“Better when wet!
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“Let's run around wet and barefoot every day we can and get grass stains too! @frandenim #frandenim #crossfitjeans 👖 (see bio for discount on the most epic…”

“1 trick with daily riding in the wet park
I hope tomorrow get out and ride in a cozy atmosphere
🌨🌨🌨 #msk

“Sorry I had to wear regular panties cause my sideless panties fell off when they got wet in the shower😳So the numbers came out and united had offered over…”

“Season open. Wet slides. #longboarding #loadedboards #tripleeight #triple8 @loadedboards #kahalani #porebrik #downhill #freeride #downhillskateboarding…”

“Just found a short clip from VEGAS.. Damn it I love my job! See you again next year wet Republic.

“SMILLLLLLLE 😊😊😊😊😊😊 Even on this grey wet day in London Make up by @petros_petrohilos and hair by @rendaattia”

“Wet Bitches
#ToppDogg #BJoo #Hansol #ToppKlass #HanJoo { @official_toppdogg }
{ @butterfly930615 }”

Електро хауз, польская клубная музыка

“Getting psyched for #ufc194 hope you are too. Here's a little something to wet your whistle.”

“Wet challenge continues💦 #Repost @valeryvolkov ........... Wow! That pretty girl is dancing 🔥😱👌 @lizavinograd #girl #questpistols #поканемокраядевочка…”

This movie demonstrates the KAZbrella – an umbrella with a bespoke frame that allows it to fold inwards and keep water droplets inside, as well a...


Твой источник вдохновения: https://vk.com/un1verse_of_art

This is a quick Wet into wet Watercolour study on Arches Cold Press paper. I paint almost exclusively on Hot Press paper.

It was done from imagination/memory without a reference photo.

Winsor newton- Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, Sap Green. DaVinci - Phthalo Blue, Quinachridone Fuchsia, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Deep.

Ever wanted to ride the AquaLoop at Wet 'n' Wild on the Gold Coast?

Well get your tush to the best theme park on the Gold Coast, step in and hold on- you're in for a ride!

Want the nitty gritty?
You'll experience a 40-foot free fall and swoop round a full looping slide at up to 60 kilometres an hour- wowsa! Trust us; you'll wanna do this again and again!

Fiona demonstrates the effect of wet paint on dry paper.
She shows you how to control the paint brush to merge two colours on dry paper.

Все темы - избиты, все фразы - затасканы, таланты - зарыты, все люди - под масками.

Електро хауз, польская клубная музыка

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla

Свежие, интересные GIF и COUB со всего интернета каждый день - https://vk.com/topdailygifs

He's one of the hottest acts on Earth ... so Bruno Mars could make just about any backstage demand he wants -- exotic foods, imported candy, baby pandas -- but turns out his one must have item is ... a clean ass!<br/><br/>

In this short video by barber and Layrite advocate, Shon Lawhon, you will learn how to apply Layrite pomades to wet hair. When applying Layrite Pomade to wet hair you will get more of a slicked and refined styling when applied with this method. Applying our product with wet hair allows the pomade to go on much smoother and give your hair a medium shine for a natural and healthy look.

Fiona shows you how to create a palette on paper, mix the colours using a wet paintbrush and then transfer the paint to the paper to create a bunch of flowers.

The Boeing 767 of Italy Air Force visited the NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen a few weeks ago and performed a very nice crosswind landing on runway 27. In addition to that the runway was still wet because of a rain shower which passed by a few mintes before the landing. Currently there are not many 767 - Tankers aroung so this was a very special and interesting plane for me.

I hope you like it, thanks for watching and don` t forget to rate :)

Circuit of the Americas(COTA) with Chin Motorsports. 2nd session on 02/21/16 PART 2. Dicing with a Porsche 918 Spyder.

Judd’s 2014 E85 Nissan GTR

-Tuned by Kozmic Motorsports

Engine& Performance
-575 WHP, 544 W Torque
-E85 Conversion - Twin Denso Japan 265lph Drop In Fuel Pumps
-Cobb AP V3 (for tuning and on the fly boost maps) with ECU & TCM Programming
- Speed by design Flex Fuel Kit
-Got Boost 3” intakes
- Forge Motorsports R35 GTR Uprated Power Assist Steering Cooler Kit
-ANSU 1100cc injectors

"Extra's" Ben Lyons got the scoop on "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" -- from Andrew Garfield's onscreen chemistry with offscreen love Emma Stone, to the intense backstory Jamie Foxx created for villain Electro.

