The Mountain [HD]

Terje Sørgjerd is a passionate landscape photographer from Norway. Currently traveling the world to create his first movie.

Норвежский фотохудожник Терье Соргьерд выполнил потрясающие по своей красоте снимки небесной сферы, проведя неделю на вершине испанской горы Тейде, что на острове Тенерифе. Находясь там с 4 по 11 апреля, энтузиаст так старался запечатлеть как можно больше красот природы, что за это время спал лишь 11 часов.

На Канарских островах, апрель 2011 года.

"This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting El Teide.
Spain´s highest mountain @(3718m) is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories.

The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide. I have to say this...
TSO Photography for more info

Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME

the full scene of the mountain vs the red viper
"Elia Martell, Princess of Dorne, you raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children!" -Red Viper

The full battle between Oberyn Martell (The Red Viper) and Sir Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) from Season 4 Episode 8 of Game Of Thrones in HD.


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Prince Oberyn Martell fights Gregor Clegane, the Mountain in a trial by combat. In the end, they both die.

The Mountain vs Red Viper
The Mountain Gregor Clegane vs Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne
Tyrion trial by combat
Game of Thrones s04e08
Game of Thrones 4x08
the full scene of the mountain vs the red viper
"Elia Martell, Princess of Dorne, you raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children!" -Red Viper
The battle between the Red Viper (Prince Oberyn Martell) and the Moun

Your welcome :) here it is the full scene in Hd straight from HBO and yes I have written permission from HBO to post this as long as I am not making any money from it and I'm not :)

This is the Fight about to Free Tyrion lannister
The fight is Between Prince Oberyn martell ( The Red Viper ) VS ser gregor clegane ( The mountain )
Enjoy !! @_@

I was inspired to make this tribute to The Red Viper from HBO's recent episode of Game of Thrones.

Downhill freeride mountain biking at The Lookout (Swinley Forest) - GoPro HD with my dog Amber, a Hungarian Vizsla on my Trek Session 88. Follow Amber and James on Twitter: @cydaps

Узнай, Как Твоя Профессия Поможет Заработать Удаленно Через Интернет!>>>

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Wonderful Chill Out Music -- Ask The Mountains - Vangelis [HD]
Клипы из документального фильма BBC "Planet Earth", эпизод "Mountains".

Вот что я считаю поистине красивым и могучем) Всем советую посмотреть все три видео) очень красиво)

Made out of pure love for Middle-Earth, books and movies alike :)

For USA viewers:

The video features important events from dwarven history mentioned in "The Lord of the Rings" and bound by characters from "The Hobbit" reflecting on their dark and painful past, witnessed by the cold and indifferent Misty Mountains...

Bring Me The Horizon playing "Antivist" live in Mountain View. They played a great set that day. Sorry for some of the camera work, it was hard to move in the front!
I do not own this song.

Available on iTunes:

The world's best skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, and climbers join the world's leading avalanche professionals to bring you a new movement in avalanche education. "The Fine Line: A 16mm Avalanche Education Film" is a cinematic journey that unites the cutting edge of winter action sports with youth education about responsible backcountry usage. Winning awards such as Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Concept from the industries top festi

With Blue Mountain State football star Thad Castle (Alan Ritchson) recently signing a multi-million dollar NFL contract, his teammates and college life seem like a distant memory. However, when a new school dean threatens to clean up the BMS image by auctioning off the infamous Goat House, Alex, Sammy and the boys must find a way to convince Thad to get involved. Despite his new fortune and fame, there is one small requirement before Thad agrees to save the day: The Goat House must throw the biggest, most

لقد أنشأت هذا الفيديو باستخدام محرر فيديو YouTube‏ (

EXCLUSIVE - The Misty Mountains Cold from the Hobbit song HD
Совместная работа двух музыкальных коллектив Екатеринбурга Живые голоса LIVEVOCIES
дуэт Феерия

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ttps:// #НовоеВидео: #Дата
Исполнитель: a-ha
Альбом: Foot of the Mountain
Дата выпуска: 2009 г.

a-ha new album available online
Foot of the Mountain was released on 27 july 2009 in the UK
!!!! Farewell World Tour 2010 !!!!! Mar: Argentina & Brasil
May: US & Germany
Summer 2010 : Europe
Oct: Holland, Belgium, Germany, France & Spain
Final Shows: Oslo 2,3 & 4 Dec 2010

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K2: Siren Of The Himalayas Official Trailer (2014) - Mountain Climbing Documentary HD

K2: SIREN OF THE HIMALAYAS is a feature documentary showing the adventure, peril, teamwork and serenity of a mountaineering group's attempt to summit the world's most challenging peak.


