Whitechapel - I, Dementia

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Whitechapel performing I, Dementia at the Glass House in Pomona 1/19/2013. Wall of Death intro


I (am), dementia in your mind, creator of decisions, violent visions and lies.
Blind, blind, your eyes forever blind, reality is dead by your force fed demise.

READ DESCRIPTION.......What's up guys this is Travis yet again, and I'm finally putting up the guitar cover for I,Dementia by Whitechapel off of their new self-titled album using my new Schecter SGR C-7. I'm not a lead guitarist and I'm not good at soloing, but I attempted the solo, but it didn't turn out as I planned, so please keep all douche bag comments about the solo to yourself, save yourself time writing it, and save my time from reading it; however, if you have HELPFUL tips or suggestions or just li

I (am), dementia in your mind, creator of decisions, violent visions and lies
Blind (blind), your eyes forever blind, reality is dead by your force fed demise!

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Knoxville, Tennessee's Whitechapel have steadily built a loyal following as leaders of the popular "deathcore" genre in today's metal scene. Downtuned guitars and guttural screams create a feeling of dread in their music and this video illustrates the outright despair expressed by vocalist Phil Bozeman through "I, Dementia."

Directed by David Brodsky : My Good Eye

I posted this video for entertaniment purposes only.This music video does not belong to me in any way.All the credits must go to this amazing band.
IF you consider this as a copyright infringement contact me through Facebook or YouTube i will remove the video immediately.My e-mail is Bozeman_458_BDM@yahoo.com but I dont usually check my mail.But send me a message through YouTube and i will.

Hi Everyone! This is my first vocal video cover for Whitechapel - I, Dementia

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Mixed and Mastered at Empire Studios
Guitars recorded by Evgeniy Belov from Siren Scream


Sorry if you can't read lyrics at the dynamic moments. I can't read it too). This is fan video.<br/><br/>

im pretty sure the lyrics are all right , but if not feel free to correct me (: Enjoy!!
Do no own any of the Audio!!

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right, so when i first heard this song i thought it was kinda boring, but it's really grown on me.. i think it's fucking awesome now haha!

Whitechapel - I, Dementia in 1 take!
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Recorded with:
Shure SM58 + M-Audio MobilePre + Mixcraft 6.0

I do not own this song, all the rights go to Whitechapel for creating it.

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Do you like fun? then it for you

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8th August 2013

Jaromer-Josefov, Czech Republic
Old Army Fortress
Brutal Assault Festival

Filmed by Antihero

Whitechapel playing "I, Dementia" on the 10 Years of Perseverance Tour with Hatebreed, All Shall Perish, and Deez Nuts


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Check out my new video, cover on the cool band - Whitechapel

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Check out a new crop cover on Whitechapel.
Hope you enjoy.

This is what happens when ArukonsDestiny and I both get excited about the same anime at the exact same time.

Song is "I, Dementia" by Whitechapel. Anime is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I own no rights to the song or the anime. This AMV was made entirely by me using source clips from KissAnime.com. Please do not steal footage.

Rockstar energy drink Mayhem Festival at Pittsburgh

Very brutal song!) hope you enjoy it!) subscribe and comment!)

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смотрите ребята мой cover

Whitechapel performs "I,Dementia" live at The Czar Bar in Kansas City,MO on May 15,2014

прокачиваю низы, вот что получается)

Whitechapel - "I, Dementia" Live @ Ace Of Spades 2012

Death Metal From Samara City

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Whitechapel performing 'I, Dementia' live at Impericon Festival Leipzig 2015!

Cover by Scream From The Void

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Whitechapel - I dementia.

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бля пока загружал чуть с этой скалы не ебанулся в пекло ада

2:22 Злость =D
Here is the first try of covering Whitechapel)
Used my new Shure SM7B
Sorry for the video quality-i don't have a good cam) My webcam is slow and my canon is slow too(
первая попытка) миша все х**ня, надо переписать, просто показываю см7б)) выделуюсь))<br/><br/>

Whitechapel live at Mayhem Fest at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA 8/3/12

Записал кавер! Слушаем и отзываемся)))

Слова забыла к херам :с

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