The Moon Rises

Ждём тебя тут, сынок.

Reupload of the old video.
Made with pony creator v3 and Windows Movie Maker
I DID NOT SING THIS,BTW! This is a cover,sung by PKEmi:

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Hangout Music Festival on May 17, 2014. ENJOY!!!

Song by: Ponyphonic
Singer: Chi-chi

but god dayum its hard to sing =3=
but even so, this was lots of fun to sing XD
I don't often sing these type of songs so it was fun to try something new :3
waaah~ ponyphonic, y u so amazing? ;A;

find the original here:

anyways, enjoy ^O^/ (I hope)


Продолжая записывать каверы используя перевод друга Драгоншая, он молодец ;)
Ну как, мне кажется звучит лучше чем раньше :D

Original by Ponyphonic

Thanks to Equestria Daily for the generous mention! :)
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First things first, credit where credit is due!

Original song by ponyphonic:

The Moon Rises cover by EileMontyVA:

And all of the vectors/backgrounds were found on various DeviantArt communities. A round of applause f

Download is temporarily disabled but will be back once I figure out where to host it. Soundcloud is a little pricey.


The night - quiet and mysterious - is Luna's responsibility and her one true love, but her years of raising the moon and stars have been met with cold indifference. As pain and jealousy weigh heavily on her mind, it seems that Equestria may have ignored their moon princess for one night too man

Music by Ponyphonic
PMV by Rish
Translaters: Rish and Renata Kirilchuk(Melody Note)
Vocal by Renata Kirilchuk(Melody Note)

Hope you enjoy))

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I love this song, so I couldn't help but record it in my spare time.

Song: The Moon Rises
By: PonyPhonic
Vocals: EileMonty
Art: Lunatic by Recycletiger

Original: [AMAZING]

A PMV of ElieMonty's cover of PonyPhonic's The Moon Rises. I couldn't resist making a PMV of this song after all the fantastic new Luna footage that premiered in season 4, so here is the result! Feel free to point out any mistakes and voice any critiques you may have, this is my first PMV so I'll welcome any constructive criticism I can get.

Original Song:
ElieMonty's cover: (The one in the PMV)

Program used: iMovie11

Alternative Music | Radio MA

в сидео участвуют:силестия,луна,нейтлай мун

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Original video -
За окном луна восходит
Ночь пришла, закат красив
Так трудно двигать кучу звёзд
чтоб небо превратить
в красивейший массив

Ты знаешь одиноко
Мне уж столько лет
Но всем пони всё равно

За окном луна восходит
Веселье будет до захода

Archgoat - Rise Of the Black Moon (Live in 1993)

This is a preview of our current project, The Moon Rises, featuring Eileen Monty as Princess Luna and the wonderful track of Ponyphohic.

We have two shots pending to complete animation for the project, but we believe it is time to show you a few pieces of it coming together. We couldn't have done it without you all!

Since this is a parody work, we severely changed the style of the show, we hope you will like what you will find.

Переведено командой 'TheDoctor Team'.
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Оригинал анимации:

Создатели "Duo Cartoonist":

Оригинал песни:
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Pony Parody Song Of Do You Want To Build A Snowman from the movie Frozen. WITH ANIMATION!

☆Luna☆ EileMonty
☆Celestia☆ MEMJ0123
☆Animation☆ Ferexes
☆Audio Mix☆ EileMonty
☆Lyrics☆ SilverQuill

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Видео не моё и песня не моя😊,но я склеила видео и песню☺
На русском😀

Клип шикарный ^_^

GREY SHEEP EP 07/22/15
@suicideLEOPARD @SuicideChrist

PMV creator - HumanWhoDoesStuff (

Ukrainian subtitles by Moon Regent's Embassy in Ukraine.

Вырезал ненужное 15 секундное вступление...

Official animatic from Duo Cartoonist & Ponyphonic music by Kristen Calvin --


Original Song:

Автор : Duo Cartoonist

Волшебная графика и анимация, но пока что только привью. Остается только ждать финальную версию, а тем временем наслаждаться промежуточными отчетами о проделанной работе.

