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Stevie McCrorie impresses the Coaches with his rendition of Kodaline’s ‘All I Want’

Перевод фансаб-группы "Bears"

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For the Cazzette music video “She Wants Me Dead”, we teamed up with director Sebastian Ringler, Ash Pournouri from At Night Studios and with Oskar Eklund and his team at Hello there. Together we created five short films where we follow a vicious cat named Lula. In each movie, Lula gets offended by her owner and comes up with a death trap for him. The videos are 2D animated, and film- noir inspires the look. Gustaf Öhrnell created the artwork. The animation and graphics then laid out the foundatio

The gang encounters a guy at the wedding who intentionally stirs up trouble among them, and Marshall finally arrives at the Farhampton Inn, on the final season of, How I Met Your Mother, Monday, 8/7c. Andrew Rannells guest stars. Only CBS<br/><br/>

Во всю танцевать даже не старался... И извиняйте за размытие, у оператора гавно камера :3



Видео, снятое камерой наблюдения зоопарка в Китае.

Сотрудник пытается дать двум игривым пандам лекарство, но им явно по барабану, что хочет сделать мужик - им хочется подурачиться :D


Video Description
As a commemorative of being made into an anime!
We danced to the 2nd single with original costumes!

You Watanabe 渡辺曜:Yuzuki ゆずき(@mourningday1)
Ruby Kurosawa 黒澤ルビィ:Meme めめ(@xxirispica)
Riko Sakurauchi 桜内梨子:Guriko ぐり子(@gr8o)
Yoshiko Tsushima 津島善子:Mari まり(@knemari)
Hanamaru Kunikida 国木田花丸:Maho まほ(@cello119)
Chika Takami 高海千歌:Usagi うさぎ(@usagi_411)
Dia Kurosawa 黒澤ダイヤ:Myu ミュー(@myu0612)
Mari Ohara 小原鞠莉:Papoko ぱぴこ(@mii0328kikilala)
Kanan Matsuura 松浦果南:Jam(@jam_DLL)

Choreography completed 振付補完:Yuzuki ゆずき
Filming・Editing:Saku。 co337868

The Most Wanted [Thailand]
รับงานเต้นทุกประเภท สอนเต้น ออกแบบโชว์ ฯลฯ ทั่วประเทศ...

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TheMostWanted2012
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZW3YA3-aEZ6YuYP13vwew
Line : icetanapiriyawut
Tel : 0825262994 , 0971962968

รับงานเต้นเปิดตัวสินค้าต่างๆ : สินค

Нарезка из трейлеров к игре Battlefield 1

Трек: Lorde – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Versus x Dread Pitt Remix)

Источник: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCK04NP83jk

FSG #404

FSG Canella

Kodaline - All I Want (Part 1 - RUS) by WastedLine
Kodaline - All I Want (Part 2 - RUS) - vk.com/video97789348_167263888
Канал: www.youtube.com/WastedLinee
P.S. Перевод рифмованный
Остальные переводы:
Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass (RUS) - vk.com/video97789348_165281156
Hollywood Undead: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQwQNVjuy1uaWJV-5nhijGz1UoEP_UxZV

Best what i've ever seen

Wanted vs Young Spitfire

K.1.L Tournament / Season 2 / Tour 5
Ukraine / Kiev


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo ( 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려)
This is my fanmade. Hope you like it ☻

Song: "Back" by Infinite (+ Lullaby ver.)
Video cuts belongs to SBS. It's just my fanmade.
Thank u for this drama. I'll never forget it.

Say whooot!?
Another Full AMV in only like one week!?
I think this is one of the quickest full AMV's I've done in quite some time. It took me only two days to finish this! I had so much motivation to make a 'darker' One piece AMV.
I uploaded my first One piece Full AMV one week ago and well It's something new, but to tell the truth you can expect more one piece AMV's to come. This show means so much to me and I LOVE IT!
I've started with much more other Media than just Sonic which I have both mixed feelin

Релиз-группа "Мания"

♥Plunge into the world of Korean music! ♥

"All I Want Is You" - As the hospital deals with Meredith's trauma, Callie and Maggie perform a risky, experimental surgery on Alex's 15-year-old patient against his professional opinion. Meanwhile, Owen and Nathan are still at odds with each other, and Maggie and Andrew's relationship continues to develop on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18 (8 :00--9: 00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network.

