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from "Nearly God" album (1996)

Nearly God (1996)

Tricky + Terry Hall + Martina Topley-Bird = perfection

Tricky :
I can vibe to anything
Do I have to hide from everything?
Everybody wants a piece of me
Reach their origin and cease to be
Sit back and let it happen,
Let us take your time away.
I don't understand you.
I don't want your time of day.
If you're gonna walk, might as well walk your way
Always walk the hallways,
Forget the punk, I pack the funk.
I'm gonna take a piece of you.
Making money for good health,
But first I learn to see myself

from: Nearly God [1996]

Tricky - Ghost Town/Poems(Live at The White Room) This link describes the video/poem in detail.
(Make sure to stick around until the end for an encouraging message after the poem!)

In this video I try to read a famous poem [Edit: Not actually originally called "English is tough stuff", it's a slightly modified (updated) version of "The Chaos" written by Gerard Nolst Trenité in 1922], which demonstrates the weird spelling convention English has. To make it more fun though, I added in not only the original poem,

Tricky as Nearly God performs Ghost Town and Poems with Terry Hall of The Specials and Martina Topley Bird on The White Room in 1996.