Things You'd Better Not Mix Up

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Funny Video | Cartoon | Short | Comedy
Animated short by Joost Lieuwma.
Produced by Jiek Weishut, The Drawing Room

Вещи лучше не перепутать

Things You'd Better Not Mix Up animated short by Joost Lieuwma

A series of things you'd better not mix up

Biography Joost Lieuwma
Joost Lieuwma graduated in 2005 at the Utrecht School of Arts with his animated short 'Once upon a time in my wife'. Since then he is working as a freelance animator in Utrecht. "Things You'd Better Not Mix Up' is his first independent animation film.

Length: 2 minutes 10 seconds
Release Date: September 2010
Language: None

Вещи, которые лучше не путать / Things you'd better not mix up
реж Joost Lieuwma, Netherlands, 2010

Here are some thing you probably don't want to mix up.

by Николай Кац

by Dima Govor