Top Gear - Saab

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Power: 713 HP
Torque: 631 LB-FT
Weight: 3,088 LBS
Front: 56%
Displacement: 3.2 L
Drivetrain: 4WD

Speed: 8.9
Handling: 6
Acceleration: 9.3
Launch: 9.5
Braking: 6.3

Old Top Gear from 1989 Series 12 Episode 1. They test drive the Alfa Romeo 169, Lancia Thema and Saab CDE to see which is the best executive saloon.

Stereotyping car owners at its best - All credits to the BBC.

Good news! You are in for a big treat, with this exclusive video, from series 18 episode five. It is from the Saab Tribute film, where, in the trailer, it previewed a plane on the Top Gear Test Track, and never showed it on the show. Well, now, I have that video of the race. It is between a Saab 9-3 and a Saab Jet-Fighter, which is the slowest jet ever made. This is a great video!
Here is what happened in episode 5:
Challenge: Richard Hammond this week is in Wales for one of those challenges where a c

Top Gear Feb 98 Saab 900 Saab 93 Pt2


Power: 713 HP
Torque: 631 LB-FT
Weight: 2,661 LBS
Front: 50%
Displacement: 3.2L
Drivetrain: 4WD

Speed: 7.9
Handling: 5.9
Acceleration: 10.0
Launch: 10
Braking: 6.3

Top Gear - Alfa Romeo, Saab 9000, Lancia 1/3.avi

почему все владельцы сааба улыбаются?

Top Gear про банкротство SAAB на русском

Old Top Gear from 1998
Quentin Willson gives a used car guide to the Saab 900 and looks at running costs and servicing

This clip was extracted from the episode that was first broadcast on the 19th March 1998

Джезза в SAAB 9-5 Aero
Top Gear Series 3 Episode 3