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“Lottie doing Sophia's make up back stage at the concert today
#sophiasmith #lottietomlinson #sophiam”

“Lottie doing Sophia's make up back stage at the concert today
#lottietomlinson #sophiasmith #sophiam”

“Lottie doing Sophia's Make up back stage at the concert tonight
#lottietomlinson #sophiasmith #sophiam”

“Lottie doing Sophia's make up backstage at the concert today
#lottietomlinson #sophiasmith #sophiam”

“Always pumping it up at Metroflex doing these late night sessions. I have to say I do love them because I'm practically in the gym alone with no…”

Instagram video by Marcus Smart • Aug 27, 2016 at 12:42am UTC

“#Repost @crossfitgames ・・・ @RichFroning finishing up a clean and jerk workout in the evening at the Reebok Athlete Summit in the Bahamas. "He did 2 cleans…”

“Вариант быстрой прически 😉 Quick and easy hair up do for that special occasion🌹 #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #hair #hairvideo @hudabeauty @hair.videos…”

“When I get up there's only one thing I want to do.........#again #gymbooty #happy #miloberosa#sexy#gym#booty”

“@mirandaoldroyd taught me how to do muscle ups tonight. This is my first attempt at muscle up, struggled but got it on the first try... Then the second…”

I swear I do the same thing.

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Вот это СПОРТ!

Incorporate the Hairaisers Live It Loud wig in to a client's hair style for a chic and elegant up-do that she will love. Hairaisers Creative Partner, Adam Reed, takes us through the know-how.

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[HD] Shake It Up - 'I Do' by Drew Seeley Dance (Shake It Up -- I Do It Up)

Jon took his role in "Daredevil" seriously because if there's one group you don't want to tick off, it's comic fans.

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cdj 800 and cdj 900

Katusha Svoboda - How I'm doing a mashup without headphones (как я делаю mush up без наушников)

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When a cat doing sit up exercise better than yourself? lol Funny cat doing funny thing.

How To Do Your First Muscle Up Tutorial for CrossFit. This Muscle Up Progression will help you learn how to do your first Ring Muscle Up! If you want the FREE Training Guide to go with it, check out http://GetMuscleUps.com

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My name is Ben Dziwulski and I am the creator of WODprep- a resource designed specifically for you- the fitness athlete!

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Chris Kamara gave Shaun Wright-Phillips the chance to show off his skills in the Wembley dressing room with a game of two touch keep ups, and the results were...far from impressive. We blame the shoes.

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James "Lights Out" Toney doing TRX atomic push-ups at the gym.



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"Light You Up" by Blue October from their new live concert film, Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas). Available November 20, 2015.

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Канал моего братика. Интересные позитивные видео. Жми на эту ссылку, смотри https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZImcCdQutzS8tOXoxNJMOQ
Распаковываем набор косметики, делаем макияж, гримируем куклу.
Unboxing unpacks makeup set, doing make-up, make-up for doll

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Andra Day Ellie Goulding - Rise Up, Love Me Like You Do Grammys Awards 2016 Гремми 15 02 2016 HD
Andra Day Ellie Goulding - Rise Up, Love Me Like You Do Grammys Awards 2016 Гремми 15 02 2016 HD
#14февраля #ГравитацияПростоПривычка #deadpool #лыжняРоссии #love #февраль #СднемСвятогоВалентина

The Chinese Communist Party has about 88 million members, who come from all ages and all walks of life. But how exactly do you become a member?

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Thanks SOOO MUCH FOR 300+ I'm so happy right now ahhhh

- Kayla

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►Fandom: Skam

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► Editing Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10

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Bikes and cars doing but outs in the road holding up ambulances and police... Only in japan!

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A HUGE thanks to Wren Weichman (@wrenthereaper) for helping with the 3D bike animation, Michael Aranda for drone photography, Pavel for dowsing and Melissa for helping crash bikes.


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We're in the final stretch for our Kickstarter Campaign!

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Infiniti today confirmed the FX Sebastian Vettel version, shown first in concept form at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, is to enter a strictly limited production run of 200 units to be sold across Europe and Middle East regions.
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Use this Ring Muscle Up Progression to Get Your First Muscle Up on Rings! This tutorial will show you how to use a little-known technique to get your first ring muscle up. For the complete FREE muscle up training guide, check out http://GetMuscleUps.com
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My name is Ben Dziwulski and I am the creator of WODprep- a resource designed specifically for you- the fitness athlete!

With so much information being thrown around, I want my content to cut thr

"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart"

○ I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone. (Oliver & Felicity)
○ Editor: Panke
○ Fandom: Arrow
○ Characters: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak
○ Dedication: Nathi aka LaudeniaBonk [https://www.youtube.com/user/LaudeniaBonk/]
○ Footage: s1&2 SPOILERS!
○ Coloring: mine
○ Song info at the end of the video

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Nathi you made me fall in l

Всем огромный и пламенный привет! Меня зовут Стася Полякова и это очень, мега, гига, сумасшедшее видео может не только заставить подумать, что слишком уж много развилось блогеров-влогеров на YouTube, но принести нечто полезное, особенно для девушек.
В общем, как быстро, просто, всеми подручными средствами и косметикой нанести крутой мэйк для не менее крутых фоточек с котом и без в инсте - всё это именно здесь :DDD
Смотрим, ржём местами, ну и ставим лайки!
Надеюсь это первейшее и свежейшее видео не отпугнё

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I can't believe we didn't know how to play at first!

