The Hobbit (2012): Main Theme from the Trailer (Suite)

This is a little suite I wrote based on Howard Shores new music for the Hobbit. It uses the new themes that can be heard in the trailer along with some well known themes from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There are also a few variations on some of them.

I tried to catch some of the distinct Middle Earth sound as far as that is possible with samples. The music was created using East West Symphonic Orchestra, Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition and Quantum Leap Goliath. I used Logic Pro as a sequencer.

There are a few more themes from the Trilogy that will most likely be heard again in the Hobbit but I had not enough time to include in the suite, such as:

- the Rivendell theme
- the prominent "Rescue" (or "Nature") theme that appears in the Trilogy when the moth appears on weathertop, at the Last March of the Ents and before the attack of the Rohirrim at the Siege of Gondor, only to name a few scenes.
- I could imagine that the "Bad Gollum" theme