На вечеринке выступят лучшие комики Харькова и Киева

Tameely Webb / Я хочу такие ягодицы 1 Тэмили Уэбб

Описание программы: http://goodlooker.ru/tamilee-webb-i-want-those.html

Skillet - I Want To Live
Subscride and Like
Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки, комментируйте

MOST WANTED BEATS BATTLE vol 1.2 remastered


download intro battle : https://yadi.sk/i/begfkSBEZncjn


Enjoy my new video! :D
This Video is about Marisa as a fox! and Alice really want her..

sorry that I can't upload Touhou Mother one yet, because of the story is sooo longgg.
so I must take more time on it. T^T

Please, watch in HD!
Drama : Kill Me, Heal Me / 킬미, 힐미 / Убей меня, исцели меня (Убей меня, спаси меня)
Music : Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand

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Baby Wanted vs Young Spitfire

K.1.L Tournament / Season 2 / Tour 1
Ukraine / Kiev


Видео от HinamoriMomo211
Музыка • Barcelona-Come Back When You Can Lyrics
Персонажи • Нацу Драгниил и Люси Хартфилия из аниме Fairy Tail

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я думала, что никогда не сниму этого видео, поскольку заполняю дневник очень медленно, и сейчас очень сложно найти время хоть на что-то; но я каждый раз прямо умиляюсь, когда вы просите, так что я решила порадовать вас :>>

простите за не слишком удачное "исполнение", буду рада отзывам и лайкам!

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Castle 6x08 Sneak Peek #1 "A Murder Is Forever" Sneak Peek #1
Castle 6x08 Sneak Peek #1 "A Murder Is Forever" Beckett Wants to Do Some Changes in the Loft/ redecoarte
Castle season 6 episode 8 promo "A Murder Is Forever" Sneak Peek #1
Castle S06E08 Promo A Murder Is Forever Sneak Peek #1
Castle Season 6 Premiere promo first look
Castle 6x08 promo trailer promo
Castle 6x08 first look Sneak Peek #1
Castle 6.08 Promo
Castle 608 promo Sneak Peek
Castle Season 6 Promo

Song & Artist: 4RR0W +r0ugh my h€@r+ by kimberly cole

✖ Корея окрыля-я-е-т!✖
今年、S.M. Entertainment Co., LtdとUNIVERSAL MUSICが手掛ける、本格的シンガーソングライター「ジェイミン」。韓国語、日本語、英語3ヶ国語を巧みに操り国境を越えた、まさにボーダレスなアーティスト。東京ドームで開催された「SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in TOKYO」にも出演、 10万人の観客の前でその素晴らしい歌声を披露し、大絶賛<br/><br/>

Ущерб, проебал всё:D
лучше бы не кидал:D

The results of the 2 round of MOST WANTED BEATS vol 1

1 groupe Reiko vs RincoN
2 groupe Wandal vs Ita1iano
3 groupe Mercer vs Chbens
4 groupe FINI vs DERU vs Heart Color

Good Luck for all

Zedd Talks About Selena Gomez, I Want You To Know & How He Met Selena With 97.1 AMP Radio 2/26/2015 (Selena Parts)(Recorded audio)
Instagram: @stunningselenamg
Twitter: @stunningselmg
Shots: Mostelegantprincess
Fahlo: Stunningselenamg

[8회] ′Most Wanted′ 씨잼 & 레디 현상수배 @ 1차 공연
Team 자이언티 & 쿠시

매주 금요일 밤 11시
instagram : @mnetsmtm

✖ Корея окрыля-я-е-т! ✖

На вечеринке выступят лучшие комики Харькова и Киева

Two of Americas Most Wanted Cuz We Killin The Weights (Vol.1) back workout

Visuals Provided By @SecondChance3d

Song Provided By @Aqurate @KtEverSince

Instrumental By @Mobbliez

Omega Supreme WAR JUICE....http://www.tigerfitness.com/Omega-Supreme-War-Juice-p/warjuice.htm

Rob-did-it Cut Plan https://iamactiv.com/p/QkSToYO8e

Rob-did-it M

FSG #404

FSG Canella

Completely understand the customer by seeking an intense and empathetic understanding. Learn about your customers’ needs and dissatisfactions; lay out your testable options to convert customers to apostles. Define a winning proposition and understand the economics to drive a value proposition that delivers a high margin. Take an expansive view of consumers’ needs and be willing to take risks to fulfill those needs. Deliver growth by having customers who love to talk about you, exclaim you, and tell their f

Опубликовано: 19 мая 2015 г.
Live performance in the first Semi-Final of De La Capat/ All Over Again representing Romania at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest
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Hagson présente ...
le Cercle Underground 2016 - 11ème édition.
Samedi 16 Avril 2016 - Académie Fratellini (Saint Denis)
Le Choc des Titans .
1/2 Finale Break - From Downtown VS Wanted Posse
Speaker : Youval
Dj's : Sam One, Senka, Yugson, Mofak,
Réalisation : Karism Pictures

Lil Wanted vs Puncher

K.1.L Tournament / Season 2 / Tour 5
Ukraine / Kiev


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Sorry for not the best quality.

No copyright infringement intended.

The results of the first round of MOST WANTED BEATS vol 1
Результаты первого раунда MOST WANTED BEATS vol 1

RincoN ++ vs Eden+ vs Venzel + WIN
Wandal ++++ vs Dexter WIN
Heart Color ++++ vs Spirit WIN
Chess ++++ vs Mikey
Nirs ++++ vs FT WIN
Fix ++++ vs Farok WIN
KLIM ++++ vs Haski WIN
Deru ++++ vs Zephyr WIN
Smile^^ +++ vs John!wOW +
Chbens ++++ vs LLIok WIN
Ant ++++ vs Night moon WIN
Zing ++++ vs Kalosh WIN
Ita1iano ++++ VS

part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnaK7XWenrk

A documentary following a bike ride from the shore of the Arctic Ocean (Northwest Territories, Canada) to British Columbia (Canada)


Franklin's soccer team loses every game. As a matter of fact, they don't even score. Even so, Franklin is determined to be the best player on his team. Ultimately Franklin learns to put his team over himself in order to rally them for the final game.