Here is 5SOS singing Heartache On The Big Screen live in Mountain View, CA at Shoreline Amphitheater for their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour (ROWYSO). This was an awesome concert and I hope they come back again!! Leave Comments, Rate, Favorite, or Subscribe.

Live in Munich 1977 is a live album and DVD
That concert was recorded in Munich on October 20, 1977, originally filmed to air on the German Rockpalast TV show.
Man On The Silver Mountain originally appears on their debut album, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow,released in 1975

Rainbow Tribute Band на главной сцене St.Petersburg Harley Days 2016.

Артур Асрян (guitar)
Александр Загрянский (vocals)
Светлана Рассветаева, Анастасия Павлова (backing vocals)
Александр Кропотов (bass)
Евгений Руденко (keyboards and synths)
Михаил Губин (drums)

Betraying the Martyrs live at the Shoreline Ampitheatre on July 1, 2012

Дэмжигч: "Женко Тур Бюро ХК"
Захиалагч: "Тэнгэр" Монгол Хөөмийн Хамтлаг
Гүйцэтгэгч: "FStudio"
Уран бүтээл: "Алтайн магтаал"
Байршил: "Чингис Хааны Хөшөөт Цогцолбор"
Он: 2013

"TENGER" Mongolian Throat singing Band at the Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex in Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia

From the makers of All.I.Can comes the new feature film: INTO THE MIND
Blur the lines between dream state and reality, as you perceive the world through the minds of many. Into the Mind contemplates the experiences passed between mentors and peers to paint a philosophical portrait of human kind. What drives us to overcome challenge? How do we justify risk? What forces are at the core of a mountain addiction? Unique athlete segments over a multitude of

Promo video for Move Any Mountain - Progen 91 by The Shamen directed by Mathew Glamorre.

The video has been upscaled to HD and restored as much as possible for inclusion on

Written by Colin Angus & Richard West
A version of the track features on the En-Tact album on One Little Indian, published by Amokshasong.
Video can be found on The Shamen Collection DVD released by One Little Indian.

A-Ha - Foot Of The Mountain (2009 HD)

This was filmed by Terje Sorgjerd between 4th and 11th April 2011.

Норвежский фотохудожник Терье Соргьерд выполнил потрясающие по своей красоте снимки, проведя неделю на вершине испанской горы Тейде (о. Тенерифе). Находясь там с 4 по 11 апреля, энтузиаст так старался запечатлеть как можно больше красот природы, что за это время спал лишь 11 часов!

Лучшие MTB новости в группе
English Brain for Kids|Английский для детей (0+)

Savatage — американская рок-группа, один из пионеров хеви-метала в США. Основана братьями Джоном и Крисом Олива в 1978 году. После фактического (официально группа существует) распада группы в 2002 году, несколько её участников сформировали проект Trans-Siberian Orchestra. В последних альбомах группа начала использовать элементы прогрессив-метала.

17 Lord Of The Mountain King - Apocalyptica - Columbiahalle - Berlin 2015-10-05 HD

gяα¢ιαѕ ρσя мιяαя

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Vangelis - Across The Mountains

Artista: Vangelis
Álbum: Alexander
Fecha de lanzamiento: 2004

Alexander es una coproducción internacional del año 2004 entre Alemania, Estados Unidos, los Países Bajos, Francia y el Reino Unido, dirigida por Oliver Stone y protagonizada por Colin Farrell en el rol protagónico de Alejandro.

Fecha de estreno: 16 de noviembre de 2004 (Hollywood)
Directores: Oliver Stone, Anka Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal
Duración: 214 min A short documentary film on English Team PokerStars Online member Alex "Kanu7" Millar which details his journey from freerolls to the world's biggest online cash games.

