Underwater nuclear explosion

Underwater nuclear explosion

by Igor Gladkoborodov

Footage in standard definition (720 x 486) of the Umbrella event of Operation Hardtack. Umbrella was an 8 Kt. shallow depth, underwater nuclear test conducted June 8, 1958. No sound, sorry.

The torpedo was suspended at 12 meters depth from the trawler named "Hunter". The torpedo was detonated by radio signal from the command ship of the Navy. At various distances were set up old warships and submarines, which were placed in experimental animals.

This video gives an interview cameraman Mahmoud Rafikov, who filmed the explosion from the plane.

Date: 21.09.1955
Yield: 3.5kt

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you can see how powerful of atomic bomb detonated underwater ,this is a footage from 1958 operation hardtack
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Underwater Nuclear Explosion, camera range about 2.5 miles, from a small island in the Pacific, 1958