Let us know down below who you thought won :)

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How to do kipping pull ups. Check out these steps to improve your kipping pull ups. If you want free training to learn exactly how to improve these movements check out http://wodprep.com/freecoach
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My name is Ben Dziwulski and I am the creator of WODprep- a resource designed specifically for you- the fitness athlete!

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You can.

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James Corden and Ellie Goulding perform her hit "Love Me Like You Do" in a variety of arrangements, including reggae and country. Catch Ellie on tour: http://www.elliegoulding.com/

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To most people a sit up is fairly easy. Well when you have 600+ pounds of it laying on you, it makes it rather difficult. But by popular demand, I tried and failed lol . Time to eat the calories I just burnt off!!



Фрагмэнт ягонай песьні з накладзенымі на яго апошнімі фота./
His last pictures were put in a fragment of his song.

Видео обучалка о том как научиться отжиматься на брусьях тем, кто совсем не умеет!
Это всего лишь один из вариантов научиться отжиматься на брусьях, Вариантов Масса!


DOKC, member of the m-town clew, playing a Jump Up set on DDJ SX

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Heey Allemaal!
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Новое поколение 2016 г. Тренер - Адаменко Анастасия Геннадиевна.

И снова видео от Анастасии Соиной!
Locked away, Love me like u do, See u again, Cheerleader (попурри)

Автор: johnsoin
Комментарии: pikabu.ru/story/_4185891

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How To: Half Up-do Top Knot
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Hey guys! You've been asking me for a make up tutorial, so here's how I usually do my PARTY make up + all the products I use! For my everyday make up (when I have make up on) I always skip foundation, false lashes and lipstick.

Hope you enjoyed this!

ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ на канал, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Там много девочек =)


Burberry introduces the effortless contouring and strobing tutorial, with easy to follow runway-inspired tips and techniques. Watch Burberry Artistic Make-up Consultant Wendy Rowe apply new Face Contour and Fresh Glow, two precision pens for contouring and strobing.

Learn how to get more defined cheekbones, contoured eyes for a bigger eye effect and a flattering face and nose shape with Face Contour pen and discover Wendy’s how to tips for highlighting and strobing the cheekbones, eyes and nose.



We decided we felt like doing harder stunts so we spent the last couple days doing them. This side sumi up was the hardest. If you don't want to watch all the failed attempts just skip to the end where we hit it.

Evento : https://www.facebook.com/events/402435859859757/?fref=ts
Nickolas Bernard Over Fusion & Infinity Dance
Lee.Alves Ultimate

1° Lugar: Tenis,Boné,Camisa,Troféu,Medalha
2° Lugar: Boné,Camisa,Troféu,Medalha
3° Lugar: Camisa,Medalha

Apresentações Surpresa..

DJ Hique

A Entrada será R$5,00 ou um quilo de alimento... obs:: menos sal e farinha

Inscrições: R$10,00....até 12:00

Hey all you got on YouTube channel KonorAMV :P
Today I made amv Naruto「AMV」Do not give up
Program-Sony Vegas Pro 13
Do not judge strictly
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Butterfly Pullups Progression and Techniquw! In this video I go over three simple progressions that I have used to help athletes develop their butterfly pull-up. Although it looks weird, the butterfly will allow you to complete more reps in a shorter amount of time compared to the traditional kipping or strict pull-up. MAKE SURE you have the requisite strength (several strict pull-ups) before trying to develop this movement!

Many people in the office have short hair, so we thought we would challenge ourselves with 6 Ways to Style Short Hair. We tried everything from curls, to straightening, to sculpting, and back again! See how well the girls came up with creative ways to style short hair and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you like it!

Products Used for Short Hair Style:
GHD Hair Straightener - $185 || http://chtp.co/1Pti6El
Folica Clipless Curling Wand - $120 || http://chtp.co/1z349CC
Caviar Perfect Iron Spra

cr: http://igot7-love.tumblr.com/post/148043609373/got7-if-you-do-speed-up-version

Muscle Up Promo Ghetto Street Workout - How To Do a Muscle Up Book DVD and Street Ghetto Workout

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Carrie from Sex and the City looses her data.

How to do a chin-up - A guide to your first chin-up ever

I have 25 years of training. I cannot tell you how often I have seen guys who move around pretty impressive weights in the gym but yet cannot do a single chin-up (much less a pull-up). I think that's a pity.

What's the point of training separate muscle groups with huge weights but when a simple exercise, like the chin-up, requires of you to use a big part of your body in unison you are not able to.

On the other hand there are many, many folks out t

This special variation of a pull up will target the chest and brachialis muscles. More instructions and benefits in this article ➞ http://bit.ly/2dr9IcM

Training program for movement, strength and mobility
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Let's do it, Ukraine clean up challenge!
24 години на виконання
5 хвилин твого життя
1 зібраний пакет сміття донесений до місця призначення
Прийми естафету та передай 5 іншим.
#Letsdoitukraine #cleanupchallenge
@syrota.anya @albinasavchenko2814 @ms_princess2000 @viktor_bondarenko_ @artur

At what moment can you classify yourself as an adult? This is a question we’ve explored at The Atlantic, and the answers vary pretty wildly. Contributing producer Brian Frank asked people of all ages for their responses, and recorded the answers in a short video.

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Details: Here is a tutorial on the party dance step called the "Roger Rabbit." The Roger Rabbit is a step that you can incorporate into your freestyle, whether you are Top Rocking, house dancing or just out having fun. This tutorial is taught by my friend Mari Koda who is not only a very talented and well rounded dancer but also plays the character "Jenny Kido" in the Step Up Movies. Hope you guys enjoy!

Follow Mari:
Instagram: @mari_koda
Twitter: @kodance1
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NYCANDJPN