Подпишитесь на автора:

[club34991024|J&J | JYP & JUNIORS | FSG]

перевод: [id49804046|Ilaria]
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тайминг: [id259787155|Evan]
тайпсеттинг: [id113315935|Ev~geniy]
дизайнер: [id267852569|mikaline]

GOT7 - Before The Full Moon Rises (рус саб)
Фансаб-группа Bliss приглашает:

Man has a great imagination, but no one have the imagination of john Fogerty.

I see a bad moon rising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.

Don't go 'round tonight,
it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes a blowin'.
I know the end is comin' soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

Don't go 'round tonight
it's bound to take your life
there's a bad moon on the rise.

Hope yo

Оригинал видео -
Music by Ponyphonic.
1:31 Изменил половину клипа для пущей эпичности действия)
Приятного просмотра)

Not to be overshadowed by her sister AGAIN, Luna decided to force- I mean request that I remake a track I've already done for her. And since the DuoCartoonist animation based on the original song is coming out soon-ish(?), I decided there was no better time to do so.

.wav (16.2MB) -
.wav (HQ) (35.2MB) -
.mp3 (2.22MB) -
.mp3 (HQ) (2.24MB) -
Source and Other (63.0MB) -

One of the things I wante

Secondary processing is possible. But do not cut logo.
로고 보존시 2차 가공 가능.

I've been needing to warm up a lot of collaborations, so in preparation for vocal work, I've been singing covers, so I thought I would start to put to them out. These are projects I've wanted to do for a long, long time.

Now, they're stuff that I've just done for warm up and practice and played around with in Garageband, I'm not expecting them to be amazing quality, just good enough to enjoy for a listen or two, so I hope they at least give you that.

I've always loved this song, and it's reall -- группа о сериалах, играх и кино!

A cover/re-write of the song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" from the Disney film, Frozen.
Download link here:
(No-dialogue version: )

Vocals by my amazingly talented sister, Izzy Bee.



Do you wanna see the moon rise?
Watch the ending of the day?
I have been working oh, so very hard,
To move the

Fan video of "Do You Wanna See The Moon Rise? Final Export" by Eileen Montgomery.
I don't own the music!
Created using Video Star:

All rights belong to the rightful owners. It`s just a fansub. Not for sale. For entertainment purposes only.

Video credit (you tube) : JrS2_JYP, Lovepunch, Def JayB, TEDef, MIPPLELOW, Mark BAMBAM, Foreverwith U
Audio credit: JYP Entertainment

Фансаб-группа "АЛЬЯНС"
Перевод: Strunidushi
Редакция: Toya

Перевод: [club80805921|E&M]
All rights belong to their respective owners.

Acoustic version (live 8.01.2013)<br/><br/>


First was this video for Chars BDAY but then i have so much trouble with my TWD Episodes that says me green screens soo i must to render all scene seperate ..

I know how much you looove this show (we have still an collab with this show) ;D && Yeaaah what can i say your an awesome Person & thats why iam soo happy that i met you here on youtube♥

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising vs Sam Smith vs Bob Marley; by DRA'Man

Creedence Clearwater Revival vs Sam Smith ft Bob Marley by DRA'Man

My little pony Восход луны увидеть хочешь? Do You Wanna See the Moon Rise? [Rus Sub]

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Pony 'Parody' Song And Animation of 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman from the movie Frozen'
Featured on EQD! :


So after two more months of hard work I have finished this pmv animation. Enjoy:)

*I'm really sorry for some messy parts, I tried to fix them but my cheap program renders things wrong ;-; *

Amazing voices:
Luna: Eile

2016.08.20 - GOT7 - Fly in Seoul Final - Before the full moon rises

Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium

Pony Parody Song Of Do You Want To Build A Snowman from the movie Frozen.

Luna: EileMonty [ ]
Celestia: MEMJ0123 [ ]

Lyrics: Silver Quill [ ]
Mix/Edit: EileMonty


Luna/Celestia Vector:
Octavia: http://fav.m

Okay so I can't fully animate this, but I have a plan. I'm going to do it the way I did Solracventures, or at least the way Petirep did RDP. I want to draw all the poses, props, and backgrounds and have an editor move it all around and sync it to the music. If I can't get an editor then I'll have to merge everything and just use Movie Maker. While y'all are waiting for that, feel free to use this animatic to make your own animation. Or get the original song and do your own animatic! I don't care! Do whateve

Original song by Ponyphonic:
Artwork/Editing by EstivalEquinox, Ace and Silver:

EquestriaDaily Feature:

Support DRWolf on Patreon:

Story by Estival:

"When given the opportunity to travel to the past, a young eager college graduate DRWolf jumps

Best Quality in 720p HD
Summary: "Don't come around tonight, well it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise."

