What is Strong?

“Seriously....what is this??? Help me out here.... ----------------------------------#GymLife #powerlifting #strongman #strength #strong #fun #funny…”

“Late night back workout. Ended with some bent over rows. Always finish strong no matter what time or day it is. #GOHARD 🏋💥💪🏼👊🏽 #striveforgreatness #BeYou…”

“This combo featuring @natalia_meshcheriakova is strong, controlled and clean. This is what I need to work on: making my transitions from trick to trick…”

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::Гимнастика и Экстрим::
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Часто бывает в жизни... Кажется, что больше нет сил ни на что, нужен длительный отдых - но это мгновение дано, чтобы вдохновить себя для больших дел и двигаться вперед :)
Никогда не сдавайтесь, идите до конца.



Four Year Strong @ Groezrock 2016 (Monster Energy Stage), Meerhout, Antwerpen (Belgium)
Recorded with ZOOM Q2HD


Four Year Strong performing What the Hell is a Gigawatt? live from Vans Warped Tour at the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, CA on June 25, 2014. This was shot with a Sony Cyber-shot HX50V.

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our Freeway series talking about discovery. Many of us have one thing in our life that seems too strong for us to control—sin, anger, thought patterns, etc. Even though we're strong and anointed, like David, Satan will attack an area of our life that will cause us to doubt the completeness of Christ's work. We can't ignore it; we must confront it. God has given us a new life and wants us to live it out in fullness.

A way too deep analysis of anime openings. This episode, we judge Saitama's true power from the feats shown in the One Punch Man OP. Spoiler Level: Demon.

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Songs used: The Hero!! by Jam Project

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid 2-1 ► UEFA Champions League Promo 2016, music: Two Steps From Hell , Skyworld
Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona Cl 2016 trailer
Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid 2-1
First leg: Barcelona v Atlético Madrid, Tuesday 5 April
Second leg: Atlético Madrid v Barcelona, Wednesday 13 April

Barcelona and Atlético met in the 2013/14 quarter-finals, Atlético winning 1-0 at home after a 1-1 away draw. Koke scored the only goal at the Vicente Calderón after Neymar had cancelled out Diego's strike for

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::Гимнастика и Экстрим::
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спорт, бег, мотивация, sport, motivation

Selena Gomez tells us what Pantene means to her and what it felt getting the call to be Pantene’s newest hair superstar. Selena shares Pantene’s belief that strong women are beautiful, and she wants all her fans and women everywhere to know that Strong Is Beautiful. Watch more backstage footage of Selena and Pantene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR7shfCF91w&list=PLIUDgI1r16Cv9dzZKLR4HQ7YACcLzWuHP&index=1

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