The road boss !!!

Monster truck unique au monde !

Просто еще один день на дорогах России

Truck almost hitting car slided

“When you should be focused on the road but u can't 🔞🔞🔞 #BossVideo”

That pedestrian is lucky the truck driver had some impressive skills, that was a close call!

Welcome back to my variant of the vageta311 low level one shot boss challenge playthrough! So far I've got a running total of 37 points, and I've spent 22 of them. We just took down Quelaag and now we're gearing up ready to take down the troublesome Ornstein & Smough, the first double boss of the playthrough.

Sen's Prowling Demon #1 - 00:28
Sen's Prowling Demon #2 -- 00:57
Symbol of Avarice -- 01:17
Sen's Prowling Demon #3 -- 02:13
Sen's Prowling Demon #4 -- 02:35
Iron Golem -- 05:47
Painted World shortc

Track and road footage of the new 2012 Mustang Boss 302.
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Crazy guy crossing the road like a a boss! Highly breathtaking!! Must Watch!!

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Chevy steers the Colorado Z71 off road with Trail Boss package

Фансаб-группа • Big Boss •