The Royal Concept - Gimme Twice

Livestage TV is at the Umeå Open Festival 2012. The hyped popguys in The Royal Concept is getting more and more popular with their catchy songs. An extatic audience experienced a great gig. Livestage TV recorded two songs from the gig, enjoy!

Recorded songs:
1. Gimme Twice
2. D-D-Dance

Recorded at the Umeå Open Festival in Umeå, Sweden on Friday the 30th of March 2012.

The Royal Concept - "Gimme Twice" Director/Editor/Colorist: Bryan Schlam Director of Photography: Ben Carey Steadicam Operator: Michael Hauer Gaffer: Patrick Scola Production Designer: Lauren Nikrooz Art Director: Zoe Bailey Set Dresser: Rosie Turnbull Producer: Micah Ross Executive Producer: Stuart Hart Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde ( Special Thanks: Kevin Hayden, Max Luger, Nick Timmons, Logan Seaman, Kate Miller, Natalie Hapgo

OFFICIAL VIDEO COMING June 19th...see a preview here:

Members: (l-r)
Magnus Robert (bass)
Filip Bekic (guitar)
David Larson (vocals)
Frans Povel (drums)

The Concept - Gimme Twice Official Video
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The Royal Concept ( performs live at the Indaba Music Loft on the Bowery in NYC. (

Produced by Indaba Music (
Camera // Ian Perlman / Eric Anderson
Video Editor // Katie Smith
Audio Engineer // Josh Robertson / Eric Anderson / Rick Louie