Tremonti - Brains

Mark Tremonti performing their solo album 'All I Was' live in London 2013

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OFFICIAL: "Brains" is the 4th track on Mark Tremonti's debut solo album "All I Was." Enjoy the preview! The Tremonti project is being released by FRET12 Records. If you want to know more check out

Pre-order the record PLUS a custom shirt and signed photo for $25:

Pre-order the record PLUS a custom guitar pick and decal for $11:

The Tremonti Project playing Brains live at the Social in Orlando, July 17, 2012

Tremonti - Brains - Live - Manchester Ritz 2015

Mark Tremonti and his band (including Wolfgang Van Halen on bass) performing "Brains" off their debut album 'All I Was' at Experience PRS 2012 (Thursday Night Signature Club Event). I apologize for the shakiness of the video... it was taken with a Zoom Q3HD.

Ending the night with the EPIC "Brains", the crowd went crazy and you can see the circle pit going nuts. 1000 people crammed into a tiny room to make the atmosphere HUGE!

Recorded at Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland on December 3rd 2015. From the debut album 'All I Was'.
Tremonti are:
Mark Tremonti - Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Eric Friedman - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Garrett Whitlock - Drums
Tanner Keegan - Bass Mark Tremonti performs in San Antonio Texas at 99.5 Kiss Fallfest on October 7, 2012 at The Sunken Gardens Theater!

Tremonti live with with Wolfgang Van Halen @ The Rock Junction West Greenwich Rhode Island 9/11/12

Tremonti in Berlin, Lido, 04.02.2013, All I Was Tour in High Quality!

Live Performance - Cauterize Tour 2015