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Look at these cops go.

Serious Japanese Motorcycle Police Skills on Wet Surface

Запилила тут свой первый коуб. Последний раз катались в воскресенье)

This is a bass demonstration of the WET reverb pedal by Neunaber Technology (Version 3. 2012).

Excerpts from "The Isles" written and performed by Aram Bedrosian. Bassalisk Music. 2012. All Rights Reserved.

New for 2012:
- Trails bypass
- Improved Mix knob taper: ultra-fine control from "just a touch" of reverb to 100% wet with no volume loss
- Variable Headroom Control allows line-level use for many applications (see User Guide)

Other Features:
-Simple two-kn

Автоспорт & Мотоспорт

Rain Bomb: Rare 'Wet Microburst’ Caught on Camera in Stunning Timelapse
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A STORM chaser captures a huge burst of wind and rain which explodes in the sky and crashes to the ground. Shot on August 8, this dramatic timelapse was shot by photographer Bryan Snider, 29, in Tucson, Arizona. The incredibly detailed footage shows a weather event known as a wet microburst which occurs when a cooled column of air sinks rapidly through the mid

Amazing approach and tactical landing US marines Boeing P-8 Poseidon at Farnborough 2016 airshow. This is how military test pilots are flying
You might also want to watch the Boeing NEW Baby 737 MAX takeoff from the same airshow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyeqeqSNSgQ
This vide



spellfeed.com/i/lookvk – мода.
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spellfeed.com/i/perevedi – английский.

A380 FULL thrust reverse on a wet runway Emirates A6-EDS @ AMS Schiphol after landing on the polderbaan on 13-10-2012 @ 14:14 hour.
During the approach you can see a view times a havy cloudcondensation on the wings.


Construction Number (MSN) 086
Aircraft Type Airbus A380-861
First Flight 17-06-2011

Ещё больше вайнов ты можешь найти здесь -> https://vk.com/otakuzavr

RDS Records • Wet Fingers - Turn Me On

Spectacular combat landing by Boeing test pilot after torrential rain Farnborough 2016 International airshow. Amazing wet thrust reverse. Newest aircraft, the 737 Max, was on display to the public for the first time this week at the show as the U.S. aerospace giant approaches its hundredth birthday, with orders remaining strong.

The 737 family is most successful aircraft range and the latest Max model - which is due to be delivered in 2017 with launch customer Southwest Airlines - was borne out the desir

Жаркое американское лето: Первый день лагеря - vk.com/wethot

Filigree is one of my favorite designs to make. There’s something about it that I find very relaxing.

To make these cookies, you’ll need flood...

http://vk.com/ele_art_school - уроки рисования. Подписывайтесь!

http://www.blueheronarts.com for online Chinese painting class and supplies info.

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/ \

Rob Pattinson films a scene from the movie LIFE on a downtown Toronto street during a "fake" rain storm.


Segment 1: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstration of motorcycle with and without antilock brakes. Segment 2: BMW video of K 1600 GT and GTL motorcycles with antilock brakes. Brought to you by Stay On The Black

Предлагаю вашему вниманию видео, посвященное акварельной технике " По мокрому".


One of Joe's favorite speedy techniques for painting ocean water. Full length 23 minute lesson now available at http://learn.muraljoe.com
More info on the September workshop at http://learn.muraljoe.com/workshop

Fergie send a video message on the set of Wet n' Wild shoot.

Moment K-Pop group 'G-Friend' fall over on slippery stage


О чем это видео:Solid WET-ON-WET (Волгоград)

How to put pigments on wet base on our AFV model

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Dress WET On Shower Make Tights


Переведено специально для http://vk.com/1d.crazymofos

Какое следующее видео вы бы хотели, чтобы было переведено? Присылайте ссылки в стол заказов: http://ask.fm/fsgcrazy2

Isn't it interesting that while looking at the painting from a distance your brain fills up the gaps without you even noticing it. Your imagination works in a sub-level. Painting like that I want to plug into your unconscious mind. By causing it, your experience becomes more visceral, with our brain applying memories and very deep emotions to the work. To create that I paint purposely overlooking certain things. It is more important to quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details. Unc

4 th round of Eastern Europe Drift Championship (EEDC) 2013.
Downhill drift in Nemuno Žiedas circuit, Kaunas, Lithuania.<br/><br/>

Перед салютами подріфтував на Брайтон Біч :)
Велосипедом на мокрій алеї / Riding bicycle on a wet alley

Музика з відео: The XX – Crystalised (Labrat Remix)<br/><br/>

On a road trip from AK to TX. This happened just outside of Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia.

