Valentine's Day Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial – интернет-журнал о полезных вещах, лайфхаках и обо всём, что непременно пригодится в быту. Ежедневно мы публикуем невероятное количество самых полезных советов для улучшения повседневной жизни наших читателей.

Nail polish colors used:
Sally Hansen Petite Pink
Sally Hansen Beet Stain
Sally Hansen Tassel

The bit of black is just some sticky residue from the tape - wiped off easily and I'd have done it on camera but didn't notice it while I was recording.

As usual, time flies so I'm having to pick & choose from the ideas I had for Valentine's Day, and this is the one I absolutely wanted to be sure I did. I hope you guys like it =)

Nail polish and products used:
Orly - Haute Red
Orly - Lift The Veil
Orly - White Tips
-5 oz paper cup
-Room temperature filtered water
-Orange stick (or any sharp tool)