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Вот как во всем мире издеваются над индусами и их английским! :)

То что надо!!!!!!!!!!! Отличная группа !!!!!!!!!! Ну очень зажигательная команда))))))))))

Helping out a friend, “The Mustaches” filmed a short commercial for a competition at Go Daddy.


Helping out a friend, “The Mustaches” filmed a short commercial for a competition at Go Daddy.

Самые крутые видео: VK.COM/BESTVINES

GentsBox Проект, посвященный средствам для мужского груминга: классические и современные крема и помады для укладки волос, средства для бороды и усов, шампуни, кондиционеры, средства для бритья и многое другое.

Learn how to shave the Gunslinger Beard & Mustache.

Check out how Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide Styler™ helps you master The Gunslinger, flared sideburns paired with a horseshoe mustache.

Watch other Facial Hair Styles:

Watch our [extended] first-ever Milk Mustache "got milk?" Campaign's Super Bowl ad, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who helps bring to life what a parent would do to make sure their kids have milk -- with its protein and essential nutrients -- at breakfast to fuel, active successful days.

The 9th Annual Coney Island Beard And Mustache Competition was held in Coney Island last weekend, where the strangest and most extravagant beards and mustaches took over the shore to compete. Our Brooklyn Street Beat team was on the scene to take in all the wild and crazy proceedings.

Видео сделано НЕ мной, от меня лишь субтитры. Заслужило моё внимание своей эпичностью, пафосом, и растительностью на лице, способной спас... побрить мир.
Для незнающих: "баранья отбивная" - это вид бороды.
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Get a look behind the scenes of the Milk Mustache ad featuring London Athletes Carmelo Anthony, Dara Torres, Aly Raisman, Steven Lopez and Kerron Clement.

The AMI calls beards "The Spousal Compromise" because they assume wimpiness is the only reason a mustache wearer would include a beard on his face. Way to make an ass out of u and me.

Рукоделие)))Оформляем стакан в собственном стиле)))
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Sarah Silverman wore a mustache at the Emmys as Justin Timberlake announced the nominees for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series." Sarah Silverman's mustache drew actual laughs at the Emmys, which had failed joke after failed joke. Silverman's mustache wasn't worn at the red carpet, though an embarrassing blue dress was. Watch the video of Sarah Silverman's mustache and ch

The guys in Escape the Fate discuss the lifestyle choices that accompany growing a's a tough road, but someone has to do it.

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Michael Cudlitz’s character Abraham in 'The Walking Dead' has a big handle bar mustache so we talk to him about Movember, which is an annual event when men don’t shaved during the month of November to bring awareness to men’s health.

The 2015 World Beard & Mustache Championships were held in Leogang, Austria. Competitors from around the world came together to compete in 16 different categories organized into three groups: mustache, partial beard and full beard.

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Видео из группы
Cole and Dylan Sprouse l Коул и Дилан Спроус l Всё тип-топ или жизнь Зака и Коди | Люкс,жизнь на палубе

Step 1: Stick mustaches on TV screen. Step 2: Put Andy, Conan, and Rashida's faces over the mustaches. Step 3: Enjoy! More CONAN @

Exclusive Review: Top 5 Best Beard And Mustache Trimmer.
Our No.1 Choice: Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300 (See Price... )

Looking for the detailed review of Best Beard And Mustache Trimmer? We have tried to show the details on this video. You can decide which Trimmer you should buy and which one is good for you, After watching this exclusive video review.

We research and come up with top 5 Best Beard And Mustache Trimmer.

Here's the 60 second version of the Go Daddy commercial.

Mustaches can do more than you think.

Remember that Movember is all about prostate cancer awareness and charity. So go donate!

In this video Brett McKay from The Art of Manliness shows you how to maintain a healthy mustache for Movember.

Join the AoM Movember team now!

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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The Barons Of Tang performing The Case Of The Missing Mustache live at Factory Theatre in Sydney on 4 November 2011

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It was the winter of 2007 and what had started as a "joke" between a handful of down and out Melbourne musos, quickly

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, it's mustaches and rock crawling! The Moab Easter Jeep Safari is a great week long 4x4 event in Moab, Utah leading up to Easter weekend every year, and every year Fred and the staff of 4-Wheel & Off-Road attend for some great rock crawling. This year Fred and some of his cronies grew out their upper lips and ran the first ever Moab Midnight Mustache Ride at Area BFE, a private off-road park south of Moab. They loaded up their jeeps and wheeled from midnight to dawn over so

The Art of Shaving Presents 'How to get the Pencil Mustache'

Begin by cleanly shaving the cheeks, chin and neck area, leaving the upper lip full, extending about half an inch off the side of the mouth. If you have a beard, clip it down first, before you begin to shave.

The key to the Pencil Mustache is to remove a good amount of hair from the nose down, to make a straight thin line across the lip.

To make the pencil stand out, use your mustache comb and scissors, to make a straight line across the top l

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Miley cyrus likes the mustache

Captain Stubby & The Buccaneers - Come Wet Your Mustache With Me 1949 - Decca Records

[TNA Wrestling Community]

To complete the facial hair puzzle, Eric Young delivers big with the SOUL PATCH!

There is nothing quite like an awesome mustache. Am I right?

BTW- I'm aware there are different spelling of mustache. I just went off of this.

The Mustache Song by CKNC

Artist: Dave Gibbhart & The Quantum Mechanics (Zach Lichter)
Song: The Mustache Song
Album: If Ya Ain't Cheatin Ya Ain't Tryin

That's right, well

Most men seem to agree
With the hairy pedigree
I for one must confess
A mustache I like best

An infographic video on the famous zappa mustache.

No copyright infringement intended. All work of Frank Zappa used in this video as well as the "Zappa Mustache" logo belong to the Zappa Family Trust. This is a student project. I do not intend on making any money off this project. This falls under that category of Fair Use


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20.03.2011. Wąsata mafia. Cały Świat nosi wąsy. Polscy kibice najlepsi na świecie.

The Art of Shaving Presents 'How to get the Horseshoe Mustache'

Begin by cleanly shaving the cheek, chin and neck area, leaving the upper lip full and extending down the side of the mouth to the chin. If you're sporting a beard, clip it down first before you begin to shave.

Using your mustache comb and scissors, snip along the upper lip line, to create an edge. After you have the general shape of your mustache, now it’s time to get a little tighter with a razor. It’s important to stretch the skin and bri

[TNA Wrestling Community]

On a trip through Kentucky, Eric Young and Jeremy Borash stop off to get some fake mustaches from a Mexican restaurant.

Seaborne & Roach Episode 3.
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Two hack P.I.'s pass the time while on pathetically trivial stake outs.

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NOTE: Some people have commented that the theme music is the same as youtuber sxephil. The music is part of the royalty-free library that comes free with every new Mac. So, no, we didn't steal it, we just have the same taste.

Blue's passed out again after a long night of drinking.

it wasn't THAT bad.

sorry to all my subscribers. i know it's not me playing music but hey, there's some elton john in there.

и так хочу представить вашему вниманию мой ремикс на трек Dima Rybak...

We Are Scientists performing "Return the Favor" at Mustache Dache LA's concert at Elysian Park on November 17, 2013. - Первые и единственные заливающие рестлинг в VK. - Все сюда, тут будет прямая трансляция WWE WrestleMania XXIX \ 29 (Ny Nj) Online!!!

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This one is for you gentlemen out there that want the over the top curled handlebar stache! I love it. I get hilarious comments all the time! Thank you for watching!!

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Music: "One-eyed Maestro" by Kevin Macleod

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Еще одно произведение thecomputernerd01 - в этот раз песенка про усы)

Sprouse Bros' Milk Mustache ad Behind the scenes

A Nice video from members of Still remains, dozen furies and the Red chord...«Don't shave your stache»

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Heres some awesome new dubstep sounds from Mustache Riot, the combined efforts of We Bang and Natty Freq. This is off their new album, which is out today on Smashed Beatz. Give it a listen - some brilliant, innovative music on there!

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Wellki: Lifestyle. Health. Community.

I was looking for a great shave here in the Twin Cities and it didn't take long to stumble upon Mustache Jim and the crew at Gent Cuts and Grooming.

Jim, GENT Master Barber, offers a well-rounded selection of sensibilities and style. Keeping a fresh perspective and a classic background, Moustache Jim has been honing his craft for 13 years. Specializing in straight razor shaves, haircuts, and beard trims, Moustache Jim provides the perfect service for special occasion

Курс: Drawing Fundamentals
Автор: Shayna Cochefski
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Продолжительность: 3.75 Hrs

How to Beard Styles: How to create Chevron Mustache:

It's thick and it's big. It's sitting on your top lip. Yes, It's time to meet the Chevron Mustache. The Chevron Moustache is a badge of honor that shows you've earned your stripes. Respect!

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Ripped from "JonTron's StarCade: Episode 5 - The Phantom Menace Games" -


How to Beard Styles: How to create Handle Bar Mustache:

Create your Handlebar Moustache!. The Handle Bar Mustache, which has echoes of the 1940s about it, is daring, dashing and more than a little racy. Accessorize yours with a leather jacket and a devil-may-care attitude.

Check the products used in this video:

Find more beard styles on our Male Grooming experience center and stay connected via the Philips Men soci

In a new interview with ET, the actress praised her longtime partner's epic facial hair in his new film, 'The Hateful Eight.'

The Carousel - Общество ценителей фристайл скейтбординга.