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Приятного просмотра ~
Автор указан в определенном посте!

Перевод фансаб-группы GoldFishSubs (http://vk.com/goldfishsubs)

Решил залить фильм по игре "NFS MW & NFS CARBON"
-простите за качество((((

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Добавлено для://asia-tv.su
Жанр: романтика, драма

@ SECRET _1st single _ I Want You Back M/V

Alle drei Coaches wollen sie und legen sich ordentlich ins Zeug, um Fabienne in ihr Team zu bekommen. Doch für wen entscheiden sie sich?

Mehr Auftritte findet ihr hier: http://www.sat1.de/tv/the-voice-kids/video/playlists/ganze-folgen

The Voice Kids 2013 - Lena Meyer-Landrut, Henning Wehland und Tim Bendzko suchen junge Sänger mit großartigen Stimmen
Ob jung oder alt - nur die Stimme zählt: In vier „Blind Auditions" lassen sich die drei Coaches mit dem Rücken zur Bühne von den Stimmen verzaubern. Sie drü

We have already talked about 'Complec Subject', and now we are going to take a look at 'Complex Object', which sounds alike but actually is quite specific. However it is also connected with using an infinitive.

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The central character – Little Princess – is full of energy, charm and questions about how the world works. As with most little children she has an impressive curiosity and is delightfully stubborn when things don’t go her way. But, however demanding Little Princess gets, no one can stay angry with her for long once she puts on her big smile and tries to make it all better.
The only child of the loving King and Queen, our cheeky little princess has her castle home and its grounds at her disposal – free to r

Marrs M-1 wants to be the Harley of electric bikes

On August 15th at 3:38 a.m., a break-in occurred at a beer store vendor in Russell, Manitoba. Video surveillance caught two men entering the store and stealing cases of beer.

The first man was wearing mitts/gloves, a large coat, ball cap and had his face covered.

The second suspect that followed was dressed as a goalie.

However, he may have been a defenceman or forward in disguise as he was wearing jersey #17 – a non-traditional number for goalies.

He is described as having a medium build, wearing a bl

Концерт группы WANT/ed в городе Хельсинки, Финляндия
Сергей Сурков, Юрий Арясов
на вокале Tomas Gustafsson из EROTIC ELC

видео снимал Кирилл Конобеев (Москва)

[200リツイート] チャン・グンソク 新曲「抱きしめたい」MV(Short ver.)をGYAO!で独占公開 http://www.excite.co.jp/News/music/20161205/E1480905917139.html …

The Full Movie

Soon Available on


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Строго не судить!

MW3 OCE #1
Watch this in 1080p!

Edited by MrTheIMonty:

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Документальный фильм, на велосипеде от побережья Северного Ледовитого океана (Северо-западные территории, Канада) до Британской Колумбии (Канада)

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1 серия
Город влюблённых
The city of lovers
Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Shipeun Yeoja
Хочу замуж
The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
Still, Marry Me!
City Lovers
아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자


Год: 2010
Производство: Южная Корея
Русская озвучка: Flaky & Barbo$$a
Тайминг: Barbo$$a
Работа со звуком: Laurel
Озвучено специально для AnimeLur.com
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Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant announces his plan to retire at the end of the season.

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NfS: Most Wanted 2005 - Trainer by MW Inside Part 1
NfS: Most Wanted 2005 - Trainer by MW Inside Часть 1

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Kuplinov Play – Emily Wants To Play (плейлист):

How do pandas take medicine? Apparently with a great deal of effort from the zookeeper. Not only because they refuse to open their mouth, but also because it's hard to be heavy handed in.

Click Here To See Full Original Video

【衝撃】 高須クリニック学習帳 発売 誰得と話題wwwwwwwwwwwwwwだそうです。 オススメ エイシンヒカリ 直線で大外.

まじ? エイシンヒカリ 直線で大外へ暴走も1着 アイルランドトロフィー KeibaHORSE 1:05 One Piece 666 ワ


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erotic photography and cinema

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FSG #404

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A Day To Remember perform All I Want from Radio 1's Rock All Dayer 2016 at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios

Pretty Little Liars 7x06 Season 7 Episode 6 Sneak Peek

Premieres on Freeform and Bravo on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 after a two week break. The episode is titled "Wanted: Dead or Alive".

The Rosewood P.D. begins to unravel the Liars’ cover-up, which leads them to question Rollins’ death altogether. Hanna deals with an inward battle on whether or not to tell the cops the truth, while Ezria struggles with an awkwardness in their relationship. Jenna reveals part of her plot and a new partner she is in cahoot


FSG #404

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FSG #404

FSG Canella

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