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Johnnygweir.com - Johnny Weir welcoming visitors at Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY

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Every time I go to a national park the nanny state antics only get wilder. Every park ranger I talked to had a huge attitude, in fact this report only covers some of what we saw. Our founders were right, keep government on a short leash or they will put you on one.

Apprenez les expressions et les techniques pour accueillir un client, un collègue ou un fournisseur étranger en visite dans votre entreprise. Cette vidéo est interactive pour vous permettre de pratiquer votre anglais !

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Club Mayak, the largest gay club in Sochi, is preparing for the Sochi Olympics just like the rest of the city and Olympic village. The club is one of two gay clubs in Sochi and is expecting foreign Olympic fans to fill their bar.

The drag queens and waiters were all practising their English, on Sunday, for the event that will have a worldwide audience. Despite Russia's recent legal moves in respect to the gay population, Mayak has faced no problems with the law.

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Village of Stanymyr - Peremyshliany district - Lviv region - Ukraine
49 students currently

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#LFC welcomed some very special visitors to Melwood today - the New Zealand rugby league national team! See their incredible haka in this clip and stay tuned to LFCTV and LFCTV GO for more.

Instagram Video by liverpoolfc

“#LFC welcomed some very special visitors to Melwood today - the New Zealand rugby league national team! See their incredible haka in this clip and stay…”

15 марта, 2014. В студию пришел очаровательный посетитель.
Узнайте также о спорах в гонке за место мэра, кое-что новое о доме, которого не существует, и прослушайте городскую афишу.

Погода: "Cover Me Up" - Jason Isbell

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[0:00 ]My name is Maren Payne-Holmes. I am the Public Affairs Officer the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat.

[0:04] We are here at the Education and Sport Fair. And we are so excited to be able to share

[0:09] with everyone information about our many programs for education. We have exchange programs

[0:15] that take undergraduate and graduate students and postgraduate students from

[0:19] Turkmenistan to the United States. We have other programs that bring persons

[0:23] here and

[0:25] have a lot of information at our IRC that people can come and learn more

Egypt has the best tourist places.There Luxor , Hurghada , Sharm el-Sheikh, Alexandria, Aswan, Cairo and Giza

Египет имеет лучшие туристические места.Там Луксоре , Хургаде , Шарм-эль-Шейхе, Александрии, Асуане, Каире и Гизе