We Are Augustines - Chapel Song

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...cause it's a bright blue sky

We Are Augustines perform "Chapel Song" live on KEXP at the ACE Hotel during CMJ 2011. Presented by KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle and Free Yr Radio.

Audio: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Brandon Bloch, Scott Holpainen & Lauren Slusher
Editor: Justin Wilmore


Amsterdam 08-02-2012

Well there goes my girl
Into the chapel
Now she's walking down the aisle
And it feels just like a mile

And I shake shake shake like a leaf
And I'm lyin' lyin' lyin' through my teeth
I got a pocket full of handshakes
And it don't mean nothin'

We Are Augustines - Chapel Song - David Letterman 2-24-11...As Seen On ©CBS, All Rights Reserved.

Augustines Website: http://weareaugustines.com/

CBS Letterman Website: http://www.cbs.com/late_night/late_show/

We Are Augustines waren te gast bij KX RADIO vlak voor ze het concert van The Maccabees mochten openen in Paradiso. Tamar Tieleman sprak met ze, en ze speelden 3 nummers live!

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We are Augustines - Live at The Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA
Directed and edited by Matteo Bava
Camera: Chris Abbas Matteo Bava Todd Blubaugh Camille Durand Brad Hutchinson Madison "Beau" Sylte
More songs to come

Photos - http://theartistree.fm/​photos/​album/​72157627940056160/​we-are-augustines-ace-hotel.html

Filmed at the Ace Hotel

This is a Cover by Brandon Williams of We are Augustine's Chapel Song. Video By: Casey Mcphail