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Animal Planet: HD ru Все о собаках Пиренейская горная собака
Animal Planet: HD ru All about dogs the Pyrenean mountain dog

Where the Trail Ends - Mountain Bike Full Trailer

Origins World Tour - Europe part II - 2015
From Darkness
The Call of the Mountains
The Nameless
Kingdom Come Undone
The Silver Sister
Carry the Torch
A Rose for Epona
Quoth the Raven
Inis Mona

My Altai: Wonderful moments of awakening nature from hibernation. Altai mountains, Siberia, Russia, march 2016...

Прекрасные мгновения пробуждения природы от зимней спячки. Горный Алтай, Чемал, начало марта 2016...

Video by My Altai
Music by zero-project - Winter princess (
licensed under the CC Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Eluveitie live @ Sticky Fingers, in Gothenburg Sweden. Performing "The Call Of The Mountains" from the Origins album, 2015.


Rainbow - Hall Of The Mountain King live at Rockpalast 1995 (Philipshalle, Düsseldorf)! - BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE: THE RISE OF THADLAND Official Trailer (2016) Comedy Movie HD

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The Taking of Tiger Mountain Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Adventure Movie HD

Tsui Hark’s thrilling adaptation of QU Bo’s beloved adventure novel “Tracks In The Snowy Forest” stars Tony LEUNG Ka Fai as a ruthless bandit, ruling the lands of Northeast China from his fortress on Tiger Mou

A tour of some popular spots in the Canadian Rockies, chief among them are Banff National Park in Alberta and Yoho National Park in British Columbia. Shot in June 2011.

The main featured spots in the video are:
Banff, Lake Louise, Golden area, Johnston Canyon etc...

Unfortunately, the weather during the time of the shoot was less than perfect with extended periods of cloudiness and rain. However, even under those conditions, a visit is highly recommended!

Camera equipment:

Продолжаем отрываться !!!

On November 17th, 2010...
Samuel Beam performed a beautiful solo rendition of this classic in front of a packed audience within the old walls of The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida.
NOTE: The guitar strings were the most golden of guitar strings I think I had ever seen.

Man On The Silver Mountain live in Munich 1977!

Trailer Music from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"
25 minutes edit / 720p / HD

The song is called "Misty Mountains (Cold)" and was composed by Howard Shore, written by J. R. R. Tolkien, and is sung by Thorin and the dwarves in the film.


Tolle Bilder aus Frankreich und Norwegen.

Українська версія пісні.


За сніги імлистих сивих гір,
В глибінь печер, у склепів шир -
У ті світи пора іти
По скарб, який вартує звір.

Рипіли сосни на шпилях,
Вітри стогнали по ночах.
Багаття жар досяг до хмар,
Дерева в жовтих язиках...

My liquid dubstep remix for amazing soundtrack from "The Hobbit" movie. Enjoy!

Free download here:

Riding downhill in South Orange County the Santiago Truck Trail, the Luge to Cook's corner. Nice Lunch break!!!

Увлекательная поездка с забросом на вертолете на одну из красивейших горных рек Хабаровского края. Май 2014 года. Трофей поездки таймень весом около 30кг.

Such a nice mountain trek. Oh, everything's still trying to kill us.

Ghost caught on tape in Ancient Cave in town of Hallstatt Austria while exploring 100 million year old Ice Cavern over 10,000 ft above sea level.


The main song for The Hobbit !

Howard Shore - Misty Mountains (Cold)

The King is dead. Long live the King!

King Under the Mountain - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) | Full HD

I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law.

A slowed,up to mid tempo,ancient touched,paganic Black Metal,from the debut album "Abbath".

Eluveitie "Call of the mountain" @ Motocultor festival 2015

Vidéo : Séquence SPD :

Motocultor Festival :

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Самые БезБашенные Сериалы В HD Online (без цензуры)
Все серии
Скоро в эфире

Подробная инструкция о том как перечислить деньги на BMS The Movie!


