The Prostitutes - Heart Of Stone

Sitting alone I pick up the phone
Waiting for time to hesitate but it goes on
A look in the mirror, but where is the smile
I don't believe I see the person that I really want to
Stop feeding the cynic. I'm taking control
It's time to kick it out before it's gone
And it will go yo

And all I'll leave behind is a just a heart of stone
Just a heart of stone
Just a heart of stone
Just a heart of stone

Creeping up slowly on me, I didn't notice much
But now there are two

directors: Mods DOP: Jan Baset Střítezský editor: Matouš Outrata camera operators: Martin Votruba, Jakub Vrbík, Aleš Foff, Adam Vopička grip + VFX: Petr Koutný SFX: Jiří Bouda, Hasiči Praha-Březiněves lighting: Dan Kvarda, Láďa Urbánek make-up: Kateřina Lorencová wardrobe: the band production Assistant: Jitka Psejová runners: Vulkánec Charlie, Míša Hronková postproduction: RUR, Prague produced by The Prostitutes special thanx: all above for making this happen, Kristina Šedivá for production support, Michal Ivanega for guitar, Chico Torres and Petr Bucher for drums and Vulkanec Charlie for bass, Radek Vodička for transportation music and lyrics by The Prostitutes produced by Youth © 2012 The Prostitutes / X Production