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Купил планшет..

Для тех у кого есть тач-скрины может скачать демо и поиграться ))

Производитель этой игрушки

Вот оно не далёкое будущее!!!

"Emulator is a multitouch MIDI controller (for windows 7, oh ! yes NO IPAD), software where you have all what you need on same screen and combine the power of multitouch, the useful standard mouse and the native interface of software to be controlled all in one nice and usefull GUI, first version 1.0 include layout 100% compatible with Traktor Pro internal mode, future upgrades include Traktor external mode and new layouts for Deckadance, Virtual Dj, Ableton and more." - Can you see this going far? It's called the "Emulator". Check them out at
Check out the site..!