VW FlyBoy

Goodoil Films and Fuel VFX worked with DDB Mudra to tell the story of Flyboy, the boy who could fly but gave it all up to drive his VW Jetta. It was important to Goodoil Director Hamish Rothwell that the audience empathise with Flyboy as he journeys awkwardly through life before discovering his VW Jetta. “It was my intention from the outset to keep focused on the story of Flyboy. I loved the script, and wanted to tell his story in an empathetic way. We’re introduced to the Jetta via this humble, gawky bo

Client: Volkswagen India
Lutz Kothe - Head of Marketing PR
Biswajeet Samal - Head of Marketing Communication
Pratik Mehta - Marketing Communication

Agency: DDB India / Mudra Group
Bobby Pawar - Chief Creative Officer
Rajeev Raja - National Creative Director
Anurag Tandon - Vice President
Film Head - Michael Remedios

Nomad Films India Goodoil Films Co-Production
Director - Hamish Rothwell
DOP - Crighton Bone
Exec Producer / Nomad - Amitabh Bhattacharya
Producer / Goodoil - Sam Long