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31 октября 2011, Hassfurt
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

25 августа 2007, Slupsk, Poland

15 марта 2012, Берлин
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

30 ноября 2012, Isernhagen
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

20 сентября 2008, Stadthalle, Landstuhl

The Brony Song's team returns to RELEASE THE PONY! My Little Pony's ditzy mailmare, Derpy, finds herself in the midst of a muffin meltdown.

iTunes MP3:

Katie Wilson:

Not a cloud in the sky,
It's a beautiful day!
Everywhere I fly,
Things are goin' my way!

Got a bag of full of mail
and sweet delivering skills!
Cause I'm the best Mail Mare
in PonyVille!

Oh, the smells are enticing!

10 марта 2013, Dresden
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -
Ray Wilson and Quintet - The Airport Song
Dresden Lukaskirche 10.3.2013<br/><br/>

Kim Criswell joins the John Wilson Orchestra to sing "The Trolley Song" from the MGM musical, "Meet Me in St. Louis".

This is from the 2009 BBC Proms concert. I do not own this material; I am simply trying to promote greater awareness of this sensational British orchestra to an American audience. The full concert - a celebration of MGM film musicals entitled "That's Entertainment!"- is available at better resolution on DVD from EMI classics.

You're a Wilson I'm a Wilson There's a bloody lot of Wilson xD
Мило таг...^__^

House/Wilson again. I just had to make a video to this song. (Music: "The Vicodin Song" by Terra Naomi)
(Please be kind to comment on the video and take your drug-abuse stories elsewhere.)

30 сентября 2014, Raciborz
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

love this song... the melody feels almost 'cinematic,' like something strings would play in..

30 марта 2012, Lubeck
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

Забавная песенка ))

House MD
by GregHouseJamesWilson

Here's a Wilson There's a Wilson And another grumpy Wilson Funny Wilson Fuzzy Wilson Wilson Wilson House Wilson Wilson Cuddy Wilson Chase and...

1 декабря 2013, Berlin
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -
Ray Wilson - The Airport Song
Ray Wilson and Quintet
Berlin 01.12.2013
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Ray Wilson
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6 ноября 2009, Magdeburg, Kulturwerk Fichte - 2. Magdeburger Polio Rock Nacht

31 октября 2008, Neuruppin

21 марта 2010, Münster (Germany), Hot Jazz Club.

The Berklee Rainbow Band directed by Phil Wilson with Syncopation


Soprano: Audrey Johnson
Alto: Christine Fawson
Tenor: David Scott
Bass: Tsunemori "Lee" Abe

The Berklee Rainbow Band:Personal

Trumpets: Matt Joseph (lead), Thomas Kirinsky, Jenn Allen, Mao Sone.

Trombones: Quinn Carson (lead), John Egizi, Molly Furlong.
Bass Trombone: Joe Ricard.

Alto Sax: Jessica Lee (lead), Ben Allen.
Tenor Sax: Jordan Townsend,

1 мая 2012, Hildesheim
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

25 сентября 2010, Westerhorn
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

24 ноября 2011, Берлин
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

22 октября 2011, Дрезден
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

29 апреля 2010, Варшава

23 мая 2008, Miedzymurze Zachodnie, Malbork (Польша)

7 декабря 2011, Берлин
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

"Yesterday's Love Songs, Tomorrows Blues" was the original album where this song was first released. Available on CD from all good retailers. Here's Nancy singing it as the guest star on a 1966 episode of "I Spy", rescued here from a very old tape of mine. You can also get this on the DVD of Season Two of "I Spy". It is Episode Two, entitled "Lori", where Nancy guest-stars, & plays a jazz singer involved in a little intrigue, as well as singing three short numbers. This clip has the the up-tempo "The Song I

18 сентября 2009, Берн ASCAP hits its 100-year milestone on February 13th, 2014. For an entire century, the leading US performing rights organization has made it possible for American songwriters, composers and music publishers, who create the music the world loves, to thrive alongside the businesses that use their work. The site ( features an interactive timeline of ASCAP's rich history.

ASCAP's commissioned short film "Why We Create Music" celebrates the organization's 100-year h

20 марта 2010, Lübeck (Germany), Werkhof Lübeck

Casablanca won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Its lead character Humphrey Bogart, it's memorable line "Play it again Sam" and pervasive theme song "As Time Goes By" have all become iconic; and the film consistently ranks near the top of lists of the greatest films of all time. And so this brings us to Arthur "Dooley" Wilson (April 3, 1886 -- May 30, 1953) an American actor and singer who is best remembered as the piano-player and singer "Sam" who sings "As Time Goes By" at the request of Ing

As Time Goes By Casablanca - The Original Sam Dooley Wilson song


Назад в будущее⇒Back to the future⇒BTTF⇒НВБ

23 сентября 2011, Hamburg
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

24 сентября 2011, Landstuhl
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

23 июня 2011, Schafstedt
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

15 апреля 2011, Гамбург
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

11 ноября 2009, Poznan, Centrum Kultury Zamek - "Imieniny ulicy Św. Marcin"

19 ноября 2011, Siegburg
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

10 января 2012, Lublin
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

6 апреля 2012, Borgsdorf
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

31 марта 2012, Hamburg
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

26 января 2008, Zum Eckkrug, Zarpen (Germany)

23 февраля 2009, Klub Eskulap, Poznan

30 сентября 2011, Isernhagen
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

15 апреля 2011, Гамбург
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

21 апреля 2011, Берлин
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

25 января 2014, Kielce
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -
Ray WILSON- GENESIS classic Galeria KORONA 25.01.2014<br/><br/>

ALBUM available to order now
That's Entertainment: A Celebration of the MGM Film Musical

29 января 2010, Viersen - Saal-Birgit.