In this video I'm retouching a collodion glass negatives and print them in albumen print process. The print is available for purchase. If you will consider to give me a tip via paypal, my account is borutpeterlin@gmail.com. More albumen prints from that day are published on my blog: http://wp.me/p1EuY-2wz

Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip
As I kiss both sets of lips, lips, lips
Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip
As I kiss both sets of lips, lips, lips

[Chris Brown]
I ain't afraid to drown, if that means I'm deep up in your ocean, yeah
Girl I'll drink you down, sipping on your body all night
I just wanna take your legs an' wrap them round
Girl you cummin' right now
My head to your chest feeling your heartbeat, girl
Swimming all in your sea
And you sweatin' all over me
Girl, lean forward,

DJ Lady GoGo gets Wet Dirrrrrty on Freemont Street, Las Vegas.... come on out to Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*Never rinse your contacts in regular tap water.
This will just make them dirty.*

*If your eyes are gritty or sore or red, do NOT put your contacts in.*

*Always remove your contacts prior to sleeping.*

*Do not swim or soak in a hot tub when wearing your lens. *

*Clean your lens before wear

#drift ,#e30 #гидроручник #кольцо #даемугла #мокро #бмвсиндром #новыйгод #празднуем #зиманаулице

Seance on a Wet Afternoon, 1964 on http://retrofilms.in

Group of Paul Wall | http://vk.com/paulwallgroup

Amatorski materiał nakręcony telefonem Samsung Galaxy S3 :-)
Powstał podczas przygotowań do nakrecenia materiału o Scirocco 4MOTION. Który także możecie zobaczyc na naszym kanale youtube.

Samochód został zbudowany / car was build by - www.rperformance.pl

Педагог: Иван Прохиро


NO TANGLES BRUSH REVIEW:http://youtu.be/za4f7S0X_nk

TANGLE TEEZER ON AMAZON(PRICES CHANGE):http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00264NW7G/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

 TANGLE TEEZER BRUSH REVIEW- http://youtu.be/lhzaKSPtcuI
 DENMAN BRUSH REVIEW - http://youtu.be/eZuU1JjU_hc
 PADDLE BRUSH REVIEW- http://youtu.b

Rain all through the night left the Nurburgring Nordschleife awash for the early session, but a drying rack made for a tricky free practice but Jose Maria Lopez maintained his grip at the top of the time sheets.

lol he slips and falls i thought it was funny and needed its own video

they dont even notice :( poor ryan


4 out of 5 Stars with over 920 customer reviews. Over 150,000 units sold. It’s the Adam & Eve’s best-selling Wet Wabbit Vibrator. You can get this best rabbit vibrator or almost any sex toy at Adam and Eve for 50% off + Free Discreet Shipping, 3 Free Hot and Sexy DVDs, and a Mystery Gift. All you need is to enter the Coupon Code ‘VDAY50 when you checkout your order at http://AdamAndEve.com.

Product page link for the Wet Wabbit Rabbit Vibrator.

Let’s Get Wet & Wild with the Wet Wabbit Vibe from Adam & Eve. This is an upgraded version of the famous Sex and the City Super Rabbit Vibrator. This rabbit sex toy will definitely spice up your shower or bath with 3 rotation and 3 vibration speeds. That’s a total of 9 combinations absolutely worth a try. Ensure that the battery compartment in its base is tightly sealed just to make sure that this best-selling rabbit adult toy is waterproof.

Either it’s Valentine’s Day or any occasion of the year as a matter of fact, the Wet W


Slippery experience @Nordschleife. Wet track and Semislick tyres. Survived.

