The Kooks - Saboteur

Directed by The Surrender Monkeys Subscribe:!subscribe In Surrender Monkeys' UK MVA-nominated video for The Kooks, the infectious smile of a waitress sparks a chain reaction and unleashes a world of trouble at a nightclub. Taking a simple concept to an extreme conclusion, they put a comic face on a scenario that spirals out of control, showing us what happens when an innocent-seeming smile is aimed in completely the wrong direction. Told with the Surrender Monk

The Kooks @glavclub 26.09.2012 Saboteur

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by Катя Бессонница

The Kooks - Saboteur
22/08/2010 @ V Festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford, UK

New song which was actually already played in 2006. It's a new version because now Luke plays the piano although.This song will probably be in the 3rd album.

Playlist :

Setlist :
-Is It Me
- Always Where I Need To Be
-Sofa Song
-She Moves In Her Own Way
-Killing Me
-Eskimo Kiss
-You Don't Love Me
-Tick Of Time
-See The Sun
-How'd You Like That
-Mr Nice Guy
-Ooh La
-Shine On
-Do You Wanna
-The Saboteur
-Junk Of The Heart (Happy)

The Kooks - The Saboteur
'Junk Of The Heart' out UK September 12th. Pre-order here:

Watch Luke performing live in the BBC Radio 1 studios here (UK):

Алин, для тебя специально :DD
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Here is a new video for the Kooks single Saboteur shot by the London based collective Surrender Monkeys and produced by El Nino.

Стадиум live, 28.09.12

Watch in HD, please.

Жаль что не сначала! Это была самая лучшая песня)

Live 12.11.10 Главclub