In loving memory of Ronnie James Dio, the voice of Metal (1942-2010) and Jimmy Bain, 19 December 1947-2016, 24th January... Bass player who died while on tour with his new band The Last in Line! May you Rest in Peace. Watch the full show: My favourite Dio live recording, Evil or Divine. The DVD originally had poor video quality and extraneous special effects... I cleaned it the best I could in AVIdemux. Info & full concert s

Kelly Clarkson sings Up To The Mountain in Idol gives back.

The mountain goat from the lumpsVSbumps comic is back:

Randomness ensues.

Потрясающий полет в горах на беспилотной радиоуправляемой модели самолета.
2 камеры, одна для съемки, вторая управляемая.
На данный момент рекорд по дальности полета для моделей по FPV - 31090 метров

**Spoilers** If you haven't watched this mini-series yet, this video might spoil it.

I used this mini-series for this because I watched it and I really really liked it. Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter (Our mothers, our fathers) is a 3 episodes German mini-series set in World War II. It tells the story of 5 friends, which promise to meet again at the end of the war.
This is the full plot from IMDB
"Berlin, 1941. Five friends eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe

Remastered in HD, it's hard to find this one.


Far away
In a land caught between
Time and space
Where the books of life lay
We fear
This castle of stone
The mountain king roams
All alone in here
But he's not the only one
Lost inside
Forever hidden from the sun

In the Hall of the Mountain King, "Peer Gynt" 6th scene of act 2 by Edvard Grieg.


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"In the Hall of the Mountain King" (Norwegian: I Dovregubbens hall) is a piece of orchestral music composed by Edvard Grieg for the sixth scene of act 2 in Henrik Ibsen's 1876 play Peer Gynt.

It was originally part of Opus 23 but was later extracted as the final piece of Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1, Op. 46.

Taken: 15.6-Jun.2013 Moscow 17:46 (5:46 pm) SAMP 0.3x (Server Russian)
1. Itex - [Drum 2010] Нехилый трек.mp3
2. sasha - BassFighting (NFS U2)так себе, чисто басс нехилый).mp3
3. Skype - mix (2010').mp3
Music from and many sites...
Skype; psnlmstar ICQ: 438263209 vkontakte (vk) yet facebook, twitter, odnoklassniki and etc

May 1915. At his sister's wedding, Andreas (William Moseley) meets Francesca (Eugenia Costantini), a stunning seventeen-year-old Italian girl, but their blossoming love is interrupted when Italy declares war against

Ps Смотри видео ниже в группе
Анимированная версия )) тут

Велосипед и все что с ним связано!

Center of Gravity is an awesome festival that goes down in Kelowna, B.C July 29th-31st every year. In 2010 Freestyle Moto was part of the festival, check out the full promotional video here for a glimpse of everything that goes on:

Special thanks to Jeff Fehr, Reagan Sieg, Kris Garwasiuk and Bruce Cook for throwing down some of the gnarliest tricks in MOTO. Thank God Bruce survived that gnarly crash!!!
Check out this previously un-seen footage from the fe

Коллекция аниме, нот, музыки, манги

I do new and old set reviews, lego news (LN), custom creations - , and more / Я делаю обзоры на старые и новые наборы, самые свежие лего новости, постройки и влоги -

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By popular demand, the neat, medievalist song from the Hobbit. This arrangement interpreted for solo piano, and dedicated to Gandalf :). You may notice my webmaster is in America, woohoo!

To those who are looking for sheet music; this was an

The road in the mountains: Oroktoy-Elanda, Siberia, Russia. Горный Алтай. Дорога в горах: Ороктой-Еланда.

Живописная дорога вдоль Катуни, 1.05.2016...

Video by My Altai
Music by zero-project - The passage (
licensed under the CC Attribution 3.0 Unported License


Rock'n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) by Skrillex

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Back in 2007 when I first made the Dragster Backhoe video, youtube had a file size limit of 100mb and no HD. To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the clip, I decided to recapture it from the original HD source and upload the new and improved version. I put a watermark on this time though due to other people constantly stealing it and uploading it as their own. Make your own videos people. Don't steal from other youtubers.

