
тесты, изготовления, истории мотоциклов

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Jimmy shows a clip from one of Arnold's recent QVC appearances where he's discussing two of his favorite kitchen products.

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Wednesday 13, and Roman Surman acting mature during a helicopter chase in Hollywood Ca, 2010.


Action Figure News and Photo Gallery
Daryl with Chopper at BBTS
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The walking dead tv series 5 Daryl Dixon with chopper action figure box set by McFarlane toys review. Filmed in 1080 HD.

2013 The Choppers "Common Sense" - Fly With Your Wings (날개)

The sequel to "Kindergarten Cop Mix 2" This is the day after.

Orange County Choppers meet The Clann at Melrose Castle while filming in Scotland for the American Chopper series.
Scottish Power Commercials.

A cover to a boss theme of super contra. Originaly composed by Kazuki Muraoka and Motoaki Furukawa.

This is a video made for a school project. The moive clips are from the Predator and music is from Austrian Death Machine. Please do not leave stupid comments. Enjoy the music video and if you do not like it then go watch something else. Thank you and have a great day!

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

The Rogues MC in the Netherlands building & riding choppers

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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Chopper, 2003 SS 107ci, FXR frame.


Archont electro gives e-bikes the custom-chopper treatment

GTA 5 Update The Bikers DLC Chopper or Cut Beta-Motorcycle?

GTA V Score:
GTA Expert

I have already made many motorcycles in many scales and versions. This last model has many new features: new V-engine, that looks very compact however is bigger than classical Lego Technic V-engine. Next improvement is primary chain based on a small tread and rear suspension with hidden shock absorbers. Important part of all choppers are exhausts and of course my chopper has two exhausts that are twisted near engine.

Frame and all parts are designed very solid, rear wheel is connected with engine, suspensi

As Chopper the Biker Dog was making his way on the Red Carpet for all the photographers prior to the 2014 Hollywood Christmas Parade to begin, behind the photographs the Pop Band "R5" was being interviewed...... as Chopper "video bombed" their interview as ALL attention went over to Chopper (seen from R5's "Instagram post")

It was a pleasure meeting these 5 band members..... as their new single is titled "SMILE" , and that is what Chopper is all about, putting smile on people's faces. Coincidence? Ye

Joey Mac ripping around his one of a kind chopper

Tech N9ne Live @ The Roxy in Hollywood 10-14-11 This was one highlight I will NEVER forget..

Testing our new equip:
Panasonic GH4 + Metabone Speedbooster (MB_SPEF-m43-BM1) + Sigma 18-35mm f1.8

Filmed in 1080p 96fps

This video shows the basic mold construction.

A look into Jesse Srpans thoughts on a ride on his newest award winning chopper. Also get a look into Raw Iron and its crew.

Riding time is good time.

Music by Truckfighters - desert cruizer

In this video I show my new toy/tool the "Chopper II" and how I am starting a new project of making my own bricks for basing and display miniatures.

Hi all, I have a bad sore throat so I won't talking in this one. So in return, I put double the effort to make the video even more beautiful :) Enjoy!

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Shot by Dillon Krug.

I am Johnny G of The Pilot Kids, and I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG. Go get "Welcome to Strangeland" by Tech N9ne and "Radioactive" by Yelawolf immediately.


In this installment of Rebels Recon, goes inside the episode “The Mystery of Chopper Base,” with creator interviews and more.

This week the rebels got acquainted with their new base. Where is Atollon located exactly? “It’s off a major route,” executive producer Dave Filoni explains. “There’s no real resources there anyone would want.”

“This base wasn’t on any Imperial star chart,” co-executive producer Henry Gilroy adds. "It’s sort of a mystery as to what is special about this system.”

In this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Forgotten Droid,” Chopper spots an exact match for his missing, original left leg. Will he answer the call of duty, or the call of shopping?

Watch the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Forgotten Droid" next Wednesday, March 16 at 9:00pm PT/ET on Disney XD!

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Звёздные войны: Повстанцы
Сезон 2 Эпизод 20: "The Mystery of Chopper Base | Сюрпризы новой базы Чоппера" с русскими субтитрами.
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Trailer for The Ol' Chopper - Pudge set by Danidem and Jeremy Klein.

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The Glowing Dolphin - Harley-Davidson - Chopper Ride -
Mr Moore Motorcycles - Harley-Davidson Tampere

Don't judge me strictly:)English is not my native language, but i work on it:)
Lyrics - Tech N9ne
Instrumental - Tech N9ne
PS: I was only playing a fool))<br/><br/>


В городе Чонбури в Таиланде на обычных дорогах многократно был замечен мотоцикл чоппер с Хищником в качестве всадника. Крутейший обвес, мощный размер. Стилистика фильма выдержана полностью. Шикарно.

Chopper Wheelie. Bourget Custom Chopper with a springer front end going up for a wheelie. Unbelievable. Don't try this at home. We'll post another video showing the carnage.

Predator movie clips:
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Billy (Sonny Landham) stays to fight the predator while Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) tries to get to the chopper.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has a code of honor which he will not violate, even when his life depends on

Клуб экстремального спорта и отдыха "MILLIONAIRE EXTREME CLUB".

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Больше видео по настольному теннису

I got u Timo. I'm sending your finished verse from D-loc the worldwide chopper literally. From Kansas-City to Moscow I'm reppin.

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革ジャン,リーゼントでクールに登場したハーレーチーム「THE CHOPPER'S」。アメリカ好きのハーレー乗りが自然に集まったグループだ。実は横浜を拠点とし、一世を風靡したあの「COOL'S」のリーダー佐藤秀光さんのチーム「CHOPPER」の兄弟チーム。

Идеология данного ролика: "Горячий асфальт, манящая даль, наполненная воздухом грудь ... Отдайся порыву, отбросив всякие предрассудки и тогда серая жизнь вокруг тебя окрасится в невероятные краски" - идеологический синопсис короткометражки Игоря Верлина, передача иного мироощущения, пронизанного насквозь романтикой и абсолютным драйвом, невзирая на условности"

Концерт в пансионате "Аист" (Нижний Тагил) в рамках Байк-Рок-Пробега "По Хребту"

Видимо-записи с Выступления в ПМ 29.03.2014 - CarCinema - самая большая коллекция авто сериалов
Самый большой паблик, посвященный фастфлоу.

музыка Funny Cat Plan – Embracing grace. Подробный отчет о путешествии:

Sine Cycles adds electric power to the old school chopper

John Dodson's Gangster Chopper takes you back for another insider view of the "Fools Gold" bike build - they take you through fabrication, mock-up, final assembly, and finally a magazine photo shoot with Karla.

Thats how you deal with choppers.

Запись 2013 года, поздравляем Вас!

At BLUE FLAME ALLEY studios, we can build ANY type of artwork for any type of application.We are a family run business w/ over 20 years experience in production artwork.
This is a SMALL compilation of the steps to finishing this bike over the past few months, and some of the nice "END" results...Thanks Ms. Leesburg and the GREAT staff at the RAT's HOLE show...and the city of LEESBURG, FL.....really cool town.. It was a good day us at

Мужики сделали почти точную копию мотоцикла Бэтмена.

Видеошкола от одного из самых известных японских басистов. Нарусе показывает свою слэповую и теппинговую технику, демонстрирует разнообразные басы, рассказывает о возможностях вариации аккомпанемента. Школа будет интересна в первую очередь любителям фанка и фьюжна. Несмотря на японский язык, демонстрация очень понятная, дополнительных объяснений не требует.