The Drums - How It Ended

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Новое видео от инди команды The Drums на песню "How It Ended"

Новое видео от инди команды The Drums на песню "How It Ended"

Canción - How It Ended
Álbum - Portamento
Fecha de lanzamiento - 2011

Фестиваль "Юность" в МУЗЕОНЕ ( @ [Filmed by MXN]

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Book Of Revelation:

The Drums - How it Ended (Live)

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The Drums performing ‘How It Ended’ live at their sold out show at KOKO in London.

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Set list:
1. Bell Laboratories
2. I Can't Pretend
3. Me and the Moon
4. Days
5. Book of Stories
6. I Need a Doctor
7. Best Friend
8. Money
9. Book of Revelation
10. I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him
11. How It Ended
12. I Need Fun in My Life
13. The Future
14. Wild Geese
15. Make You Mine
16. Forever and Ever Amen
17. Let's Go Surfing
18. Down by the

I have just uploaded a little part of this session, this time I upload the whole perfomance.

Jonny and Jacob talk about their life and portamento.
In this video they play without Connor Hanwick because he was busy.
The tracks in these videos are 3:
best friend
how it ended

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The Drums - "How It Ended"
Location: Tempelhof airport

Brooklyn new wave rockers The Drums exploded on the indie music scene with the springtime release of their debut EP, "Summertime", in March 2010. Three months later, the group released its first full-length album - a self-titled debut of nostalgic, head-bobbing tracks. The Drums have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide to date, including some 90,000 in the U.K., where it climbed to #16 on the charts. The Drums perform "How It Ended" live in Studio A. Recorded 9/28/2011.

Host: Russ Borris
Engineer: John Stein
Cameras: Patrick Moore and Erica Talbott
Editor: Patrick Moore