Unkle - Hold My Hand

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Directed by: James Copeman, James Lavelle, Ben Newbury Production Company: Black Dog Films Music by: UNKLE TK by: Claire Cullen GFX by: Big Buoy

From the 2007 album War Stories. See www.unkle.com. Uploaded for www.coupleofcents.com

Not wildly different from the original cut but a coupla nice shots unearthed and up here in higher res and proper 1:85 ratio. See if you can spot the difference!

Or even better watch in MUCH higher quality at www.fortmarkfilms.com


на ютюбе есть один крутой комментарий трехгодичный давности к этому клипу: "4,883 views and 26 likes (2 of them mine), what a fucking taste of music the whole wide world has!". за три года накапало еще 44 тысячи просмотров и 300 лайков. а комментарий все еще остается актуальным

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Unkle - Hold my hand. A2. 05.02.2016

Hold My Hand by UNKLE from their album "War Stories."

Music: UNKLE - Hold My Hand

Artist: UNKLE
Song: Hold My Hand
Album: War Stories [Disc 2]