The Walking Dead - Season 2 - Deleted Scene

вырезаная сцена 2 сезона

Watch a Deleted Scene from the Scrapped Opening to THE WALKING DEAD Season 2.
Scène coupée de l'ouverture de la saison 2 de "The Walking Dead".
Cette scène sera présente sur le Blu-Ray.

Créée par Frank Darabont en 2010.
Avec Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies et Laurie Holden.
N'oubliez pas, "The Walking Dead : Saison 3" sera diffusé sur AMC à partir du 14 octobre 2012.

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Mika, Lizzie, Carol, Tyresse and Judith Deleted Scenes.


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( 4/8 ) A Deleted Scene from The Walking Dead Season 2 titled 'Pretty Much Dead Already'. Tumblr:

It appears that in previous attempts to hack into the game files and extract deleted material from Episode 2, that there was apparently additional content I missed from Episode 1. An unused opening sequence, extra time with Sam the dog and many other curious bits of material that has me questioning Telltale's earlier direction with this game.

The Walking Dead - Season 2 - New Deleted Scene, новая удалённая сцена 2 сезона

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