When I Move

“The day when 405 moves like 315 I will have completed gym 😂 My max bench at the moment on a good day is 190kg (418lbs) I've never been fixated on bench as…”

“Goo Follow my Brother @ball_is_life_byrd 🔥🔥This Is at Squating 150lbs 3x a week! Sooooooo imagine when I boost it up to 185lbs move up the weight in…”

“Funny when a mistake turns into a cool new move! After a four hour practice tonight I think were beat up but feel accomplished. #acroyoga #circus…”

“I practice my sex moves everywhere even when I'm fly boarding #iamnuts #ifuckeverywhere #imadaredevil”

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23 ч. назад
My God! My God! (In my country voice) When I tell you that the spirit was moving in #changingageneration on this #resurrectionsunday 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏 @bishoppmorton brought that WORD!!!! #dontloseyourkey #dontloseyourkeys My soul is so full right now!!!!! You better call his name @neyo!!! (LET HIM USE YA😀🙌) JESUS!!! (Praise Party) #familyfirst #eastersunday #familytime #jesus We had a beautiful blessed morning

“Part 1| This is what happens when you take a girl who was born in FL & then moved to California & plop her in Toronto. I was in awe. 🌬”

“When can I move to said utopia @adamlambert #Adam #adamlambert #glambert #TOH #theoriginalhigh #TOHtour #TOHAtlanticCity #theoriginalhightour”

Это великолепно!

Dir. Ville Salminen / Finland / 2009

A footballer, kickboxer, modern dancer, and street dancer describe their relationship with movement - how they experience surroundings when they move and what makes them give up and continue again.

#FlashbackFriday to last Friday when my Soyuz crew mates and I took a mini space vacation to move our spacecraft for the visitors that arrived at @ISS today!
After a little more than five months of our stay, we left our orbital home for a 20-minute get away to move our spacecraft. We undocked our Soyuz that brought us to the space station back in late March from the Poisk module of the International Space Station, and we reparked it at the orbiting laboratory’s Zvezda service module where it now resides.
Moving the Soyuz spacecraft cleared the Poisk module for the arrival of our new Expedition 45 crew member Sergei Volkov, and visiting crew members Andreas (Andy) Mogensen and Aidyn Aimbetov.
It's the first time in nearly two years since nine crew members are aboard the station simultaneously. It's a full house.
Andy and Aidyn, a Kazakh cosmonaut I just met for the first time, will return to Earth with Padalka in about a week on Sept. 12.
Misha and I will stay for the remainder of a year and return to Ea

I'm a lazy dancer
but when you move,
I move with you.


Beautiful art at the beginning by:

Yes I finally managed to finish a royai vid... FINALLY... AT A SERIOUSLY BAD TIME TOO. OTL
(Hohoho, at least this account won't be empty anymore -___- )

I want to dedicate this to earnesthum0r and her amazing vids. ♥ Is this too random? I've always wanted to dedicate something to you to say thanks for being one of my biggest inspirations



[뭅쉨- 제5화] 기분이 좋을때 취하는 포즈 (Move Shake #5 - When i feel good poses)

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Anymars & Laevsky - When I Move [Future House]

Enjoy this Future House rack by Anymars & Lae...


I reaaaally wanted to make a video with this song long ago. But finally yesterday I had inspiration to make a video with it x3

And I can't get enough of Ruby and Sapphire. Sooo I hope you like it!!


I'm working on a few videos for two people and I made this during the 'breaks'... I will forever be bitter that these two didn't end up together. They are so adorable *-* How can you NOT think that they're the cutest?


inspired by: http://youtu.be/1FgnNPZqNtY + http://youtu.be/ySD8-w3sOM8

Ken Colyer Trust Band
Personnel: Norman Thatcher, Sonny Morris [trumpet] Norman Field [clarinet] Dave Vickers [trombone] Hugh Crozier [piano] Malcolm Hurrell [banjo] Terry Knight [bass] Malc Murphy [drums]
Jazz Crusade JCCD-3020: "A Tribute to the Original Crane River Jazz band"
Recorded: Barnes, England 26 March 1996

Eurodance, Euro House, Dance 2016
Back To The 90's Classic Eurodance Sound

Жанр: Музыка
"Harmony - Quartet"

Это и многие другие интересные передачи вы можете увидеть на нашем канале Христианское ТВ "Библейский маяк" и музыкальном канале "Х-МТВ"

Dir. Ville Salminen / Finland / 2009

A footballer, kickboxer, modern dancer, and street dancer describe their relationship with movement - how they experience surroundings when they move and what makes them give up and continue again.

Taken from Climax Denial's Sexuality Is A Curse © IDES Recordings 2006


I do NOT own the copyright for the music and video that I upload and will remove it immediately upon request from copyright holder or band

Choreography by:
Michelle Kirchhofer (Dancaholic Crew)

Peter Nguy (Dancaholic Crew)
Nash Albic (Aprash Dance Crew)

Camera Editing:
Brian Tagle (Aprash Dance Crew | Lyrebird Productions)

S.E. Studio

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I got broke after I moved out of my Mama's House in the first episode of Youtubers Life.

Hello youtube Sasha Williams here and today am here uploading my first youtube gaming video to my new channel called Gaming Entertainment. If you guys here watching my first video and you think you enjoy it please give this video a big thumbs up and if you want to stay tune for more videos to come then hit that subscribe button to stay tune for more videos updates. And I should have mention something to you all before

Dir. Ville Salminen / Finland / 2009

A footballer, kickboxer, modern dancer, and street dancer describe their relationship with movement - how they experience surroundings when they move and what makes them give up and continue again.

An Obscure Entertainment Production: http://obscure.fi/

Original Title: Kun Liikun
Producers: Petra Välimäki, Kristiina Jaako
Executive Producer: Ville Rissanen
Sound designer: Veera Niemi
Music: Michael Law
Editor: Arttu Luukkonen

Footballer: Laura Nokkala
Modern dancer: Iina Taijonlahti
Street dancer: Panu Sandholm
Kickboxer: Annukka Isomaa
The voice of the footballer: Minka Kuustonen
The voice of the modern dancer: Riikka Papunen


In support of Canadian Veterans Fred Mastro demonstrated his particular set of skills to Fabian Henry, the founder of the veteran owned and operated "Marijuana For Trauma". MFT offers cannabis therapy, traditional medical therapies, and lifestyle enrichment programs for veterans suffering with PTSD.

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ღПарочки Fairy tailღ

Santa Dimopulos – When We Move (i-M$A remix)


"Add fun and art to your everyday look with our new UT collection! "クールなTシャツを着ると、カラダが踊りだすんだ。" - @lestwinsoff レ・トゥインズ、ダンサー/シンガー "When I wear a cool t-shirt, my body just starts to move.” - Les Twins, dancer/singer #UTPicks #ユニクロ #UT2016 #uniqlo"

Sorry its that long,but ithis video is not even close to being enough to show how interesting this summer was,I didn't film a lot actually,that's w...



m?ask ing????? how do I

song: Collect Call
artist: Metric
media used: Ava's Demon
pairing(s): Gil Marverde/Nevy Nervine
program: Sony Vegas Pro 8
disclaimer: I own nothing<br/><br/>