31 октября 2011, Hassfurt
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

Видео предоставлено группой:

This was written by a friend of Rainn Wilsons just for the Mona Foundation benefit at The Paramount Theatre with Rainn Wilson Friends. The entire cast came out and sang it at the end of the evening - Rainn Wilson, Presidents of the United States of America, Andy Grammer, Sean Nelson, The Long Winters, Blitzen Trapper and Craig Robinson.

(to the tune of "Lola" by the Kinks)

I took a little trip to Seattle/ Where everyon

16 февраля 2014, Wien
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

Another song for the marginally literate.

Love from Wilson World,

24 сентября 2010, Wuppertal, Theater inTakt
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

15 ноября 2013, Worpswede
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -
Ray Wilson - The Airport Song
Ray Wilson Genesis vs. Stiltskin
Worpswede Music Hall 15.11.2013
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Ray Wilson
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11 декабря 2009, Kiel - Hof Akkerboom

10 декабря 2011, Валенсия, Испания
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -


Posted here in the hope that the wondrous Dr. Buckles posts his original soon.

Taken from Adam Buxton's excellent Bug programme on Sky Atlantic.

In the play, this is "'Berta 'Berta," a prison work song the men learned while in Parchman Farm (Penitentiary) in Mississippi. You can hear its roots in the field songs of slaves and in gospel call-and-response, as well as the relation to its distant descendant, rock 'n' roll. Actors: Charles Dutton, Courtney Vance, Carl Gordon, Tommy Hollis. Dir. Lloyd Richards.

Afterwards, hear a short clip of a real prison work song.

Interesting fact: Dutton was a real convict (possession of a deadly we

In this clip from the Don't Stop The Music TV trails, Kaiser Chief's Ricky Wilson shows the joy of learning an instrument by drumming to his own beat.

The Official Song Teaser For "The Dream"


26 июля 2013, Duisburg
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

Dan Wilson of Semisonic performs "Closing Time" at his 25th reunion at Harvard's Sanders Theatre. Before and during the tune he tells a funny story about what the song really means. He won a Grammy for the song in 1999. Dan and I both lived in Dunster House, and we were lead singers in rival bands (Animal Dance and the Standard Deviants).

"The Earrings Song" is a song by Country Music singer Gretchen Wilson. "The Earrings Song" is featured on Gretchen Wilson's forth studio album, 'I Got Your Country Right Here'.

'The Earrings Song', written by: Monty Criswell & Rivers Rutherford.

Release date: March 30, 2010
Label: Redneck Records


Dan Wilson - guitar
Jared Gold - organ keyboards
Sylvia Cuenca - drums

I do not own the song.

Look at that booty, show me the booty
Give me the booty, I want the the booty
Back up the booty, I need the booty
I like the booty, oh what a booty

Shaking that booty, I saw the booty
I want the booty, lord what a booty
Bring on the booty, give up the booty
Loving the booty, round booty

Down for the booty, I want the booty
Hunting the booty, chasing the booty
Casing the booty, getting the booty,
Beautiful booty, smoking booty
Talk to the booty, more booty...
Fine booty ( ͡


THIS IS NOT MY WORK! This video belongs to GregHouseJamesWilson, but it was removed for some reason, so I re-uploaded it.

▄▀▄ Эпопея ▄▀▄ Back to the future/Назад в будущее ▄▀▄ Великая трилогия ▄▀▄

31 января 2012, Białystok
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

11 мая 2012, Isernhagen
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

#vine от SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: "Song: Intro by The XX. Badass: Mike Wilson #Survivalwin"

[Все ролики SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]

20 апреля 2013, Lübeck
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

20 сентября 2012, Ursprung, Rostock
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

20 июня 2012, Radio Trojka
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

2 июня 2012, Bernau
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

16 ноября 2013, Siegen
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -
Ray Wilson and Genesis Klassik Quintett Live in Siegen 16th of November ( Weißtalhalle)

Ray Wilson and Band are :

Ray Wilson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar | Ali Ferguson - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals | Lawrie MacMillan - Bass, Backing Vocals | Steve Wilson -- Acoustic Guitar, 12 String and Backing Vocals |Ashley MacMillan - Drums and Percussion | Alicja Chrzaszcz -- Violin| Barbara Szelagiewicz -- Violin|Da

3 апреля 2014, Datteln
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

Airport Song mit Live Bildern

28 марта 2014, Gdynia
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

MPLS.TV - a Minneapolis Online TV Network featuring local videos daily!

Fort Wilson Riot perform "Love Song for Mabee Burlingham (Pieces of the War Pt. 1)" live at the 1419 space for MPLS.TV 's weekly live performance series, "City of Music" presented by Gimme Noise.

Produced by Dan Huiting. Directed/edited by: Dan Huiting. Shot by: Chris Hadland, Sarah Knoss, Jack McTigue, Galen Fletcher and Dan Huiting.
Tracking by Ryan Warner. Mixed and mastered by Ali Jaafar. Titles by HMH. Specia

15 сентября 2012, Vöhringen
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -

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20 июня 2012, Radio Trojka
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin -