The xx - VCR

хочу такой ремоонт)

idea production - evgen kompanets
directed by evgen kompanets
cast - diana konstantynova alexandr struchaiev

music is taken from the album ‘xx’, 2009 (copyright ‘the xx’ young turks, 2010)

video was shot in early 2009


music video for juicy-r, track 2 of wait what's mashup album 'the notorious xx,' pitting biggie's juicy against the xx's vcr. get the album (and this track) free at available 3.25.10

Music & Travel представляет новый проект - musicandtravel tv.

musicandtravel tv - это непрофессиональные видео с концертов мировых звезд и самых интересных молодых исполнителей. Это cъемки с музыкальных поездок, на которые вы ездили с нами в рамках клуба Music & Travel. Они помогут передать нам все те ощущения, которые мы хотим привнести в наши поездки. Показать как проходят концерты в Европе, поделиться самыми новыми песнями.

Watch The xx perform 'VCR' during their fantastic concert at Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn Utrecht, 22 November 2012

многообещающая молодая группа. они круты

VCR - The XX - Original Cover (instrumental)

Merry Christmas !!! Here is a cover version of The XX - Vcr by Nata Tomata The Maneken

Remake instrumental de la musique VCR -The XX
I do not own the rights for this song.

what comes of having no job and no money? boredom...and movies that take too long to make.

special thanks to andrew for turning me onto this band... and sarah, danielle, and eric for putting up with having to hear it over and over and over from my bedroom.

This is a Four Tet Remix from The xx -VCR
Four Tet - Love Cry :
Four Tet - Pyramid :
Four Tet - VCR (The xx) :
Lee Jones - Closed Circus (Mark Henning Remix) :
Ladytron - Ace Of Hz (Tiësto Remix) :

The XX - VCR. Live at an exclusive showcase at Admiralspalast, Berlin. 04-09-2012.<br/><br/>

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Optimus Alive Playlist -
The xx - VCR (@Optimus Alive 2010)

fm4 frequency festival
st. pölten, austria

кто чем в метро занимается... наш паблик

Live at Eurosonic 2010 (14-16 January)


Heart Skipped A Beat
Basic Space
Night Time

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Cover made with sounds of guitar Epiphone EJ-200CE/VS.


The much anticipated tutorial to VCR by the XX

TARATATA N°335 (Diff. France 4 le 13/01/10)

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the xx's single "vcr" remixed by four tet. this was the b side for the "vcr" itunes download single.

download this remix from itunes here:

download the original here: