The Royal Concept - Gimme Twice

OFFICIAL VIDEO COMING June 19th...see a preview here:

Members: (l-r)
Magnus Robert (bass)
Filip Bekic (guitar)
David Larson (vocals)
Frans Povel (drums)

The Concept - Gimme Twice Official Video
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Livestage TV is at the Umeå Open Festival 2012. The hyped popguys in The Royal Concept is getting more and more popular with their catchy songs. An extatic audience experienced a great gig. Livestage TV recorded two songs from the gig, enjoy!

Recorded songs:
1. Gimme Twice
2. D-D-Dance

Recorded at the Umeå Open Festival in Umeå, Sweden on Friday the 30th of March 2012.

The Royal Concept ( performs live at the Indaba Music Loft on the Bowery in NYC. (

Produced by Indaba Music (
Camera // Ian Perlman / Eric Anderson
Video Editor // Katie Smith
Audio Engineer // Josh Robertson / Eric Anderson / Rick Louie

The Royal Concept - "Gimme Twice" Director/Editor/Colorist: Bryan Schlam Director of Photography: Ben Carey Steadicam Operator: Michael Hauer Gaffer: Patrick Scola Production Designer: Lauren Nikrooz Art Director: Zoe Bailey Set Dresser: Rosie Turnbull Producer: Micah Ross Executive Producer: Stuart Hart Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde ( Special Thanks: Kevin Hayden, Max Luger, Nick Timmons, Logan Seaman, Kate Miller, Natalie Hapgo