» TV Show: The Strain
» Character: Ephraim Goodweather, Thomas Eichhorst, Dr. Nora Martinez, Ansel Barbour, Abraham Setrakian, The Master, Jim Kent, Vasiliy Fet
» Software: Sony Vegas Pro 12

→ I am increasingly surrendered by The Strain, this show excels displayed every episode. I already consider The Strain a The Walking Dead with vampires. I lo

Super Moon rising over Hollywood Beach, Florida. Shot on the AF100 with Canon 70-200 2.8L + 2x extender.

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© 2012

[tumblr post: ]

relatively speaking; i finished this in like a couple days
since this is a pony video no ones gonna watch this lmao
kinda winged it as i went along tbh hahah

The Moon Rises - PonyPhonic; sung by EileMonty
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Animatic drawn with TVPaint and my hands

Directed by John Ford ...Tyrone Power introduces three stroies about Ireland in the early part of the 20th Century. VERY Funny in places. All the great Irish Stars appear..Jimmy O'Dea, Maureen Potter, Denis O'Dea, Noel Purcell, Donal Donnelly, Sinead Cusack, Eddie Golden, Denis Franks, Cyril Cusack, Jack MacGowan, Harold Goldblatt, & J.G. Devlin.

The Rising of the Moon 1957
collection of

Гимн ирландской республиканской армии

This song is so cool and a made this video. This was a little practice in animation.
Original song

Live at the Hangout Beach, Music And Arts Festival.

Live in Moscow
Москва | Monaclub | 7 ноября 2015 |

This is the official animatic for what it will be, our animated version of Poniphonic's "The Moon Rises"

Done in collab with Ponyphonic himself, and Kressent Rhodes helping on background painting.

Please, keep in mind that this is an animatic, and everything in here is a placeholder.THE AUDIO IS A PLACEHOLDER.! The final version will be remastered and it is sung by Eileen Monty, who has already covered this song in the past with an excellent performance.

If you h

Official animatic from Duo Cartoonist & music from Ponyphonic with the second verse from animatic.


Original Song:

Сборник pmv из нескольких pmv. Ну хоть губами более-менее в голос теперь шевелит :}

Оригинал -
Оригинал песни -
Ставь лайк, подписывайся на канал, и поделись видео с друзьями.

Концерт в клубе "16 тонн" (Москва) 14.07.2013 г.

Гимн Ирландской республиканской армии

edit: OMG, this was featured on EQD :O I'm going to die from excitement.
I really appreciate the constructive notes everyone! I unfortunately had some trouble trying to make an OC to animate (facehoof) and accidentally deleted the SFM project. So, unfortunately, I can't re-render this :( BUT, I am going to make newer and better videos. Take that computer!
This is my first time making an animated video- I hope to make more in the future and advance my skills! I know, there's a bunch of errors in edit

Инструментальный ремикс песни "The Moon Rises"
Скачать SoundCloud

Фоновый арт
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•☆.•*´¨`*••♥ Do You Want To See The Moon Rise? ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

Pony Parody Song Of Do You Want To Build A Snowman from the movie Frozen. WITH ANIMATION!

☆Luna☆ EileMonty
☆Celestia☆ MEMJ0123
☆Animation☆ Ferexes
☆Audio Mix☆ EileMonty
☆Lyrics☆ SilverQuill

*Ferexes YT*
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I usually don't do lyrics for fan songs, but to thank you guys for the 30K subs I decided to make an exception.

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ChangelingBrony - Background Designer
Delta3120 - Re


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[FANCAM] 160618 Джейби - Before The Full Moon Rises @ GOT7 1ST CONCERT "FLY IN GUANGZHOU".


Greetings Denizens of Youtube.

My first attempt at this sorta thing using one of the most sexilicious villain songs in the history of ever. Trying to get the hang of flash and basic...stuff. On that note this is my first time posting a video on Youtube so I'm not too sure if this upload will work properly or not.

A pity I cannot do a song like this proper justice as I have no idea what I'm doing. It was lots of fun though.

Comments/Criticisms are greatly appreciated.<br/><br/>

Blind Auditions 5 | 07.02.2015 | BBC One

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Music "Volta Music - New Moon Rising"

Снова мои персонажи Гравити!

Official Game Trailer For Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

Trailer Provided By 2k Studios With Permission From Gearbox Studios!

New Borderlands Prequel Set Before Borderlands 2 Leaked By 2k Australia! New Moon Base Centered Borderlands Campaign with 4 New Playable Character Wilhelm, Athena, Frag Trap and Nisha The Sheriff Of Lynchwood set to release in 2014 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC!l

Chicago PBS special, July 1962, 6th of 11 songs

i don't really know what the point of this is... don't fuck with them?? terry deserves to die a very painful death???? mickey and mandy are precious babies??????? i feel like this is pretty mickey-centric, that just kinda happened... sorry mandy i love you just as much i promise

this is my second attempt at a video, hopefully not as bad as the first, i can't stand to watch that one omg

Fandom: Shameless US
Song: Bad Moon Rising
Artist: Mourning Ritual
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 12

Thanks for watching!
twitter: @doctor_hobbit

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Группа Дневники Вампира ( )

taken from the film oiche ceamhain this features old irish footage from 1916 rising etc.

Harmony of the jack(Dr.) is very wonderful.

I started this project early last year, but got busy and it got pushed aside. As I am awful at actually FINISHING what I start, I decided I wanted to finish this. I used my spring break to get from where I stopped to this point, and since I am better then I was when I started, I plan to to back and fix the animation in some of the earlier scenes.

I wanted to post a preview however, so that you can all see what I have been up to. I know I haven't been very diligent with uploading and I don't want to leave

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Ссылка на само видео (так надо):

В этом видео: крутые каверы на The Moon Rises, пони версия Confrontation, арты и т.д.
ВСЕ ссылки на материал из видео:
= Ponyphonic - The Moon Rises =

RASPUTINA - "Bad Moon Rising" 4/9/12 The Magic Stick Detroit, MI
Edit - Matt Burns
Cameras - Matt Burns & Clint Stuart

Na Casaidigh with the popular Irish song about the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland. Na Casaidigh or The Cassidys are a traditional Irish family band from the Gaoth Dobhair (Gweedore) Gaeltacht in County Donegal.


Oh then, tell me Seán O'Farrell, tell me why you hurry so?
"Hush a bhuachaill, hush and listen", and his cheeks were all aglow,
"I bear orders from the captain:- get you ready quick and soon
For the pikes must be together by the rising of the moon"
By the rising of the moon, by the risin


Music by EileMonty & MEMJ0123

Pony Parody Song Of 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman' from the movie Frozen.

SOULBURN - Under The Rise Of A Red Moon (Album Track). Taken from the album "The Suffocating Darkness". Century Media Records 2014.

Songs from the 1798 Irish Rebellion - The Rising of the Moon, Boys of Wexford - are sung by the Rovers on the actual location of Vinegar Hill, near Enniscorthy, in the south east corner of Ireland. Again, this is from the Vancouver CBC TV special "THE IRISH ROVERS IN IRELAND."
For more st40tv items, see:

Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn; Santanico Pandemonium.
Music: Mourning Ritual - Bad Moon Rising.

Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
Coloring: Mine
HD - Please!
by Amante del Diablo

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Peter Paul and Mary, The Rising of the Moon


Ah then tell me Sean O'Farrell
Tell me why you hurry, so.
Hush my boy now hush and listen
And his eyes were all aglow.
I bear orders from the captain
Get ye ready quick and soon
For the pikes must be together
At the rising of the moon.
Ah then tell me Sean O'Farrell
Where the gatherin' is to be
In the old spot by the river
Right well known by you and me.
One word more, a signal token

"The Moon Rises For You" bootleg live recording of the band Dangerlove from West Virginia

Открывающая заставка серии "The Rising Of The Moon" из сериала The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, 2000

1. 0:00 - PARIS
2. 1:50 - CONVERTING...
3. 3:19 - LOW KEY
5. 7:22 - I THINK I'M IAN READ
8. 13:53 - DEJECTION
10. 18:15 - CAN OF WORMS

