The xx - Crystalised

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Was asleep at the wheel on this one...missed the beginning. The XX performing Crystalised live at the Congress Theater in Chicago. 20 October 2012

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Matt & Callie cover Crystalised by The XX

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You apply the pressure, to help me crystallize
Then you cut the face, that I could been paradise
I forgive and forget the four arm power lines
Do I have to keep up this space to keep you satisfied?

You don't move slow taking steps in my direction
The sound sounds... does it listen to your affection?
Your symphony...
But don't burden own, I won't leave alive
... I wish the time will take me over

Ось така музична суміш вийшла з учасників гуртів Better Now, Proving Ground та Copypaste.

Amsterdam Acoustics live

Amsterdam Acoustics

The xx's- crystalised bass cover

Cover of "Crystalised" by The xx, born from a collaboration between Hidden Shade and Eliana.
An acoustic version of the song, made only with voices, piano and guitar.

Voice: Eliana;
Voice & Piano: Gaetano Coppola;
Guitar: Ferdinando Del Vasto.

Filming and editing:
Piero Zizzania

The XX perform for Steve Lamacq's show at Maida Vale in April last year

Directed by Alex Flick and Masato Riesser

The Dartmouth Brovertones perform Crystalised by the xx at their Senior Show on May 28, 2011. Soloists: Nick Birasa, Roger Zhu

Всем привет :) Наше первое кавер-видео на песню замечательной группы The XX. Бас-партию мы записывали отдельно, поэтому есть некоторые мелкие несовпадения. В любом случае, мы постарались передать атмосферу песни, наше видение её. Надеемся, что вы не потратили время зря за просмотром :)

by Cristiana Silva. facebook page:
It's not how I wanted it but I had to do this really fast!
Hope you like it anyway :)

It's a medley between the original version by Xx and cover recorded by Gorillaz on the BBC 1 studio. Enjoy and subscribe

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Aleksandra Polek - vocal, ukulele
Andrzej Sikora - electric guitar

Special thanks to Beata Czurakowska for making photos and video.
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Ilya Prevysokov | Nikita Pribytkin

Xx remixes pop up every now and then, especially for "Crystalised"; here's a minimalistic approach by Dark Sky with a beat that you will be addicted to in no time, and an Andy Murphy remix featuring a guitar-electro bassline that's just a bliss to listen to.

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Go slow.

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The xx - Crystalised - Remixed by Ali Tres.


Кожної миті ми експерементуємо
Кожної миті ми імпровізуємо
Кожної миті ми руйнуємо правила
Кожної миті ми герої
Кожну мить створюєш ти...

its really different im just not good enough at guitar yet to do the riff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Crystalised by The XX :))))))))

Crystalised by The XX.
Draw and animação by Marcio Hum.
Unofficial fan video.

Musica dos creditos: Gorillaz / Crystalised
Desenhos com melhor resolução:

Primeiro estudo com desenhos 2d animados.
Após desenhos prontos, estudo montado e concluído em 4 dias.
3dsmax para animação e windows movie maker para edição.

Sao Paulo-SP

• The xx - Crystalised live for Amsterdam Acoustics •
• a film by •
• Made by Jeroen van der Poel & Arttu Sesselaar •

The XX are a trio formed in 2005 at London, England.

The XX songs are 20p cheaper on Amazon:

The band members are Romy Madley Croft (vocals, lead guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals, bass guitar), and Jamie Smith (beats, MPC sampler). Second guitarist and keyboardist Baria Qureshi left the group in 2009. Initial reports stated that this was due to exhaustion, but the band later said they made this decision due to "personal differences".

Ты приложила усилья
Чтоб стал я как экспонат
И веришь ты сильно
Что приведу тебя я в райский сад

Забывать и прощать
Пока не скуёт всю меня
Мне скорость твою держать
Чтоб был всегда ты рад?

Солнце к нам всё ближе и ближе
А у меня поступки по лекалам
Так что хватит говорить, что ты лишняя
Ведь ты та, кого хочу я рядом

Чуть-чуть резко
Приближаешься ты ко мне
Звучат звуки эхом
Но уймёт ли интерес твой это?

Зовёшь дураком
Ведь обхожу я стороной всё
Но коль сгорит наш общий дом
Я сам сгорю живьём

Тают ледник

The xx perform "Crystalised" live at the Cutting Room Studios NYC during KEXP's broadcast from CMJ. Recorded 10/22/09.

For More info on Fiona see:

Fiona Dunkin is a Dublin/Midlands based classically trained performer who specialises in blues/soul/folk. She trained primarily with voice trainer Carmen Tanase in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. A student in Dublin, she first began to make her mark on the Dublin music scene in 2009-playing venues such as Whelan's, Bewley's Cafe Theatre and the Mercantile. She has also played support to the likes of Juliet Turner, Noelie McDonnell, Luka B

Подсел на этих ребят-)

The XX - Crystalised или живой оркестр негров с плантации.

Гала-концерт Студенческая весна СамГТУ 2014
СамГТУ 2014
Политех ТВ

Concert de the XX au zénith de Paris le 14 février 2017

Изначально видео задумывалось как подборка разных вещей, которые вдохновляют и приносят радость, но оказалось, что чистый и слегка влажный воздух, проходящий через легкие и наполняющий твой разум идеями, не так легко передать через мини-кино как и многие другие вещи. Да и в последствие вышла небольшая история двух людей, надеюсь это понравится романтикам, да и не только им. Что ж, смотрите и наслаждайтесь.

Nick Connors covering The xx's "Crystalised" live at The Great Northern Hotel in Newcastle.

Nick Connors' Facebook:

Filmed by Jake Buchan:

Something I have been working on while messing around with LSDj
I am a bit of a beginner to this software so sorry if errors and stuff :)

Gorillaz - Crystalised (The XX Cover) (JThunder Mix)

wallpaper LINK:

For anyone who doesn't know what the instrument is, its an electric veena, the veena is similar to a Sitar, but 4 stringed instrument :)

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Please listen with headphones if poss for better sound...
Thanks to Puru Kaushik on Guitar, Loven for Sound and Kalvador Peterson for video and editing. Please like, comment, subscribe and share if you wish :) XXX

Just a Dream Pictures

Ire playing ableton, synth and drums. A-Mark playing guitar.

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my interpretation of "crystalised" by the amazing "xx"

Go to to see more videos from this set. The xx play "Crystalised" at the WFNX Ames Hotel acoustic session.

Dancers: Nikita Matvienko Maria Akkuratova Igor Vlasovec Olya Wayne Natalia Vorobieva Daria Zlobina Director and cut: Matvienko N. Cameraman: Evgeny Melnikov Color correct: Dmitry Litvinov

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Bass Cover of Crystalised by The XX

the xx – crystalised

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Anastasiya Tish, спасибо, что ты у меня есть...

The XX performing "intro" and "crystalised" at their in-store appearance at Rough Trade in London, UK 08.19.09.

The XX - Crystalised (Labrat Dubstep Remix)

Free download:


V music

Michael Cameron and Ellie Hopley performing Crystalised by the xx<br/><br/>
The XX
Made BY : Jeroen van der Poel

The xx performing an acoustic version of Crystalised and Stars in an elevator for a 'Behind Closed Doors' session @ London Calling 2009 (Holland)

Натаааша *____*

video: mojiito
credits: kyle Alexander | greg ephraim

sorry за качество, кто-нибудь, помогите нормально записать!!!

Крайній андерграундний відос з мого квартірніка в "Хвильовому". Погналі!
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See this Instagram video by @admit.renko

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Оригинал: The XX - Crystalised

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