Three Days Grace - Just Like You

Three Days Grace - Just Like You (guitar cover huyaver)

An old MTV show with Three Days Grace performing "Just Like You" from their debut album "Three Days Grace."

Three Days Grace "Just Like You" live at Echo Beach in Toronto Ontario Canada. July 3rd 2015.

This song was preformed live at the Toyota Arena in Tri- cities, WA on 8/22/15

кавер на песню Just Like You

Есть радио. А есть ULTRA.

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Three Days Grace performing "Just Like You" at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit.

Three Days Grace
Live At The Palace (DVD)
Auburn Hills, Michigan
March 21, 2008<br/><br/>

Three Days Grace в Москве 31.01.2016

Three Days Grace - Just Like You, Performing at Allen County War Memorial Collesium in Fort Wayne, IN on Halloween 2007

Третий Горизонт - Концерт в Клубе "Железная задница" 24-08-13

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This is how I played my part of the song 'Just Like You' by Three Days Grace in our cover band Autumn Falls (RIP). So if something is missing or doesn't sound right, that's why.

Gear used on this video:
PRS SE Tremonti - Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
Line 6 Spidervalve half stack w/Shortboard MKII
Boss NS-2

Autumn Falls YouTube channel

Третий Горизонт - Концерт в Рок-баре "Андеграунд" 30-07-11

Que onda Gente aqui les traigo el video de three day grace-just like you sub español si les gusto el video calificalo comenta si te gusto y si se puede suscribete es gratis c:

Сильно не пинайте, это первый кавер

Entire song. Recorded live (in 720p HD) at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota on 3/30/10.

Концерт в КРЦ "Современник" 11-06-09

Someone buy Mr. Gontier a thesaurus - Check out Elison's band! - All about Elison Cruz

Three Days Grace Song Pack – $11.99

Three Days Grace “Animal I Have Become” – Drop C
Three Days Grace “Break” – Drop D
Three Days Grace “Just Like You” – Eb Drop Db
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Three Days Grace - Just Like You
Live at the Palace 2008

Three Days Grace perform live at the Greeley Stampede in Greeley, Colorado on 6/28/14.

Three Days Grace Live "Just Like You" at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit Michigan March 21st, 2008

Three Days Grace - Just like you, 8 февраля 2016 года, Эрмитаж Концерт-Холл, Казань, Россия, #HumanWorldTour

Buzz Bake Sale 2007 ~ Three Days Grace ~ Just Like You<br/><br/>

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Live at the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, GA
March 12, 2013<br/><br/>

Another do over....Just replacing my earlier vids with better ones.

Tuning is Drop D.

Gear - American Fender Strat, Line6 PODXT Live pedal, Vox AC30 amp - although you don't hear the amp because I am recording from my pedal directly to my computer.

Three Days Grace - Just Like You

Мечта сбылась))качество дерьмо, но я довольна!!!!

Three Days Grace perform 'Just Like You' live at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit on July 18th

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this is the original old version of the song just like you

Снакт-Петербург, A2

#threedaysgrace #threedaysgraceвказани #justlikeyou

Stadium Life

Live in Nizhny Novgorod
Milo Concert Hall club 27.09.2014

Three Days Grace performing Just Like You acoustic style on Stripped.

Three Days Grace - Just Like You
Live at Chizhovka-Arena
Minsk, 20-09-14

Новосибирск 06.10.2014, клуб Отдых

27.09.2014 Мilo concert hall Нижний Новгород

Live in Toronto, Energy Direct Centre Toronto November 6, 2010

Three days grace (Stadium live) 28/09/14 Moscow - Just like you

29 сентября 2014 г.
Сити парк Град, Эвент Холл