Anyway, this is still the same run by the JCB Dragster Backhoe at the Rockey Mo

Game of Thrones 4x08 Promo | Game of Thrones 4x08 Promo | Game of Thrones 4x08 PROMO | Game of Thrones 4x08 PROMO | GOT

Game of Thrones 4x08 Promo
Game of Thrones 4x08
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones 4x08 Promo ''The Mountain and The Viper'' (HD)
Game of Thrones 4x08 Preview/Trailer ''The Mountain and The Viper'' (HD)
Game of Thrones S04E08 Promo ''The Mountain and The Viper'' (HD)
Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8 Promo ''The Mountain and The Viper'' (HD)

Game of Throne


Самые БезБашенные Сериалы В HD Online
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-For More Exclusive Information on UFO!/pages/EriGIA007-UFO-2012-MAYA/306418886046269

Thanks For Watching My Friends

That concert was recorded in Munich on October 20, 1977, originally filmed to air on the German Rockpalast TV show.

The Hobbit Heli Mountain Biking in New Zealand 4K (Ultra HD) Check out the Behind the Scenes in the link below! Huge thanks to 100% Pure New Zealand for giving us the opportunity to film here! YouTube: .

The Hobbit Heli Mountain Biking in New Zealand - 4K (Ultra HD) The Hobbit Heli Mountain Biking in New Zealand - 4K (Ultra HD)

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BEST MODS IN THE UNIVERSE! Game of Thrones: Blooper Reel #2 (HBO) Tour de France Prankster (Rémi GAILLARD) GREEN SCREEN GHOST PRANK! A Statement From Giuliana About

#aha #aha30 #a_ha #mortenharket #morten_harket #castinsteeltour #castinsteel #aha2016 #newwave #PopRock #norway

группа ВКонтакте:

Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies is an award-winning short film documenting the life of the alpine landscape through time-lapse photography. In an effort to highlight the wildness of these mountain places and how they have inspired explorers of the past, present and future, time-lapse sequences were patiently gathered from exposed summits, by glacial lakes, and under aurora-filled skies.

Hours and even months of change lapses in a matter of seconds, providing the viewer with a rare insight i

Группа "Артхаус +" Вконтакте - совместно с порталами и

Electronic Resistance brings you as translated video's of the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon. For news, video's and anthems please join us on our various Social Network links:

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Check out another revealing CGI VFX Breakdown from "The Taking Of Tiger Mountain" by the talented team at Dexter Studio! For more information, please see the details and links below:

Official Website -
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Music Tracks: "PostHaste PostHaste
"Troels Brun Folmann-With Great Courage",

Dexter Studios is one of Asia’s leading film studios based in Seoul, Korea. Founded

There are four alpine coasters operating in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area, but this is the only one that has canopies that attach to the sleds that allow you to ride in the rain without getting drenched, so don't let the wet weather put you off from having fun on an overcast day.
This video was filmed with a GoPro chest mount to show the rain canopy unlike the other videos we posted of this coaster, which were filmed with a mounted GoPro 3D camera system.
Check out the ridercam on-ride reverse POV video

Neil Finn performing Song of the Lonely Mountain
Video Edited by TheVideoARTStudios channel.

Еще больше любимого сериала у нас

Ну вот, грустно прощаться=(
До следующего года =)))

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Silverstein performing "Stand Amid The Roar" live @ Van's Warped Tour on 6/22/13 in Mountain View, CA. I like how Shane says the name of the album instead of the song :)
I do not own this song.

One of Savatage´s classics, from the first period of the band - with Jon Oliva on vocals.
Find the album on iTunes here:

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Viacom18 Motion Pictures presents in association with NFDC and Maya Movies: Manjhi -The Mountain Man, releasing on August 21st, 2015. A film by Ketan Mehta starring versatile actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in and as Manjhi along with Radhika Apte playing his beloved wife, this biopic is the story of an ordinary man who performed the extraordinary.

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I'm not the owner of this tv broadcast (ZDF Kultur HD Germany). All rights in tv channel, labels and Apocalyptica band. Find us: ®

La voz de A-ha, llego a presentar a Buenos Aires su nuevo disco llamado "Out of My Hands" editado en el 2012. Morten Harket con un set list que abarco parte de su carrera de solistas y algunos recuerdos de su ex banda A-ha.
Cobertura de para Inadaptados Radio.