The Rasmus — I'm a Mess (2012)



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New video from a best gang in the world The Rasmus

Official music video. Enjoy! Released: March, 5

Страна: Финляндия
Жанр: Alt.rock
Состав: Лаури Юлёнен (Илонен) (Vo.), Паули Рантасалми (Gu.), Ээро Хейнонен (Ba.), Аки Хакала (Dr.)

The Rasmus - I'm a Mess Live @ Radio Aallon Helsinki-päivän konsertti 2012, Kaisaniemi 12.06.2012
I do not own any copyrights for this video. All the rights belong to Radio Aalto and Nelonen.

Watch the WORLD PREMIERE of The Rasmus´s brand new song I´m A Mess from the upcoming album "The Rasmus" which they played on the final show of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK), where they searched for Finlands paticipant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
This is the first time the song was performed live and I hope you will enjoy and spread my video like crazy :)

Estreno The Rasmus - I'm a Mess en Telehit 23-03-2012 - купить качественный китайский чай.
The Rasmus - I'm A Mess - Live in Maxidrom 2012 Аэродром Тушино 10 июня 2012 Расмус - исполняют песню I'm A Mess на Максидроме 2012 живьем. Это было очень круто. Лайкаем и делимся с друзьями.

El tan esperado primer sencillo del nuevo álbum, esta es la versión en vivo, en cuanto este disponible la letra agregare los subtitulo, mientras tanto ¿Qué te ha parecido la nueva canción?

The Rasmus performed for the first time the first single from their upcoming album "The Rasmus" at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu the 25th of February 2012

The world premiere of the first single from the new album "The Rasmus" (album out in April 2012 in Finland).
Performed at UMK-contest in Helsinki, February 25th 2012.

Nota: La letra fue tomada de lo que alcanzaba a escuchar y de algunas páginas por lo que puede y será algo diferente a la oficial que en cuanto aparezca la subiré inmediatamente saludos. Lirycs

The Rasmus primer I´m a mess sencillo del disco del mismo nombre,
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The Rasmus - Live @ Maxidrom 2012, Moscow 10.06.2012
Taped on Sony HDR-XR260VE

The Rasmus - I'm a Mess - Graz 15.11.2012

The Rasmus Levynjulkaisukeikka 17.04.2012

The Rasmus performed at the Polish music event called "Lato ZET i Dwójki" the 26 of August 2012 playing In The Shadows, I'm a mess and Stranger.
All the songs are available in this channel.

Please note: no copyright infringement is intended.
I don't own and I don't claim any copyrights on this video. All the copyrights belongs to TVP 2, Lato ZET i Dwójki and their respective owners.


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