Watercolor Painting Landscape Wet-on-wet Technique

He's been racing since he was 8 years old, so which race stands out for three-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. It seems like it is ...

https://vk.com/drawing_lessons - тот самый паблик, где учатся рисовать.
Теперь и в Instagram - 24draw - vk.cc/5njWMQ

Все об Английском языке: vk.com/just_eng

Все о маникюре, покрытии гель лаком, дизайне, наращивании ногтей гелем и акрилом.
Приобрести видео-урок и узнать его подробное описание : "Классический обрезной маникюр при помощи накожниц и ножниц" а также "Покрытые ногтей гель лаком под кутикулу и укрепление натуральных ногтей" вы можете написав мне в

Композиция "Honey Bee" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/lice

Видео предоставлено пабликом " ХОЧУ Subaru "

Опрос к видео - http://vk.com/wall-37048753_453
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Твой источник вдохновения: https://vk.com/un1verse_of_art

Подписывайся на паблик
"Все Пранки / All Pranks"
Здесь ты найдешь самые лучшие пранки, розыгрыши, троллинг - интервью, социальные эксперименты всего мира!

http://vk.com/drawing_lessons - тот самый паблик, где учатся рисовать.

A performance by Ieke Trinks:

"My plan for the performance on January 12, somewhere between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., will take place on the stairs in KOP. As for I can judge are the supplies for the performance two light spots, smoke machine, microphone, CD player, amplification, speakers and mop. My performance has a clear start (announcement), and end. During the show I’m going to pee in my pants. This part can be understood as an accident because of my nervousness. I hope through this to create a difficult moment with the audience. Doubts on what is staged and what not. Doubts on how to react on what is happening and uncertainty what the intentions of this performance is. The performance I’m gonna do has to be serious and deficient. It’s meant as a framework to create a painful situation. An empty show. For me it is about the performance and its audience. How do you behave as a performer to the audience and what do they understand of it? Uncertainty, stage fright, nervous. . . ?"

Witness Schumacher's first few dominating laps of spa.

- Get well soon champ


The wet-on-wet royal icing technique is a simple one, but you have to move quickly in order to achieve the desired effect. This technique is called wet-on-wet because the designs (roses in this case) are applied while the base layer of icing is still wet, which allows the design to dry flat and smooth. If you don’t pipe your designs in time, the base layer of icing will start to dry and you’ll end up with wrinkles and bumps. You’ll usually about 5 minutes from the time the base layer is piped until it start





Fiona shows you how to create a palette on paper, mix the colours using a wet paintbrush and then transfer the paint to the paper to create a bunch of flowers.

How to create perfect butterfly cookies in this step-by-step tutorial using royal icing.

Cookie cutter from this cutter set: http://www.amazon.com/Wilton-Animal-50-Piece-Cookie-Cutter/dp/B0000VMITA?ie=UTF8&creativeASIN=B0000VMITA&linkCode=w00&linkId=JYFOR5YXPW75JJLX&ref_=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til&tag=montreconfec-20

My preferred tools & supplies can be found here: http://montrealconfections.org/classes/

Royal icing recipe: http://youtu.be/DOBi8UOeCe8

Cookie recipe: http://youtu.be/lLEZpXxjC9M

How to bake

Art Painting Workshop .Watercolor painting a Waterfall with Wet-on-Wet techniques
Material used in this painting :
Waterford watercolor pages 300g/...

Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME

Наконец-то изобрели правильный зонт!

Зонт под названием "UNdrella" - очевидное и гениальное изобретение, устраняющее все минусы привычных зонтов. Он сделан из водонепроницаемой ткани и складывается "внутрь", а не "наружу", таким образом с него не капает вода, его можно легко сложить или раскрыть, выходя из машины или дверей!

http://vk.com/ele_art_school - уроки рисования. Подписывайтесь!

http://vk.com/ele_art_school - уроки рисования. Подписывайтесь!

Мастер класс по пряникам роспись по мокрому. Роспись пряников по мокрому. Авторская техника росписи по мокрому. Рисуем розу в технике роспись мокрым по мокрому.

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The testing programme of the new wider Pirelli F1 tyres for 2017 started yesterday at Fiorano Circuit where Sebastian Vettel was at the wheel of a modified 2015 Ferrari SF15-T Formula 1 car in order to try the 2017 full wet and intermediate tyres on the artif

One Direction performing Best Song Ever in a SUPER WET way during the On The Road Again Tour 2015 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds - March 21, 2015
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Forgive me for my loud voice and me singing with them with some of my wrong lyrics. Haha. I just can't contain my happiness and excitement upon seeing them. You will feel the same if you were there too.. That's why with that, I hope you guys understand. :)

This was taken at the Silver section,