Download -
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Real love and fate collide in this story about Amy, a small town girl, who falls in love with Dan a mysterious drifter who brings with him a family curse and the unimaginable horror that follows. Bender, who shares the curse with Dan, brings hell to town as Dan and Amy's love is put to the test. Sam the local Sheriff, Amy's father John and his friend and local rabble rouser Crazy Louis join forces with Thibodeaux, an excop from Bender's past who has witnessed his lust for blood firsthand and who's been hot

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I didn't made this, if u wanna this song, download it here at and type the moon rises and find where that said The Moon Rises Karaoke and its made by The L Train

Bad Moon Rising
Blood On The Streets
Blood / 1993

Понравилась песня, решила спеть.
Все права принадлежат создателям.
голос мой(ZiraLera)



Видео группы Легенды VHS перевода

Wieder waren die Straßenmusiker bei uns in der Stadt. Sie kommen aus dem Nachbar Städtchen Limburg.

Date: 09.04.2015
Song: The rising of the Moon
Artist: The Limdom Buskers
City: Weilburg, Langgasse Ecke Neugasse

Song Info and Lyrics:
"The rising of the Moon" ist ein bekannter Irish song über die im Rebellion in Ireland 1798 .

live Dublin
grand canal theatre 28. October 2012

JB | JaeBumism | GOT7

Sirens and Sailors - Rising Moon, Setting Sun Music Video (Behind The Scenes)

Purchase 'Rising Moon: Setting Sun' on
Google Play:
Merch Bundles:

Filmed/Edited by Bryan March

4 серия второй половины 3 сезона: Dragons: Race To The Edge!
Другие серии второй половины 3 сезона:

The Reels ‘Bad Moon Rising’ original clip first released in 1986.

Taken from the album Reel to Reel: 1978 - 1992, available now:

This is the song from AMC's the Walking Dead season 4 midseason trailer.

released 17 January 2014
Produced by: Mischa "Book" Chillak
Vocals: Peter Dreimanis of July Talk
Guitar: Clay Jones
Artwork by Aaron Bird

I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.

This is the video clip for our song "The Rising Moon". It is taken from the album "Twisted Lines" released on February 19th, 2016. Visit us on our Facebook fan page.

Hier ist das Video zu unserem Song "The Rising Moon". Er ist Teil des Albums "Twisted Lines", das am 19.2.2016 erschienen ist. Besucht unsere Facebook Fanpage!

Small cinematic style video to show off the new upcoming Blood Moon skins which are joining the line up.

Full Blood Moon Thresh Spotlight:

Full Blood Moon Elise Spotlight:

Song - Sonic Awakening from League of Legends OST

My twitter for latest information as well as random stuff:

this is Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 Episode 19

Ранние годы жизни Ошо не так хорошо задокументированы, как более поздние этапы в США и Пуне.
Но всё же сохранились несколько уникальных записей, которые вернут нас в конец 1960-ых , когда Ошо ещё звали Ачарья Раджниш и он организовывал свои знаменитые медитационные лагеря на горе Абу, в то время в основном участниками являлись жители Индии.
Ошо еще говорил публично в таких городах как Бомбей, послушать его собирались десятки тысяч людей. Но даже на той ранней стадии ударные взрывные волны достигали весь остальной мир и постепенно первые ищущие с запада прибыли в Индию.


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In rural West Bengal, in the tiny village of Mayapur, a monumental temple is rising—monumental both in scope, and significance. According to preceptors of the Gaudiya Vaishnava lineage, the erection of this Mayapur-candradoya Mandir marks the onset of a golden age of light and wisdom. Nityananda Prabhu, Bhaktivinoda Thakur, they saw it coming—a confluence of factors, a spiritual trifecta to inundate the world in ecstatic devotion. The person: Srila Prabhupada. The phenomenon: the global sankirtan movement.


Picture Source:

Raechel Asked me to make an instrumental for the Moon Rises. So here it is!

If you liked this song, please help me out by donating and stuff. It really helps me out alot. :(

Live at Doolin House Irish Pub, Moscow

It's been ages since my last upload, so to make up for that, here's a video dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song: Bad Moon Rising by Mourning Ritual