WHY? - Sod In The Seed

artist: WHY?
title: Sod in the Seed
written by: Jonathan Wolf
composed by: Jonathan Wolf
produced by The Wolf Bros.
playtime 4:43
published by OV: Jonathans Hope Publishing (ASCAP) - SV: CEUSO
(P) 2012 City Slang

director: Scott Fredette c/o Lightborne
Producer: Alex Parks c/o Lightborne
D.P- Scott Fredette/Roger Holiday
Offline Editor: Nate Clark
Online Editor: Brandon Kraemer
ISRC DET761200073


"Who am I to judge a man's heart by his yacht wear?" If that line doesn't do it for you, nothing ever will. It's one of many great Yoni Wolf lines from "Sod In The Seed," the single from their most recent release called Mumps, Etc. Their fourth full-length (other titles include Alopecia and Elephant Eyelash) is for many fans their best and boldest to date (for us at least). Like "Sod In The Seed," this album is start-to-finish ambitious, genre-deaf and incredibly fun to listen to. Get introduced here, with