Waterfall Card Tutorial

WASSUP YALL. Here's a tutorial on a waterfall card that is super quick and simple with the template I am providing! Grab that from my blog (link below) in the templates tab.


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This Video is a Tutorial Video on How to make a Waterfall card.

Square cards
Size 5cm x 5cm

Black strip
Length 25cm
Width 5cm

Create a waterfall card using CTMH products for Father's Day.

Base Card: 37cm x 13cm fold to half
Pull out card: 18cm x 10cm
Photo cards: 13cm x 8cm// 11cm x 8cm// 9cm x 8cm// 7cm x 8cm
Waterfall section card: 18.5cm x 13cm (* need to cut out and fold the waterfall staircase)
please refer to : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wROKVhsnmCs/T6kaFC6PlWI/AAAAAAAAAhw/tZEOTbAuZgI/s1600/600b.jpg

This Video Tutorial, We will learn to make a “Rainbow Heart Waterfall Greetings card” which I am sure will surprise your friends and loved ones. This card can be used for VAlentines | Birthdays and Special Occasions. In less than 10 - 20 minutes you can create this beautiful greeting card. I enjoyed crafting this model and I hope you enjoy it too.

Materials Used
• 7 cms Square paper with Rainbow colours - 7
* 7 by 29 cms paper - 1
• 2 by 12 cms paper - 1
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Glue
• Scissors

Tutorial De

Cardmaking waterfall card tutorial , using sheets designed by www.papertole.co.uk, Papertole offers quality craft materials at amazing prices, Most of our sheets are designed especially for papertole so you will not find or buy these anywhere else, pop on over and grab a bargain today

В этом видео я расскажу Вам как сделать очень интересную конструкцию для альбома-"ВОДОПАД". Такая конструкция очень выгодно украсит Ваш альбом и сделает его ещё более интересным.
Так же очень полезное видео про открывашки и подложки для ваших фотографий)))

Видеоурок как сделать простую открытку с конструкцией "Водопад" на английском языке

This is a tutorial on how to make a "flipping album strip" also known as a waterfall strip/card. (Implemented in a card)

A waterfall strip is handy in card making as well as exploding box cards. It provides more space for photos, messages and adds on an interesting element to your crafts. Check out other videos on YouTube for better ideas!

Watch my tutorial on how to make the base and cover of an exploding box card here:

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The Waterfall is an impressive card flourish where you make the cards fall in between your hands.

▼ Deck Used
Bicycle Gold Label: http://bit.ly/1wgrqSC

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