Здесь :

- Развитие фристайл скейтбординга в России.

- Новости о фристайл скейтбординге со всего мира.

- Эксклюзивные и редкие материалы.

- Переводы и статьи

Видео из группы
Cole and Dylan Sprouse l Коул и Дилан Спроус l Всё тип-топ или жизнь Зака и Коди | Люкс,жизнь на палубе

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Captain Murphy: Do you want the mustache on, or off?
Debbie: Off, please.
Murphy: (brief pause) Too bad.

From Sealab 2021, Season 1, Episode 4 "Chickmate", after the credits.

Самые невероятные борода и усы: The most incredible beard and mustache
Борода́ — волосяной покров на нижней части лица.
Несмотря на то, что в природе в редких случаях встречаются женщины,имеющие растительность на нижней части лица, считается одним из мужских вторичных половых признаков у человека, обусловленных наличием тестостерона.

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Познакомься с Уотерсонами: мамой, папой, Анаис, Дарвином и, конечно же, Гамболом! Гамбол – двенадцатилетний котёнок, постоянно попадающий в переделки. Добро пожаловать в его удивительный мир!
Главный персонаж этого мультика Гамбол - юный, гиперактивный и весёлый котёнок, который постоянно попадает в разного рода переделки. Обычно он выпутываются из сложившихся трудных ситуаций, но самое поразительное это то, что он практически не перенимает опыт допущенных ошибок и вновь, раз за разом, вляпывается в одни и те же истории. Кто знает, может оно и к лучшему... - самые тёплые и ламповые мульты. Welcome!
The Amazing World of Gumball
Удивительный мир Гамболла
сезон 1 серия 26
The Mustache


Today I drove around Mumbai looking for an outfit for a video shoot that left me very very dirty! I ended the day with dinner with some cool peeps. ALSO... pink mustache! Enjoy xo

Hi! My name is Lilly and this is my vlog channel where I post my daily adventures, travel series and video extras/bloopers/behind the scenes. If you like to laugh, smile and be positive, sub - Glasses Mustaches - "The Argument" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video site,! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube!

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Glasses + Mustaches - "The Argument" A BlankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Genre: BlankTV

Artist Biography: Glasses Mustac

He came to fame as nerdy Seth Cohen on teen drama “The O.C.,” but actor Adam Brody has moved on to movies and other TV projects. He tells TODAY about “StartUp,” a new series on Crackle about a digital currency company like Bitcoin. But Tamron is even more interested in the mustache he grew for the upcoming movie reboot of “CHiPs”: “It does the acting for you,” Brody jokes.
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Aamir Khan strongly believed his character should have a moustache. Ashutosh Gowarikar thought otherwise but Aamir Khan was not the kind to give up easily!

All this and more in the Limited Edition DVD of Lagaan that includes 'Chale Chalo' a film by Satyajit Bhatkat on the making of this epic film.

Visit to pre-order your copy today!

Watch our first-ever Milk Mustache "got milk?" Campaign's Super Bowl ad, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who helps bring to life what a parent would do to make sure their kids have milk -- with its protein and essential nutrients -- at breakfast to fuel, active successful days.

I was pissed off that I couldn't find a version of this in time so I sorted it out, the music and the video are findally in time. Yay me!

A great on the great Brazilian team at the 1970 FIFA World Cup, Roberto Rivelino was a colourful, talented figure for the Selecao.

More classic football videos:

More videos on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™:

Серия: 13(а)

MLP FiM My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
S03E09 S03 E09 Season 3 Episode 09 Spike at Your Service
Pinkie Pie - Can I still wear the mustache?

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Grizzly Knows No Remorse - Fat Glasses And The Leather Mustache (FULL ALBUM STREAM)

Released in association with Grizzly Knows No Remorse

Olivia Porter + The Ice Cream Factory (Mustache Masquerade)

"The Ice Cream Factory is a collective arts hub located in the ABSOE complex (formally the Peters Ice Cream Factory) right in the heart of West End.

The current program consists of daily open training sessions, professional rehearsal studio, workshops, and regular performance space for the Brisbane physical arts community. The Ice Cream Factory runs infamous monthly events combining, acrobatic stage productions, cabaret, live bands

How to Beard Styles: How to create Dallas Mustache:

Do you want to have the perfect Dallas mustache? The Dallas mustache has echoes of cowboy and a definite masculine swagger. You can create the Dallas Moustache only in five steps with this video.

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Richard gives a plea for mega epic Vlog

How to Beard Styles: How to create Horseshoe Mustache:

Do you want to have the perfect Horseshoe mustache? An upside-down ‘U’ is a mustache shape that everyone has to take seriously. Create your own Horseshoe Mustache!
Check the products used in this video:

Find more beard styles on our Male Groom

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MLP: FiM Season 3 Episode 9, Spike at Your Service

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