The Strokes & Jarvis Cocker - Just What I Needed - Live 2011

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First vid that I upload from the Reading Festival 2011gig, a cover ("The Cars") with JARVIS COCKER, it's the 14th song. Uploading the whole fest later STAY TUNED FOLKS !
Setlist :
01 Is This It
02 New York City Cops
03 Under Cover of Darkness
04 The Modern Age
05 Machu Picchu
06 Reptilia
07 Someday
08 Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
09 You Only Live Once
10 You're So Right
11 What Ever Happened
12 Automatic Stop
13 Alone, Together
14 Just What I Needed (Cover of The Cars with Jarvis Cocker)
15 Juicebox
16 Last Nite
17 Hard To Explain
18 Take It Or Leave It