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The Season 6 auto-tune trailer!
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Drop a beat for us. You ready? You ready?
Come on down. Co-Come on down to Paddy's Pub.
Baby. Baby.
You know we jabberjaw. We go tit for tat.
M - E - A - T. B - O - M - B. Meatbomb.
Dayman. Ahhhaaaaaaaahhh.
Ooooh. Heyooo. Heyoooo.
Come on down to Paddy's Pub.
Really-Really-Really get the crowd up.
You look like one of those inflatable, dancing thing at the used car lot.
Ahhh. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.
We wanna go weird with it, we wanna get really freakish.
Dee that triggers my gag reflex too.
Egh. Uck. Ook. Ewhh.
I'm all greased up, I mean people could use me like a greased watermelon.
Ooooh. Ooooh.
Come on down-Co-Come on down.
Ooooh. Heyooo. Heyooo.
Come on down to Paddy's Pub.
All new Sunny. All new Sunny.
This year, we're gonna jam it right up their...
Oooooh woooow.
September FX.

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Ok, ok, I know. It's not in the key of Bb. It's F. Sorry, I never was too good with the alphabet. Anyway, I decided to do the song in double drop D tuning, with the upper and lower E strings tuned down one whole tone. (see my other video in standard tuning) Then I capoed up three fretts to get in a better position for my voice. After playing both versions, I think I like this one better. Now, if I could just learn to sing a little better............ (o: Oh, and sorry about the camera angle. My

Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics Label.

Not much introduction required here as i'm sure you all know the track. I've also gone over the 'outro' of the intro as well.
Enjoy!!!!! NOTE NOTE :- If you want to play along to the song then tune down 1/2step .

http://effortlessintonation.becomeabassist.com for the FREE 12 part Effortless Intonation series designed to help bass players play perfectly in tune - every time.

This first lesson of the series covers the 3 reasons you should be playing in tune as well as the 3 ways of correcting bad intonation. (Two of those ways can actually be damaging to your hand - don't use them!!!) Get the drone from this video here:


Why Should You Play In Tune?

1. When you play in

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Never gonna ocean it in kiwiland - open c tuning capo 2nd fret, several influences... see if you can figure it out.

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We all already saw so many extreme downtuned metal on 7, 8, 9 and even 10 string guitars. But will 6 string guitar in standart tuning djent enough??
My guest guitar - awesome Jackson USA Soloist!!!

Want to Learn Sri Prahlad's Prabhu's tune in Harmonium Dont Miss it

To Watch more Harmonium Lessons Video Click here

Improvised Reggae tune on a NOBLE 1847 tuned to Easy 3rd (or Do it tuning by Dale King - refer to the SEYDEL Harmonica Configurator for details) - this tuning gives the full minor draw chord (in this case the B minor) and the regular major blow chord - here the A major. You get the full minor-like dorian scale ideal for playing 3rd position!!! Perfect for beginners who want to learn about playing minor tunes in 3rd position.