Time Lapse of Los Angeles

Notice the beautiful anti corpuscular rays (shadows) in the first half (starting about 0:23 in, though they're more noticeable at 0:40) from the cloud tops at sunset. Also notice the subtle reflection of the clouds on the water in the second half.

Taken with a GoPro suction-mounted to the window at 2 second intervals.

Here it is doubled with an excellent song suggestion by Braelmar: http://bit.ly/LsD8P8

My first timelapse using the Canon 550D/T2i. All footage was shot in 24 hours in the greatest city in the world Los Angeles. The areas in Los Angeles were Santa Monica, LAX, Griffith Observatory Venice Beach and Downtown.
Equipment Used:
Magic Lantern
Kit Lens 18-55mm and 50mm 1.8 prime
The footage you see at night with lens flare was shot with the 50mm prime lens. I could not remove the lens flare with the 50mm lens so I change the lens to the kit lens and it worked.
More Facts: