The Golden Gate bridge

As the Golden Gate Bridge celebrates its 75th birthday this year, the San Francisco landmark also notes another milestone--a sharp increase in the number of people who have jumped to their deaths from its walkways.

According to a report from the Bridge Rail Foundation, a Marin County non-profit dedicated to the installation of a suicide prevention barrier along the iconic span, there were 37 suicides on the bridge last year.

That number is up from 32 in 2010, 31 in 2009 and 34 in 2010. Through

One of my absolute fave songs right now, called 'Bridges', filmed live in San Francisco, in front of the Golden Gate bridge. (LOL. Get it? GET IT? gett itttttt? ...I'll let myself out).

Video Produced by Kristina & Scott Tolleson

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An Extra 300 formation/clusterf*ck session around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is interrupted when an Airbus A321 pilot declares emergen...

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The space shuttle Endeavour soared over San Francisco the morning of Friday, September 20, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Video courtesy Lauren Irons.

Returning home from Napa valley

Stigger and me crossing the bridge by car

Watch as the ROXY Team Riders surf San Francisco! Epic!
Video features Kassia Meador, Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz, and Jenn Smith.

Amazing trip to SF - part 1. Arriving, Golden Gate park, Japanese Tea Garden, Academy of science, Pacific ocean and foggy Golden Gate bridge. Very nice city in spite of clouds and wind. In part 2 will be more sun and at last we saw the whole bridge.

Gene Sprague is the deceased person in the video:

A Documentary By Eric Steel.

Music by Howie Day - End of Our Days

For best viewing experience select Quality 2160s 4K! Driving through San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge.
SF officially the City and County of San ...

I took my own video and edited it with movies that focused on the bridge while it was being built.
Golden Gate Bridge - History Channel
Golden Gate Bridge - American Experience
Probably found at a nearby Library
Song - The Blue Danube, op. 314 - Johann Strauss

April 26, 2013

Kevin Briggs of the California Highway Patrol has saved hundreds of people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The view from underneath and the side was amazing. The enormity of the bridge really comes to life.

Golden Gate Bridge Closed January 10th & 11th of 2015 for the installation of a movable center barrier to prevent head-on collisions. During the construction only construction vehicles, emergency vehicles and our Golden Gate Transit buses were allowed to drive across.....Buses were escorted by either California Highway Patrol or Bridge Patrol crossing usually in a convoy.

Experience the construction in progress with sections of the barrier in place and open stretches where it's yet to be installed. Trucks

The catastrophies that the Golden Gate Bridge has endured over the years have severely damaged one of MovieLand's most famous landmarks. The goal of this video is to build awareness and public support to protect the bridge from the continuing acts of mother nature, Man, God, the super-natural and the extraterrestrial.
Help save the Golden Gate Bridge, The MovieD00D

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Driving through the spectacular San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, view from southern side o...

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The Others BC - Ride over the Golden Gate Bridge

#ridetheotherway #thewayoftheothers

Climb aboard a 47-foot catamaran and sail under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge with this immersive, interactive 360-degree video. Video captured and produced by Jesse Garnier/SFBay

Our country's most iconic bridge stretches across one of the world's finest natural harbors.

In which Hank talks about why we think the world is super screwed up and getting worse every day when, in fact, the world is pretty OK and getting better every day. There's so much good news every single day that cataloguing it would require all the newspaper in the world.

Loss Aversion: A Bad thing is twice as bad as a good thing is good:

Confirmation Bias: Only hearing data that agree with things you a

I was recently in the San Fransisco bay area to shoot a wedding and I was so stoked to get a change to fly near the iconic Golden Gate. It's something I have always wanted to do and with rumors about making it illegal, I was so glad to have gotten the chance to capture this beautiful bridge. Shot with DJI Inspire 1.

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Kevin is using his story to spread suicide prevention awareness with his film, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, found at

Share your story about how suicide has affected your life on their Facebook page,

If you're contemplating suicide, please
call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Cenas do documentário 'A Ponte', musica - Hallelujah por Lovestosing85.

Scenes of the documentary 'The Bridge', music - Hallelujah by Lovetosing85.

In this 3d modeling tutorial I will explain how to model the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco.

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I've reached finally this gorgeous and massive famous the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Prelinger Archives - Bethlehem Steel
Great footage from 1930s of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in every phase of construction.

Flying in the incredible and GIGANTIC new ZEPPELIN NT over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!!!

I am not affiliated with Emo Philips in any way. I did, however, listen to this performance many many times as a kid. Playing and replaying it on VHS tape. This video and others can be seen on his Web site here:

I'm mainly posting it here to be able to share Emo Philips' comedy more broadly through shares and embedding. If anybody is upset about this I will happily remove.

Here's an inside look at our day trip to Mount Tamalpais, the Muir Woods, & the Golden Gate bridge!

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The San Francisco Synthesizer Ensemble have released the movie "A Day in the Life of the Golden Gate Bridge" - It is a celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. The movie is directed and edited by Julien de Benedictis. The music was recorded in 2012 by the San Francisco Synthesizer Ensemble, Paul de Benedictis and Doug McKechnie. The film premiered at the San Francisco Presidio Film Festival "The Bridge on the Big Screen" Saturday May 26, 2012 and t will be shown before the main feature

by Екатерина Ахмерова

The first ever Red Bull Heavy Water stand up paddle board race saw optimal weather conditions with sunny skies and challenging conditions of 6-8ft waves in San Francisco. Fifteen of the world’s best watermen were tasked to a grueling battle of athleticism, with the ultimate victor Connor Baxter crowned champion.

The race required the perfect mix of paddling skills, ocean knowledge, supreme fitness and courage to take on one of the most intimidating stretches of coastline in the world. The event lived up t

Footage of a hand-full of people who decided to plunge off The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Video from Baker Beach, across the Golden Gate Bridge to the north Vista Point. This was over 11,000 feet in distance with the Phantom 3 Professional. It was a beautiful sight!