Union is strength!

О пользе и необходимости взаимопомощи, солидарности и совместных действий

Let us to make a better place for our future generation...

Наша сила в единстве! ))

Сила Единства

три забавнейших коротких мультипликационных ролика

Вместе мы - сила!

Мы сильнее, когда мы - команда!

Единство - сила! ;)

Union is Strength!

Queridos venezolanos la UNIÓN HACE LA FUERZA
Dear Venezuelans UNION IS STRENGTH

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Three interesting advertisement illustrating the Power of Union is Strength.

An individual maybe brilliant and have strong core competencies but unless you are able to work in a TEAM and harness each others core competencies, you will always perform below par because there will always be situations at which you will do poorly and someone else does well.

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Union is strength, STOP LYNAS!!! SAVE MALAYSIA!!!

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Union is Strength !!!

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Union is strength!

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I don't own any credits. Just a funny clip i saw passby.

Capture by :- Saab Photography ( www.facebook.com/saabphoto )
Camera :- iPhone 4s
Location :- Jalandhar
Time :- 8.30pm
Email :- saabediting01@gmail.com

The union is the power of strength.

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L'Union Fait La Force - "Unity is Strength" (Remembering Haiti on the 1 year anniversary of the massive earthquake that took so many lives. They need your continued support to help Haiti in its recovery efforts. Text "Save" to 501501 to donate $5 to Project Medishare.) Includes excerpts from Inside Disaster

Haiti Tribute For The 1 Year Anniversary Of The Deadly Earthquake In Haiti Last Year

Union is the Strength. Животные

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Union is the Strength. Must Watch This Story.

PRODUCTION: fairplaycrew


PLACE: Magic Gym www.magic-gym.pl

Dariusz "Żaba" Dryja
Piotr Krupicki
Maciej "Guliwer" Michalski

Karol Niecikowski
Cezary Krukowski
Rafał Kamiński
Błażej Górski
Wojciech Blaszko
Marcin Rogalski

SOUND MIXER: Cezary Krukowski



TRACK: Benny Benassi - 'Satisfaction'

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The Power of Union is Strength

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jop2I5u2F3U